Why is the quiet enemy footsteps still a thing?


Here’s a new one where I’m walking around alone in Petra with nobody around, when a McCree suddenly blindsides me totally unannounced. The footsteps are there, but they’re so quiet there’s no way to tell he’s nearby until it’s too late. You can actually hear a Symmetra who’s above me far more easily than the McCree standing right next to me.


Hearing a small whump whump less than half a second before he’s tossing a flashbang is extremely poor as far as announcing deadly enemies with footsteps is concerned lol. I mean, you literally hear two steps and he’s on you already, that’s impossible to react to. Even worse, you had no other sounds overlapping, just think of something whinny sound like zen volley charge. Completely covered footsteps sounds.

Basicaly same with reaper, but he just shoots you to pieces at that distance.

Meanwhile widow footsteps in the distance, clear as a day kek.


EXACTLY, like what on earth is that all about, a Widow who’s nearby at close range isn’t nearly as deadly as a Reaper or a McCree who’s right next to you, it’s practically a death sentence if they catch you off guard.


Blizzard can you fix this problem??? And dont waste time on things like the training robots now can say “hi”


so it happens to everybody, I thought it was a problem with my audio


I have a good headset and i have a lpy of problems to hear enemy steps. Specially with some heros. Ps4 here


I wish they either fixed Reaper’s footsteps or outright made his silent footsteps into a buff for him. Because it’s infuriating when I should be able to hear him but can’t. The sound problem isn’t limited to Reaper only but it’s super noticeable with him because of his nature as a flanker.

It doesn’t happen to everyone but it appears to be a super super common bug.


It’s happening to me as well.

So here’s the next question: Are the people experiencing the issue utilize an on board audio card, or an add in?

I’m using the on board built into the motherboard.


First time I hear about this.
I never had a problem with this.

I am playing with my USB G430 Headset with 7.1 system on in LGS and of course the enhanced sound off in-game.


I also have this problem with ps4. Is the game


Totally aggree

Something has changed


Hi all, I created a major thread about these audio issues. If you can please share your experience with the problem there, and post any relevant footage if you’ve got any:


I thought the volume associated with the footsteps of each is different with each hero. I.E. A Brig doesn’t hear a Tracer’s footsteps as loudly as she would a Widow, because Widow is a counter to Brig. With certain heroes, Tank footsteps are very loud and flankers are quiet, maybe these “bugs” are because even though there is a hero VERY close to you, the game doesn’t consider it because there is say a Tank sort of close, you will hear the Tank footsteps instead. Just something i’ve noticed.


I think that is a sound problem.


Because everyone is a bot =]. And expects someone else to deal with it. When they should at least try and see if someone is taking care of the issue, but most dont even check. Seriously, if I’m not watching the flank, then no one is.

Gets shot in the back
Continues shooting forward and not repositioning.

I don’t understand it, you NEED to be aware of everyone’s position on the map in order to play properly.

Anyways, I’d love louder footsteps, as well as a reduction in ambient sounds. Maybe make reloading your weapon louder as well.
Also would like to be able to press Ultimate Status key and have it display the times on my cooldowns or if they are available or not.


I talked about this months ago, and elitist trolls told me that it’s just me and I should check my hearing… thanks, community.

I literally cannot hear Reaper’s footsteps whatsoever. The only audible ques i hear from Reaper are his voicelines and when he drops down from some vertical distance. Some people deny this, others say that it’s intended to balance him. Honestly, all I want is for the lying tip “The most dangerous enemies have the loudest footsteps” to be removed.


i stopped reading at “free flank”. describing anything reaper does as “free” is hilarious.


Yeah there’s a megathread about these audio cutoff issues in the bug forums right now with lots of posts from people experiencing similar issues (no ult sounds, footsteps, health pack sfx, etc.), if anyone is experiencing this issue please add your voice to the megathread:


Same when you have a pharah flying above you head and you cant hear her.


They fixed this problem???

On the patch note 09/10/2018:

Updated the audio mix to add more clarity and dynamic range for all sounds in the game

Developer Comments: Developer Comments: We’ve added more heroes and features to the game, so the audio mix has become more complex, which required us to rebalance sounds across the game. In this update, we extended the range of third-person weapon sounds, increased the range of first-person weapon impacts in the world, and generally balanced third-person footsteps and ability sounds.