Windows update messing with placement matches

Windows has recently installed an update on my PC (oh no) which I can only imagine deleted my most recent graphics drivers.

This caused Overwatch to crash 3 times during a placement match, and I had just figured out the problem at the end, due to the rest of my monitors/applications running fine during the crash.

This account is the most successful I have ever been with placement matches, I was loss-less up until those DC’s. I was matching up with Diamond players, and before the DC, I had 3 golds playing as DVa.

I was wondering if there was somebody that could look into that game specifically, even from chat log activity, and maybe reset it, as the stats from the DC will now mess with my placements and put me in gold/plat, as it has been counted as 3 losses. I also assume that those stats during the DC period will be counted as stats for a placement game.

Who can I contact to look into this for me? I realize it’s a long-shot, but I thought I would try.

Unfortunately, Blizzard will not reset, grant, or help with any SR-related issues. They treat all leaver penalties the same, since the rest of the team is counting on you. More info here at the top of this forum: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties