😡 Why Sanjay (Symmetra 3.0) is Not Symmetra and Why You Should be Angry

If there are better choices on ladder, explain how a one-trick symm can exist with an 80% win rate? There is no other character that has as high of a win rate then symm.

And before you go to say her stats are inflated by situational use and swapping. Those stats are also deflated even more by people that choose her as their throw character. No other hero besides maybe torb, doomfist, and hanzo has a higher “throw” rate.

If she is so situational and niche, a one-trick would be worthless in all her non-useful situations. She would drag her team down… and they would lose. Yet, one-tricks win with her. Funny how bad characters such as doomfist , sombra, and hanzo who are also throw and “niche” heroes can barely keep a 50% wr. But Symm is over 60%

If that is the case there wouldn’t be any plat Symm mains. Such ignorance.

Exactly what is better about her?

Her weapon? Nope. Once you factor in accuracy now, her dps ends up being about the same as before.

Her Alt fire? Debatable, but only because of the speed. However the new weapon loses its zoning potential. You can’t fire it down a small choke/hallway and hit multiple targets. Only the front enemy.

Her turrets? No. They are equal, but drastically changed and limited by how you can use it. It is no different then setting up two turrets grouped together. The pros and cons of that setup are the same for before and after rework. However, you are no longer able to set up the more effective strat of spacing all 6 in a way that the heavy distraction and increased dps from dot as they spin around looking for where the turrets are shooting them from. Now there are just 3 to kill, not 6 to find. This halves the time to clear a nest without enough health to compensate for it.

Oh you can set them up behind the enemy? Good luck with that when the enemy can see the turret flying “slowly” to its location. It will be destroyed before it unpacks.

Her TP? Nope. Tell me, how effective is Shadow Step? Because that it what this is, but for the whole team. The only way that this will be usable in a team fight is if it is instant like a Portal gun.

Good luck with that coming from a dev team that find the turrets can only be balanced if there is a cast time, unpacking time, and a full 10sec cooldown. The absolutely weakest single ability in the game on a 10sec cooldown and an almost 2sec cast time?

And you think TP will be instant? They won’t even let Reaper SS instantly.

She loses her barrier (sorry, this ult will be used like a super long cooldown mei wall. Not very powerful or we’d see meis in every match to help with these ults. I can block more with my current “bad” barrier.

She loses her SG. By far the most game changing ability in the game. Teams have to either waste an entire team fight to eliminate it, or face a team with an extra 450hp. It is an almost instant ult negator… and a team fight winner.

With all that said, I know you don’t believe current symm is worth playing. I won’t change your mind about that.

However, when would you pick Sanjay? When?

When you want to use her weapon? Nah, pick Zarya… better dmg and has team protection abilities along with a more powerful ult.

When you want to put people in cheeky positions of abnormal high ground? Which map is that where Mei can’t already put your team up there?

When you want to burn barriers? Junkrat is better in every way. He also has the ability to peel and insta-kill flankers. Sanjay can’t.

So… I’m not exactly sure what exactly this rework is trying to accomplish. She’s being moved to dps, but her dps isn’t any greater then it is now.

Her utility and usefulness has actually dropped. You may think she has no usefulness… but she does… it is a very quiet and unsung support she gives the team that isn’t understood by those that don’t one-trick her successfully.

We symm mains that live and die as Symm… we know how distructive this rework is…

We also see everyone concentrating on the wrong things as to why she is “better”

70% of people think it is better only because she doesn’t have to aim and her potential damage has increased.

30% think its better because they think the TP will be OP like mercy’s rez ONLY because it used to be an ult. I don’t think these people have visualized the game with this one-way TP is and how it will play. The LOS will handicap the TP so much… and 25m is not that far of a distance.

Then you have the camp of people that say, “oh wait and see”. Nah. We don’t have to wait and see… because everything that is being proposed you can actually see in the game now on other heroes. Nothing about Sanjay is unique and new.

Just think. How would you combat Symm 3.0. Setting up a TP to get past a choke (nvm the fact that owl NEVER play chokes that we do on ladder)

Volskya - Symm tries to stand off to the side and puts TP in one of the two side rooms. So… You know they are going that way… you counter it just like a rein walking their team through the choke. She puts a TP on the high ground in front of point? Oh, that will be easy to spot and snipe down.

Hanamura the same way.

You see, you aren’t gaining anything. There will be such limited uses to do it that because of the map layouts and the way owl plays those maps… that there is no need to use TP. You can’t use it from cover, because you won’t have a good LoS to lay it down.

