Why no palestinian flag

Because there’s no such place.

Hong Kong never happened.


DICE had both an Israeli and a Palestinian flags in BF3, and as an Israeli it never bothered me.
you know what? while at it, if Blizzard had the balls they would put a Kurdistan flag in their game, extra points for Hong Kong flag.
but knowing Blizzard, you know they would rather swip things they KNOW about under the rug and expect people to never notice.

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Because Palestine is not recognised as a legitimate state.

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None of that is relevant to Overwatch, there are numeros countries whose flags are not featured in the game because Blizzard does not have the rights to them - I doubt there is some political agenda at Blizzard to appease Israel, considering their market is irrelevant to the industry. China on the other hand …

Palestine’s sovereignty is up for question. Blizzard probably didn’t want to do it in fear of how the US government would react to its implementation.

Because it’s not as easy as slapping a flag as an icon and calling it a day.

There are legal avenues you have to go down in order to have a flag be represented in any game, and while I’m sure they want as many flags as possible it’s not realistic. There are legal barriers.

Maybe we can get one for Vatican City too while were at it? Seems like a fair trade.

From the devs:

Hope this information helps.

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You think countries pay to put their flag in OW? Or that people buy the game because of a flag icon?

Yeesh, so much anti-semitism on these forums.

I guess if they would be free or for currency, there would’nt be legal problems but flag player icons can only be obtained from event loot boxes. Other companies have no legal problems with using all of the country flags as avatars, liveries, etc.



What I mean is that it is “safer” not including Palestine flag than it is including it, because Palestine is not recognized by USA or Israel. However what annoys me is the fact that they are feigning political neutrality bs, because the moment they started putting in country flags in the game, they made it about politics.

So I was watching Frontline I believe, there was a Muslim holiday where they’re supposed to observe a day of silence. It is quiet there in the Palestinian quarter of Jerusalem and almost nobody is outside. A bunch of Israeli yahoos come into the Palestinian quarter and start singing and dancing and clapping and stomping their feet and banging pots and pans. As they have done for a number of years, apparently.

Now these yahoos have a police/military escort. And these dudes in their escort are laughing and smiling and bobbing up and down along with the a-holes disturbing the day of silence. Most of the arabs are just fretting and bearing it, some of them cry. One young man comes up, against his mother’s wishes, to very respectfully speak with the police/military escort to ask them to leave. He seems way too quiet, I do not know if that is a conditioned way to behave with these people or because of the holiday. And they arrest him for coming outside in public in Jerusalem without some identification or something that Palestinians are supposed to wear to denote they are a Palestinian that lives in the city. Like a blue colored badge or something.

They put him in this big armored vehicle and right when he’s being loaded in the whole crowd of a-holes cheers. Cheers like their team just scored a goal in a soccer match or something.

In another event, 2 Israeli boys died while in a Palestinian area of the Gaza strip. I don’t know how, but the IDF’s response was to kill 3000 Palestinians with a barrage of rockets.

Both of these events have made me think, “Good God, they treat these people horribly.”

It honestly looks like they’re trying to exterminate them. They certainly seem to regard them as inferior or lesser people. For they constantly antagonize and demean them and visit injustices upon them. Considering what happened to the jews during the holocaust that makes for a very sad and stark commentary on humanity and it’s fortunes. For me at least.


Humans with a brain and google: Oh Palestine is not a recognized country. Adding the flag will produce lots of legal issues.

Snowflakes playing blizzard games: OFFENSIVE REEEEE.

Only forum with so many snowflakes on it. Love it.


Considering the game is set in the future (2070’s), it would certainly paint some pretty grim prospects for Palestine if they were not a country by that point. lol.

Though to be fair they have made no commentary on whether North Korea still exists in their timeline either though, despite having prominent characters like Dva and Dmon hail from South Korea. So while I don’t think it would produce and “legal issues” I do think they do their best to sidestep any and all controversies. And if push comes to shove it seems that their opinion is the side that can give them the most money is the right one.

Does that make them cowards? Some might say so. But it is sound from a business perspective.

Yet it is sold in the present with today’s political issues.

Exactly what the rest of my post entails.

Jeff Kaplan posted back in 2018 during the summer games event when the Polish flag was in the event and then shortly removed from it due to “legal issues”. Blizzard have to get permission to use any and all flags it adds to the game. While they are flags of nations… someone still holds the copywrite for them.