Will you buy the (ticket)?

Will you as a player fork over $50 for a virtual ticket to gain a skin? Yes I know you get a bunch of other stuff with it. But if your like me you don’t play many other blizzard games. So if you want the skin you either fork over $50 or kiss it goodbye forever

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What ticket? There is no ticket. There’s nothing in the “bundle” it’s just a skin /s


I play both WoW and Overwatch. The wow item is usually something cool

And I love this skin. I played demon hunter in D3. It’s very bad a**. Sombra is the hero I’ve been wanting to excel at to learn. Something tells me I’m going to be very mad if I miss out on this skin

Nah, I don’t want to watch blizzcon, and I’ll live without the skin. To me it’s not worth $50

Yep. I want to watch Blizzcon. The sombra skin and WOW item just sweeten the pot.

Ugh, I have no idea yet. I need to evaluate the situation a bit better and wait and see if they back down like they usually do when trying to push boundaries.

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i wont buy it

i have no problem with that…

Already did, I get the virtual ticket every year because going to Blizzcon is impossible for me. The skin is amazing.


my friend is gifting it to me :slight_smile:

I’m forking over $50 so I can virtually attend BlizzCon. I couldn’t purchase a physical ticket this year unfortunately.

The skin is just a perk.

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Okay… 40$ might have been a maybe but 50 is defiantly a nope.

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I did already


I’ll wait and see.

Right now, no matter how much I want the skin, I simply can’t justify spending the price of an AAA game on a skin with how Blizzard’s been running things. If they magically improve in time, I’ll reconsider, but for now…I’m two steps away from uninstalling.

Is it worth buying the virtual ticket though? Overwatch was my introduction to Blizzard so I’ve never played the other games nor have I attended Blizzcon. I’ve seen some of the rewards for the past two year but I don’t know if the content itself is worth. I really love the skin I just need to know if the content itself is worth purchasing for an Overwatch fan.

Tulum is the best skin. Although I like Demon Hunter was never my fav class nor do I value a ticket for $40 when I can get a bunch of games cheaper.

They only get away with charging so much cause people throw money to whale out on completing things. I don’t blame em if people want to give them money.

i’m gonna save this money and spend a day in a delux wellness spa :whale::whale2::dolphin:

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Depends on what the WoW item is

EDIT: Now that they stated the items will be sold individually later in 2019, i will not.

Hell no. Maybe if they were selling the skin by itself for like 10 to 15$ I might fork oversome cash, but them once again locking items together to force you to buy multiple items together just lost them some money from me, and, in the long run, the majority of their consumers, as a hellofalot more players would be willing to pay for just the items they want than be stuck with 40 - 50$ of random stuff they didn’t.

I don’t mind the cost, but I wouldn’t have the time to use everything in the bundle, although it seems well worth it.
So as of now, probably not.

However, I’m glad the skin is legendary so the people who usually buy Blizzcon tickets get something a little cooler this time.

Just think if you saved your money every year eventually you could go to blizzcon. That’s assuming they are still going in 10 years.