Winged Victory’s voiceline



Maybe they could bring back the scrapped Valk/Rez voicelines too. You know, like an alt for Witch, which was A Dark Power Calls You Forth!
Now that was really good.


Makes me facepalm a little seeing that the ’ soonish ’ turning into ’ not even getting event voice lines for almost year '.


Bring it back please, it is the best ult line in the game.


Now that I think about it…Cant they use the old recording for it?

(Michael Chu) #44

It’s coming! I’m hoping within the next month or two, but I don’t have an exact timeframe.


can Sym get a victory pose with her gun too, please? Tell me she’s getting one for Archives or Anniversary, please :sob:


Voiceline =/= game mechanics.


It was never an ultimate voice line to begin with.


Thank you for the confirmation! You have just made my day. :blush:

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I can’t believe I’m so hyped over a voiceline


desperation springs eternal


Nice to hear; I never heard the voiceline, since I started Overwatch September 2017.

Looking forward to archives coming back soon. :slight_smile:


Will Widowmaker’s ultimate lines be switched so that she speaks her French line from a 1st person POV so that it is more consistent with ALL the other NON-supports?


It’s quite a nice voiceline, one of my favorites, and perhaps one of her most iconic / beloved voicelnes she’s had since 1.0, aside from “Heroes never die”. Since its removal, many have been asking for a revert back to having it included in her Winged Victory skin for years. After much waiting, Mercy players are finally going to experience the iconic voiceline again. Totally a good reason to be hyped about imo, and I can’t wait to use it again.

It’s time for a revert. Mercy mains, rise up! :blush:

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Reverting voicelines? No problem

Reverting powers? Big problem


That and the “Those enchanted could never die” voicelines I would totally not mind having, at least as a purchasable halloween unlockable. :blush:

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OwO Whats This?

Necroing this thread worked. Yay

Dude! Yes! THOSE ENCHANTED COULD NEVER DIE was really, really, really amazing. I need this voiceline.


What about returning “Amplifying biotic stream” line to “Combat Medic Ziegler” skin and “Gemeinsam kämpfen wir!”/“I will watch over you!” to the “Pink” skin?
They seem pretty fitting.