So. Please please tell me. Theory craft with me. How will Sanjay REALLY be used to make her MORE viable.

I already know how viable symm is… I know I can use her all the way up to top10 in my region… because its done every season… despite how much they nerf her every single new season.

But… if I’m gonna use her… because my main will be gone. I need help figuring it out.

Because I can figure out how to use the most “useless” character in the game. But I can’t figure out when I would pick 3.0 over another hero.

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Wow, it’s almost as if she’s not an offensive hero… but rather something… different… gah, what was that word again? Defense?

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Please, be a bit more selfish and play the hero you want more.

I honestly prefer to play in a team with no tanks and double builder in a Control map, where everyone is playing a hero they enjoy and are doing their best to win, than a perfectly reasonable team comp where 3 people are feeling bad because they are sacrificing their “fun” for the sake of the “team” of strangers that they will never meet again in the future.

If you actually believe that forming a proper team and doing proper teamwork is the thing that really matters in the game, you are starting wrong by trusting the random players around you to behave exactly like you expect them to behave. Form your own team, and give everyone a designed role.

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Inb4 #RevertSym is going to be a thing…

I like Symmerta because she doesn’t require a good aim (which I don’t have). I have fun playing her and it is very sad that Jeff decided to remove auto-aim from her kit.


Sym 3.0 is not final yet.

Geoff specifically said in that post that the rework is still going through “HEAVY ITERATION”.
that means everything is or isn’t subject to change.

Stop getting yo panties in a bunch, and put down your pitchforks.
Just chill and wait.

Why should I be angry? Her ridiculous auto lock on left click finally is going to get removed, when I read this, I was celebrating like mad.

Probably because their history says that when they speak about what they are leaning toward… especially saying they still have to wait for art and animation…

It is going to happen.

This is our only chance to save Symm. Once art and assets are in… she’s done. The only thing left is tweeking numbers and bug fixes (after another month after ptr release)

You combine that along with the absolute shock about how they are pretty much deleting everything about symm that we know…

The only things they didn’t change and remove are the things that they CAN’T removed due to marketing, merchandizing, and time in remodeling all her skins.

This is a business after all. If they could delete her, this is the only way they can do it.

It’s hilarious how many Symmetra mains are willing to throw this rework under the bus without having played it for even a single second.

Get a grip, calm down, wait and see.

Get a few hours of Symm 3.0 under your belt, then come complaining and writing novellas on the forums. You’ll look marginally less silly that way.

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Right? It’s what the community asks for then they turn around and crucify every little thing that’s mentioned. Blizzard is always pinned in lose-lose situations

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Lol they reworked her without changing her kit last time and it didn’t help much at all, I guess they thought the same thing would happen so they tried a different approach. I’m excited to play this new symmetra, she seems fun and not braindead and boring.

Same, I’m thinking she might feel a little rewarding to play.

who says anything about deleting? and how did this suddenly turns into some business decision thing???

If their decision was based on the business side of things, they’ll actually make the rework into the new character Sanjay, in order to sell more merchandise.
Saying that they reworked her to avoid “deleting” her is the opposite of what they would’ve done business-wise.

i believe Geoff and the team had good intention by reworking her and by no means are trying to “delete” her, because even if us Symm mains complains about some aspects of the rework, the matter of the fact is Symm’s pick rate is still the lowest of the low.
For most people she’s just downright unplayable and even those who plays her are almost always asked to switch.

I’m somewhat saddened by it if these changes does goes through, but her as a character NEEDS a rework that push her in a different direction.
That’s just a fact.

Sanjay? Good work, I actually lol’ed. Funny stuff

Lol I love how triggered sym one tricks are getting. Maybe if you played more than 1 hero then you wouldn’t be as mad when they change one.

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What is this “Sanjay” thing? Sorry, I didn’t get that memo…

What about the times where you lose when you fill?

My experience is that people who fill enjoy less of the victory when they win, and have a much more brash backlash when they lose. Doubly so if they think someone else in the team is not carrying their weight.

Small hint: You can enjoy playing more than one hero. Myself, I have a 9 hero pool, and I switch often between them. I stick often with Symmetra and Torbjörn because they are my best heroes, and that reflect in their winrate.

i’m giving you actual advice. Talk to your team, form your strategies, but don’t feel forced to play a hero you do not enjoy just to fill a team “perfect comp”. Overwatch meta is fluid, and you would be surprised how many different formations can work on ladder.


??? where is the official information on this??? I can’t find it anywhere??