Will you buy the (ticket)?

It’s extremely well done with exclusive voice lines and one of the best Golden Guns in the game. For a Sombra main like me, it’s priceless

the logic behind this is being lazy.

they make one item and tie it to a stream ticket…

if they would sell this skin for 10€ (thats a normal price for a well made cosmetic in other games)… they would need to make more skins at the end. so they choose the easy way and just make it seem like a big package … so people who just want the skin, get the feeling they got much much more.

It’s £35 here.
Plus, I enjoy watching Blizzcon.
So yeah, I will.

I was on board for $40. Was excited for goodie bag.
Now $50 and goodie bags biggest item is a book.

Lol no, blizzard, just no.

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I think the real question is, will I gift somebody a ticket?

Eh, the sombra skin is gonna be available for purchase in 2019 so I’ll just wait

Edit: photo for reference

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well, the skin will be made available at a later date seperate from the ticket, so no. I will just wait.

I already bought the real/non-virtual ticket months ago for $200.

If you’re trying to ask whether I would buy it for no reason other than the skin, then no, of course not. I would maybe pay $5 for the skin, if I really liked it and didn’t already have Sombra skins I like.

The content is never announced all at once. Personally I care very little about the other IP; I keep up with the news, but I don’t play them. However, I live with my boyfriend who really likes hearthstone, so he likes to watch the hearthstone coverage. There is a lot of general coverage too for things, like costumes and music and art and all sorts of stuff. For me, the enthusiam of someplace like Blizzcon is just catching, so even if I don’t care too much about say WoW, I love watching everyone enjoy themselves at the panels.

I would say, if you only want the ingame rewards, it is likely not worth the pricetag. But I watch all the coverage, so for me it feels worth it. I also bought the Overwatch All Access Pass the day it was announced, because I love Overwatch so much and absolutely love OWL. It was only later that they even announced the extras for the pass.

So I guess it’s up to you! I would wager they’re going to announce and show cool OVW stuff at this years Blizzcon (they always do!), and I’d think they’re going to hint at the new hero (last year’s they showed Moira for the first time, and Sombra was the year before).

Aside from that, every year there are Blizzcon Exclusive items for sale in the Blizzard Gear shop, that you are only able to purchase if your Blizzard account has a Blizzcon Virtual ticket associated, so that’s cool too. I usually drop some money on those exclusives. : ).

I never look at these things as Blizzard hungry and grubbing for money. Blizzard makes a lot of money. I’m grateful they have the virtual ticket for people like me who can only dream of getting to Blizzcon! (I could not get the week off for Blizzcon this year, despite my best efforts, but was able to use the time to go to the OWL finals instead!)

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I could go to Blizzcon without saving my money. It’s not the money that prevents me from going, it’s the time off. So I guess you’d be right if I saved for a decade so I could quit my job entirely and then go…But that’s pretty impossible. I have a friend who lives closer and goes every year; he buys me goodies and mails them and skypes me from inside to show me the cool stuff. But the travel time to go from the East Coast to California is impossible with my schedule, let alone working it into a trip +1 other person. Perhaps in the future I’ll be able to do it, if I move closer to the West Coast.

Maybe. Normally I don’t care at all but I might be able to split the cost with a friend, or perhaps more accurately, buy the Sombra code off them and crash their place to watch a few panels.

is this really a friend… i would gift it to my friends and dont expect money

I have every year since they started doing the virtual ticket so I will be doing it again this year but I also actually watch the videos and play the other games so I will enjoy the other goodies as well and my daughters love watching the cosplay competition.

Not interested in what occurs at BlizzCon so not buying the ticket.

Depends on the skin, for which hero and its exclusivity.
Apparently this year’s one isn’t that special.

copy past from every thread from the past half hour

They’d gift it to me if they were going to buy the ticket outright but they’re on the fence about it too. The ticket is a hard sell for anyone that doesn’t like literally everything Blizzard makes.

Bought it earlier, kinda disappointed Sombra’s skin won’t be exclusive forever like the previous Blizzcon skin. With all the whining and complaining it created honestly next year they should go back to the good old metalic blue epic skin.

I bought it for a few of the games (I’m a Diablo fan, been so since Blizz North existed, and occasionally I play on HotS.)

I’ve wanted to get more of an understanding of blizzcon without having to waste the time being down there, so I thought that $50 is good enough to pop for the sake of popping it. DH Sombra timed exclusivity was just one of those added perks.

Thank you for your insight. I wanted to get an idea of what they mean by “all access” and the benefits for purchasing the virtual tickets (discounts, early access, etc), but I mean most of the OW panels/coverage are streamed on Twitch or are upload to Youtube within hours. I guess I was hoping for something a little more for the Blizz casuals.