😡 Why Sanjay (Symmetra 3.0) is Not Symmetra and Why You Should be Angry

Blizzard is on the right track to achieve that… :thinking:

I didn’t know she is a trans! :wink:


I look forward to every Symmetra change.

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This has to be the work of children at play…


Zenyatta has way more potential. He can headshot and has range AND volly isn’t exactly precision aiming.

Youre overdoing it.

I’m still surprised she’s being changed at all. Her new rework works great. She can push, she can defend. What’s not to like? Maybe her turrets but they could have just changed that. Pull off a Firefall engineer way of shooting turrets. Problem solved. I love Symmetra now. Why of all the heroes does she need these changes? Rework Sombra!

sorry i wont read trough all of this , so could somebody maybe explain to me , why op is calling sym sanjay? i dont get it .

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Because Sym’s new kit keeps her defining characteristics and basic playstyle but adds different rewarding mechanics to make her more viable and flexible outside of her niche, and is therefor a completely different character.

Sanjay is the name of a Vishkar worker in Sym’s storyline. People who whine about the rework call her Sanjay, refusing to admit that it’s still Symmetra, just with much better mechanics.

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I personally like her teleporter change. I think this should always has been like this, because the old teleporter is just wasting a really great potential of what she can do. Besides, her comics clearly shows that she teleporter herself into a building to perform infiltrating mission. The new teleporter actually matches more than the old one.

For the new photon barrier, I am not sure how it would be like so I think I’d see after trying it out in ptr.

The only thin I feel that has changed her identity the most is the proposed gun change. This is something you don’t need to test out to know it is completely different. From a personal level I don’t want it to change, or at least keep her 2ndary fire feel more similar because many people only dislike her primary fire. I think keeping at least the feeling of her 2ndary would be an acceptable compromise.

I don’t want her to be completely different either, but on the other hand, I am also excited to use the new teleporter and turret because it opens much more possibility and strategies. I think these 2 ability could potentially be useful enough even if you can’t aim with the new primary fire - you can just use it to melt shield and that is already a huge function. Then, you can help your team to re-position or arrange surprise side-attack which is more strategic-based rather than mechanical-based. Her new turrets could act like a defense tool but as well as something to harass the enemy’s backline or even “chase down” low health foes (depending on how fast they travel) . I think these 2 abilities would define the new Sym and let’s hope her other abilities won’t feel too out of place.

What’s fun in this community is that most of the guys who agree with you were on another thread 5 min earlier asking for balance. There is people crying for month in order to have this rework and now we have the same “give Mercy mass rez back community” adressing the topic. In fact people hate changes both in entreprise and video games ; that put them out of their comfort zone.

Symetra is not balance and with her current kit she will never be. She’s clunky AF and out of gold she take 20 sec to counter when your team have half a brain.
Furthermore she’s a big problem at high ELO because Kevin AKA Stevoo has decided it’s a good idea to force Symetra for 5 min against Doomfist/Sombra, Phara, Monkey, Rein the whole thing on attack Echeinwald ; and because she requires no AIM He has a quiet big fan base trying to mimic and poisoning a lot of games on the ladder.

Now Blizzard is truly trying to adress the problem and increasing the tiny tiny tiny niche role she has, please let them do the job and come back after for constructive feedback. The current Symetra must go in the dustbin. There is no need to whine for every single thing they do.

Not saying the buff is good or bad since I haven’t tried it yet. Just saying that if you trully like this game as a whole and want it balanced and with a wider setups available you shouldn’t fight on this point.

moira actually doesn’t have an auto-lock, as the beam breaks immediately if you move off the target, or gets interrupted if another enemy passes between you and the one you were going after, which is very different from a lock on. it just visually appears like a lock on ability, like winston’s which is also not an autolock but an aoe cone in front of him. it’s all just visual to look nice and polished but also to show that you’re hitting something (or if you’re on the receiving end, shows that you’re being hit). i’ve mained both symm and moira and i can definitely tell you that only one currently has a lock on, the other does not.

Volly for oneshot is a combination of tracking and projectile prediction in almost all applicable cases, which is harder than precision aiming (some of the time).

I always use it as a crutch when I can’t hit a target and it seems to work fairly often that way. So I disagree

Maybe you’re more proficient with that kind of aiming then. Some people just have preferences or styles that they generally feel more accustomed to.

The thing that’s most upsetting to me is that they’re making these massive changes to her primary fire, supposedly to fix the issues with it right after introducing two heroes with similar-feeling primary fires that are just better. Brigitte’s auto attack will actually kill a 200 health hero faster than the current Symmera’s primary fire if it starts from zero charge. Moira’s is only a bit slower, but also has twice the range. Plus both of these have the added effect of healing and both heroes have abilities allowing them to operate at close range, while Symmetra has neither. And to top it all off, both Brigitte and Moira have been dominant or at least useable at all levels of play since their inception.

