Why is the Contenders Schedule so bad?

im amazed that blizzard would announce rewards for watching BEFORE they… make it even remotely possible to know when all the games are

maybe i shouldnt be?


This, please.

I cannot trust the actual website because of this and with how many hours you need to watch for even 1 skin never less 2 is a joke with how this system is at the moment


I mean… I have limited trust in Blizzard being able to properly balance the game (although I’ll have to give it to them, the current state of the game is pretty good balance-wise), but when it comes to design and advertising for games, they are usually pretty good. So I assumed they should be well capable of providing a schedule that provides a good overview of all the games you might be able to watch.
So maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised, but I’m still a bit disappointed.

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So I’m not just missing something obvious…?

The site as best as I can tell only shows “contenders” matches

I believe the China matches were either “open division” or “trials” matches so they’re not actually featured on there

Just check the sticky thread:


Contenders are bad so they are hoping to bribe players to watch.

I found that thread shortly after posting this and we can’t thank WyomingMyst enough for creating threads like this all the time, but it has two issues.

First, the list isn’t embedded on the Overwatch Contenders website, so unless you know the thread over here in the forums, you don’t get a proper list.

Second, the list is nicely structured and all, but requires a relatively big amount of manual input while not being very responsive. If you create such a list over on overwatchcontenders com, you can have the list adapt to your timezone, can automate links to the teams and maybe even vods afterwards, it just offers so much more usability compared to a list in a forum thread.

That’s 100% true the 2 only regions I care abt watching are Korea and NA but jfc its a mess

Yeah, it’s definitely a pain. There are no time zones listed on some of the regions and the times that are listed are pretty weird. I don’t just mean inconvenient for me, I mean like it said on Wednesday they were playing from 1500-2300 and 2300-0700 in Korea, which probably isn’t right.

Use over.gg for a better schedule.

Which I stated in the op I did, but if the list from Wyoming is true, it is missing the games on the 20th, so can’t trust that either.

That site is helpful. It’s still unclear to me why the Chinese region matches aren’t shown through the contenders website, though. Those are the only ones on for the next few days.

I think that’s when the matches actually take place, they’re rebroadcast as “live” matches a few days later. It’s kinda difficult to view Chinese OW imo, it could be easier, China is probably the second best region after Korea, I really do want to watch it.

Probably same reason why China gets an own OWL broadcast and everything, they have different rules for many things that would make it very hard to get in line with the normal worldwide broadcast.

It’s like the Chinese government doesn’t even care whether we get our skins.

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as it is right now at the time of writing:


is live on contenders.
it appears to be two north american teams battling it out but the schedule doesn’t show matches being played today so you are right.

the schedule page on the site is not correct nor easy to read.
it should be like on the OWL site with the times converted to our local timezone.

It’s pretty much the same site so i don’t get why it wouldn’t be possible.

Don’t forget the Collegiate stuff going on right now, which isn’t on any schedule anywhere on their website. These are actually some of the most fun games I’ve watched in a while.

I just go to the site every day to see if it is actually on. It is annoying but much easier than figuring out the schedule.

tldr; OP is a big fan of the Contenders content, but the YT content isn’t organized into easily digestable videos. Instead, they make the audience look through countless videos to find the team/match they wanted.

And I totally agree. If you want your content watched, it has to be organized and easy to consume. Making the audience work for the content is usually not a good strategy.

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