Why Mercy was considered the only anti-fun Hero?

I did. A couple minutes ago, and now I can’t sleep.

Don’t know why though.

Okay, this is where reality comes in. Just because, it has more counters doesn’t mean it’s no longer considered hiding to use an ultimate.

Heres the definition of hiding

put or keep out of sight.

Tell me, how does Reaper having more counters make it so he is no longer hiding?

I wouldn’t be opposed to changing Reaper’s ult either. :slight_smile:

I never said it was okay. But the fact that he’s so easily countered makes it less frustrating.

Something being frustrating is subjective and should not be a reason for an ultimate to be altered/reworked. Glad you agree though :slight_smile:

Roger that. Still a broken ult on certain maps though which is why it needed to be changed.

I mean, I don’t really like the concept of overtime anyway. Also, some abilities and ultimates are literally made to prolong fights. Mercy’s one just happened to be very effective at the role of stalling.

Would this idea of a rework work?

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Friend, if you don’t care about her, why are you here? Why are you wasting your time trying to prove people that have issue with an aspect of the game wrong? Aren’t you so sure this is good for the game and will stay like this, then what is your problem? You are the one sounding aggravated here, actually.

And miss me with that “goddess” bs, because this isn’t an idolatry problem, we just want the hero to be fun and balanced, but Blizzard ruined both aspects. Since the rework she’s been unbalanced and 12 nerfs later she still unbalance, and all that nerfing made her unfun to play. The devs screwed up and we are holding them accountable for it.


It amazes me how often guys both can’t stop b*tching about stuff (long side eye at the kickstarter to literally remake the last Star Wars movie cuz it had ‘too much SJW in it!’) but then also can’t possibly comprehend why you would be vocal about something you dislike, and then complain about those people who are complaining about the thing. Like, seriously? Just walk on by like everyone else if you don’t give a crap!

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Yes bud, sorry for that.
All you had to do was make some youtube video spewing some sensationalist crap at Blizzard and asking for Geoff’s head for nerfing “the wrong thing” about D.va and/or how D.va was fine its just that everyone needed to git gud and play Reaper.

You would had been the next big OW youtuber.

Idk why I am even here.
Probably because I have lost my sanity couple seasons ago.

Or maybe I was looking for another Titanium level Mercy posts. Those are really, really good ones.

As for calling her a goddess, yeah, I am not sorry for that. There are so Mercy spams up here, might as well make a Chruch of Mercy mains, like Tf2 has one for the Amby Spy.

Heh, even more proof of my insanity. Great, I am becoming one with my in game name.

Darn. I could have called them failures then got brownie points and white knights for being a strong independent girl who spills the hot tea henny yes gawd!!

Unfortunately, the best one is to simply not give it to Mercy. Mass Rez was broken with GA. GA enabled all of the shenanigans that got her nerfed in the first place, yes even above the invuln frames since can’t hide and rez if you have to hoof it back to your dead comrades on foot, and pulling off a mass rez while in the middle of a firefight was never the problem.

Mercy should never get back mass rez. Mass rez would work perfectly on a tank, however.

Dude, if after everything people tell you all you can take from the conversation is “Mercy mains are crazy”, no one can help you.

I have seen time and again people patiently explaining why all these months of nerfing aren’t good for the character or the game, I did some if it myself, but people blatantly shut us down, because they hate Mercy too much for her to be anything other than an OP monster and us wanting her to stay OP.

Insanity is the only thing I can attribute this too, because despite all the information offered, its like people forget how to read. Just hope that the next hero for them to ruin isn’t your main, because then you will see how it is for the Devs to change a hero for the worse and completely ignore what the people that know them most have to say.

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What an unrealistic stereotype. People who play Overwatch really need to go outside more 0.o

What am I stereotyping, exactly

Meh, how bad can they turn Reinhardt into? Seeing how people are saying that he got silent nerfed, and all his animation cancels are gone, I understand why many Rein players are pissed off.

But it took me 2 days to get familiar with the changes, and so far I have no issues with him.


Being able to ‘adjust’ to a crappy situation does not mean you shouldn’t 1. notice the situation is crappy, and 2. work on improving it if possible.

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They’re just mad my videos are gaining traction so they’re trying to insult me loool. Too bad, I’ll keep making videos addressing these issues until Mercy is fixed. :>

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People who —
Aria is here :stuck_out_tongue:

Wassup! How’s your day been BadWidow?