Why is the SR/MMR formula kept a secret?

no it’s not, I already read the whole thing long before this conversation started

they make no mention as to why they don’t divulge the MMR formula

Yes, they do. Try reading it again.

that’s not how citations work

That’s not how research works. They have indeed explained why the MMR isn’t visible and why they won’t provide more detail on it.

no they haven’t, please provide a citatioin

Here you go: How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 20)

that’s not how citations work

/shrug well when they continue to ignore your spam, you’ll know why - they’ve already answered. Learn to research and you’ll find the answers you seek. Improve yourself and you’ll win more, you don’t need anything else.

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that’s fine, but don’t say they exist and not be willing to back up your claim

Who actually cares?
Playing video-games is about salt, git gud, you deserve the rank, you have to carry to climb, you are hard-stuck for a reason, you do not have game sense…yadda yadda
me —>awww, I feel good
you --> I am angry
me --> aww, feels even better
This is what gaming is and not mmr sr usb asap booobnobobo

the score and the game are one and the same

But I did, it’s all right here: How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 20)

can you point to exactly where inside it is?

Yes, I can. I just pointed at it for you.

no you didn’t

it doesn’t say in there their phylosphy on my the MMR formula is kept a secret

Yes, I did.

Yes, it does. Either you read it or you didn’t, which is it? If you didn’t read it it’s not my job to do your research, especially when someone provides a convenient link to all available information. If you did read it you don’t need me to continue pointing it out for you. My arm is getting tired.

see they’re always listening for feedback

here’s my feedback: I don’t like a hidden matchmaking system.

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That is not an official, authoratative link. It’s a community member (Kaawumba). Good on him, but he’s trying to do their work for them, in absentia.

Basically just firing shots in the dark, because elo/trueskill accounts for solo queues and win rates, not pbsr and machine learned team rigging.

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It’s a link to a collection of official, authoritative information. The information that OP refuses to do his research on is contained within.

It’s not rigged. When you improve, you climb.

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I’ve read that thing every season for the past 10 season, what I’m asking for is not in there