Why the Rein hate?

Anchor tanks should never not be team dependant because they’d be super op if they were.

No hero should have bugs I advocate for his bug fixes I am against him getting buffs though

I do respect your stance. Maybe at your elo yes mcree is outclassed by a good tracer since it is not hard to bait out a fb. But at my elo some hero’s are used differently then they would be at high Elos.

Because tracer technically wouldn’t have any counters (or a solid one to say the least) since most high skill trackers can manage blinks and have great aim and can outplay most anyone.

But back to the topic I really hope Rein does get bugged he needs it.

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Maybe i should clarify. By ‘on their own’, i mean just picking them into a comp not biult around them.

They are designed to be team dependent. So even if they were to be overbuffed, they’d still need to rely on their team. Buffs don’t fundamentally change the way a hero works.

Umm what bug fixes is he getting that would be considered a buff? I don’t see any on the ptr patch notes.

But different tanks are suited for different comps you have to play around them in order for them to be effective but if rein was buffed to be more independent with his current kit why pick a dps it would be the same problem old hog and dva has just with anchor tanks and even then on coordinated teams rein would be a must pick since he’s flexible

Jelly is like

I played Rein a lot and I don’t think he needs a buff maybe if Reaper and Sombra get buff but before that happen Rein only need bugs fix and Brig nerf

No. You can’t really make Rein ‘independent’ without a rework. A buff would simply make him work in more team comps or (if you’re doing it wrong) stronger when you biuld one around him.

Reinhardt doesn’t need a buff, but he does need his bugs fixed.

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018:

This is all that’s been fixed for him on the PTR. He needs Earth Shatter fixed. We were told that would be fixed possibly by April. It’s still not. An update would be nice.

Yeah Rein is in the meta. They are just three main tanks, and Rein is the only deathball main tank wich is the meta now because of Brigitte and Hanzo/Zarya. Rein pick rates are inflated because a main tank is always needed and there’s just three of them. Winston and Dive were murdered and Orisa can’t enable the strong heroes right now.

But that does not mean he is in a good spot. Rein is NOT enabled by Brigitte, he’s in the meta because HE enables Brigitte and Zarya and nothing more. Playing Rein in this meta although necessary, is the opposite of fun. Storm Arrows will destroy either you or your shield. If you get lucky you can get some individual value here and there, if the enemy Brigitte decides to shut you down then you just have to accept that the game will be played for you. Reinhardt is there to get the Brigitte into the fight, be free charge for Zarya, and take the unavoidable CC instead of your teammates. That’s it.

I cannot believe there’s so many people against FIXING the buggiest hero since the game released. He’s sitting in the same broken bench as Sombra and Doomfist but with them you have 13 more DPS heroes who can potentially work in the same scenario. So unlike them, despite being buggy, Reinhardt is a must pick mostly due to the sheer lack of main tanks in this game.

And I wouldn’t panic about the potential buff, it was mentioned when talking about the Brigitte/Rein interaction and how it doesn’t feel great that despite Rein enabling Brigitte, she can shut him down easily and negate his individual impact. So the buff will most likely be that shield bash can now be blocked, or the stun is less effective, or that shield bash won’t beat charge. Things that should have been like that since the beginning.

Brigitte and snipers being undiveable killed Winston’s viability. The strenght of Brigitte’s deathball and the Zarya/Hanzo combo have left Orisa out of the game apart from some niche situations. Winston needs some indirect love through other balance changes and the PTR Orisa buff will hopefully make her more consistent. I don’t want Rein to outshine anyone, I want Rein to work properly.

I’m happy that after so many post explaining every issue, after so many tank mains leaving the game, they finally said Reinhardt is going to be fixed. It took two years but at last it will be done. REJOICE.

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Then some other meta comes along, and he becomes totally useless… Again.

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Ok, if we leave out the fact about the “buff” (which night I add is JUST AIMED AGAINST BRIGGITE and at most will make their shield bash and charge cancel each other out)
One person lieterally told me that because Reinhardt was getting BUG FIXES, Not a buff, FIXES, that he would need to get a nerf in return, because apparently these bug fixes make him too consistent and actually work as intended and therefore will need a nerf to compensate… for actually being able to use his abilities… what a joke smh
Keep in mind this person was GRANDMASTER and had NO PLAYTIME AT ALL on Reinhardt
I ask y’all to try playing Reinhardt consistently and tell me with characters like junkrat, doomfist and briggite combined with your ult just fricking dissappearing and his other bugs that you don’t want to rip your eyeballs out. HES NOT OP

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There supposedly fixing his earth shatter and Charge and apparently fixing broken abilities count as a “buff”

Mate we’re fine with briggite, it’s her stunning us out of all our abilities in ways we lieterally cant control, see us tanks are here to take the cc for our team so you don’t have to suffer it but when you try to throw a fire strike or use your ult only to be stunned out every time is when it gets a bit ridiculous

That’s the problem with using pick rate and win/lose statistics is that it gives people a false sense that they understand something complex about the game when really all they’re using are surface stats that don’t really explain much other than who people tend to pick most often at this point in time. It can be used as a guide to determine which heroes may need attention, or may need a counter, but it does not, by absolutely any means, translate into whether or not those heroes are working as intended. Anybody with time on Reinhardt could tell you he’s a bugged mess of epic proportions, high pick rate or not. Just because people can still get some utility out of that bugged mess doesn’t make his problems any less true.

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Pretty much the only thing needed to be said. I personally don’t feel he needs changes, but my god is it infuriating to get bounced around like a pinball, and when it finally comes time to return fire, his bugged kit decides “Nope”

He might be a vital pick right now, but the ones who pick up reinhardt to be that vital role know they’re enduring an annoying one. I don’t mind being booped all over the map by every other hero in the game as long as it means that my kit won’t flop on me when I find that opportunity to strike back.

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you people act like his pick rate was zero… when it wasn’t. Ever. It has never been bad.

Because his one of two anchor main tanks, they are needed in every comp (except Dive) … what is so hard to understand about this?

Anchor tanks are most certainly not needed for every comp, sometimes you don’t even need a main tank to win. What you said to me doesn’t even relate to what I said.

The need of main tanks justifies Reinhardt’s stable pick rates, any sane team would always pick a main tank (Reinhardt, Orisa, and Winston) to protect the front, and anchor tanks can hold the front better than other tanks.

Anyways, I’m really getting tired of arguing, how about a hug? A virtual hug…

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