So why the hell can’t they work out Symmetra’s balance so she can perform all throughout the tiers without removing fundamentally changing her primary fire? And if they can’t, why did they introduce two new heroes with similarly minimal aim primary fire?

It’s also extremely frustrating having the hero with the most unique and interesting ultimates in the game losing them for a single ultimate that sounds like just another Overwatch ultimate. Instead of some big instant value, Symmetra as she exists changes the whole landscape of the battlefield in some small, but significant way by manipulating maximum health or respawn advantage, while also setting up a secondary objective (kill Sym’s ultimate) for her opponents. Symmetra is unique in having two ultimates and only Widowmaker has a similar “utility” feel to her ultimate ability, rather than being some big “win this fight” button.

Plus I’ve spent hours and hours working out the best positions for my ultimate abilities, how to work turrets around that, where to stand to be able to respond to threats to it while assisting my team, and so on, and all that learning is going to be completely thrown away. No other change to a hero has completely removed the core gameplay of a hero (and I 100% consider Symmetra’s teleporter/shield generator and the defense of it core to her entire play style).

I’m really, really hoping that Blizzard is just testing out a whole bunch of stuff, and that they aren’t planning on bringing all of these changes to live in some form. The turret changes sound incredible, and they fix a huge part of what current Symmetra struggles with: being trivially countered by Winston (or other spread), Pharah, and/or a bit of coordination. The rest of the changes feel like they’re erasing the thing that makes Symmetra unique and enjoyable to play in the name of fitting her into the game a bit easier, and that’s extremely frustrating.

Symmetra’s ultimates and primary fire are not the problem. The problem is how trivial it is to counter her with certain hero choices or avoiding her nest, and changes to her turrets fixes the vast majority of that issue, and I’m certain other tweaks could be made afterwards if not enough.

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Plus I’ve spent hours and hours working out the best positions for my ultimate abilities, how to work turrets around that, where to stand to be able to respond to threats to it while assisting my team, and so on, and all that learning is going to be completely thrown away. No other change to a hero has completely removed the core gameplay of a hero (and I 100% consider Symmetra’s teleporter/shield generator and the defense of it core to her entire play style).

I have 200 hours played on Sym and actually I’m 100% on board for changing Sym’s ults so that they no longer take her away from the fight, and don’t have to be hidden. I do think her ults should define a space where her team has the advantage though, and that whole linear barrier thing does not do that. I’d much rather see an arena of light where her team has faster movement speed and cooldowns (would work with the lore too), or a temporary shield generator with a smaller radius and higher amount of shields given. Or they could do a shield generator that gives the current amount of shields, but inside of a bubble barrier the size of a capture point. That sort of ultimate says “this is Sym’s turf, if you want to fight, you do it on my terms” and I really like that. I don’t like having my ult come up, and immediately having to leave my team in order to make use of it. I don’t like having to go so far to hide it, or depending on my team to protect it. She gets her ult fast, but it still sucks to lose a 6 use TP because there’s only so many good places to put ults on some maps.

So I do want to see Sym’s ult become something more active. Something she can use to prepare a space, or to react to something that happens. However, the new barrier is not that.

Stop using this sanjay term its very confusing.

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Much of the challenge of Symmetra’s current kit is finding good times to set up your ultimate and working that balance between inaccessibility, defensibility, and being able to help your team. Yes, it’s hard and can be frustrating at times, but that’s true of many heroes’ kits. That’s just the challenge you deal with instead of having aim and such.

Right now, playing Symmetra feels like a whole different experience. You have to think about the game at a different level, and use the map design in a way that no other hero does. Seeing all that disappear makes me incredibly sad… I’m caught between not wanting to invest more time into a hero that’s effectively going away and trying to get as much enjoyment out of Symmetra as she exists before she goes poof.


I’m excited about new Symmetra because, while she has less turrets, she’ll be able to put them in even sneakier places cos they can be projected, and her new teleporter is like, the epitome of building sneaky things with max reward.

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Just piling on here: The proposed rework throws away what makes Sym unique: the themes of permanency and order.

The shield gen and teleporter stop “random” mistakes from screwing your team over. The turrets and primary stop you from dying to some random flanker that no one is paying attention to.

Sym doesn’t win games, but she stops you from losing them.

The rework departs from this. People are all excited about the “big plays” that new TP will allow. That is the last thing I want. I want to prevent big plays.

People complain about OW feeling “swingy.” Sym is one of the best tools to prevent that. The rework makes her chaotic. Biiiiig teleporter. Huuuuuuge beam.

I like the new proposed kit. They should put it on a new character.


Symm mains asked and whined for it, now they’re gonna deal with it