Why should we give feedback?

I’m more pointing out that if the devs want useful feedback they need to also look at their own actions as they’re directly contributing to players feelings of the devs not caring about balance.

The longer it goes on, the less players will be constructive with their feedback.



What my point is, is that leaving good feedback is good, and leaving bad feedback is bad.

The devs are listening as long as you’re saying something meaningful.

Yes because they really listened to the hundreds of thousands of constructive responses to the mercy rework :joy::joy::joy:

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You’d have to be more specific. Mass Rez needed to go. Not sure what constructive responses you’re talking about

They are looking for personal experience. So i suggest ya all to play a 100 games with McCree, and another 100 games with Hanzo, and see whether you are struggling or cruising through the enemies with these SSS tier heroes.

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All the mega threads with hundreds of thousands of responses of mercy mains explaining why the rework sucked and why changes needed to be made? And if you read some of the responses you’d know they said that mass rez needed changes. That doesn’t mean you remove the entire damn thing.

Here’s some “good” feedback for you. This person more effort into mercys balance than any other person did lol:

Plus thousands of likes, nearly 14k replies.

All ignored :laughing:


I did see many suggestions, however I disagreed with them, and the dev team apparently did too. The dev team not catering to every suggestion made doesn’t mean they don’t listen. I think removal of Mass Rez was necessary.

That is indeed good feedback. That’s the kind of feedback the devs want. Not useless “this sucks lol devs incompetent” comments. That’s not useful. That poster went into great depth. Good for them :+1: I’m sure the devs took the time to consider their suggestions, but ultimately decided to go a different route. That doesn’t mean the poster was ignored.

Again, the devs not implementing that or any posters suggestions doesn’t mean they don’t listen. It just means they didn’t think that suggestion was necessarily the best option.

If the devs didn’t listen they wouldn’t be reducing CC in OW2, as that’s been a major complaint for awhile.

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I’ll give u a simple idea, if this happens , it means my feedback surely is not reaching the Dev Team :
If in the future Ball gets a countdown that can be shown in screen for Grappling Claw when used , or a sound cue , then my feedback is not reaching anyone , bc I suggested this change months ago .

People are just sick of not feeling listened to. And that’s probably from all ends of the spectrum - especially with balance. We have no idea what the devs plans/thoughts are for the balance of this game. Now and going into 5v5. What are the devs thoughts on the “problematic” heroes balance such as Bap/Brig (just two examples that get brought up often)? What’s going on?

I stopped giving feedback years ago. I come here to vent.

I used to write detailed feedback posts, but the devs have more or less sent the message of “shut up, we don’t care about your dumb feedback” when they kept reworking their most popular heroes and shadowban leaving feedback if a rework doesn’t go over well with players.


Most of the feedback sounds like a spoiled 12 year is giving it…

You need to be very specific… about how the game makes you feel. That is the feedback they want. Completely vague and basically useless.

I’d love to know exactly how our feedback is like cosplay or fanart.

At best, this statement comes off like a parent looking at the macaroni picture their kid made.

At worst, it makes our feedback sound like something to be looked at briefly, but never really considered to be of great consequence.

Sometimes I wonder if they remember that we are in fact customers paying for their employment.


Do you know what speaks louder than words?


The majority of players, at least on OW social media dislike these changes. If you dislike them so much, stop playing. Quit the game, it should be easy if you aren’t addicted. Stop giving Blizzard your money, stop playing their games otherwise stop whining about it.

But no, none of you will quit. You’ll carry on playing, feeding this company your money only to be disappointed 100 times more.

LOL tell me one way hanzo is weak

Functionally they only care in the space of time between “marketing to the audience” and “receiving revenue from the customer”. Afterwards, hit mute on their feedback and play Weird Al’s “Mission Statement” on repeat.

If they wanted feedback wouldn’t they have a whole subforum for it? Instead we only have “PTR feedback”

they should make a live game feedback subform and have patch notes where you can reply to them and give your feedback in the thread because so much feedback gets lost on this specific sub forum as it’s basically for everything OW related lol

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low win rate, his attacks are easy to avoid unless you are a big slow target with no mobility. dont be one of those and then hanzo is hardly relevant

you realize blizzard has data that you dont? if he was doing as well as you think they wouldnt have tried this

‘Dont play half the roster’ lol

On the off chance the devs decide to care even a smidgen about their community

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