Why is private profile the default?


To the public, your profile is private because it is the default. Why is this a thing? At least, don’t make the private profile the default because people don’t care about changing something that doesn’t effect them. Maybe someone want’s to learn Tracer tips from someone that knows how to play Tracer, but you can’t do that anymore due to the default private profile. 99% of the time in a game, everyone’s profile is private. You can’t see their SR, how many hours they’ve played, just nothing. Please change it Blizzard .-.

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Good day Banana,

Last month Jeff sat down with one of your fellow community members, Stylosa, to discuss this subject. I think this will provide some insight to your question. I recommend you watch (start at 20:10 - 22:44) until the interview subject changes to Wrecking Ball.

I hope that helps. :+1:


inb4 people saying “pfft im not giving stylosa more views”

give the video a chance, it’s a great interview stylosa did


I would watch but I have better things to do than to watch a 30+ minute video that doesn’t help me in game.


I think people who have private profiles on are also being bombarded with toxicity. You know the “Hey you **** why do you have private profile” and the pressuring to turn it to public. There’s really no escape from the toxicity.


It’s hard to take a reply from the devs seriously when it starts with them saying ‘good day’ to a banana :laughing:


private profile is great. If you wanted to play genji frequently in comp or any mode, every single game you’d play would start off with 5-6 genji counters on the enemy team and you’d lose the first fight every time unless they were total bots. Now I can maybe play genji sometimes. I don’t know though.


Did you read the first post?


Why I find this hilarious?


I am literally Rolling on the ground xD


Nope. On the accounts where I tested private profiles, which was all of them except for this one, the amount of toxicity was substantially lower. MUCH lower. Almost non-existent, relatively speaking.

For some people, perhaps. But I believe I speak for everyone when I say, you would rather the toxic player not have any relevant information to formulate a bias against you and that it is inherently better for them to just whine about not being able to access information in the first place.


I don’t like that youtube channel as they clickbait too much. I will watch the video anyway though.

I personally don’t mind private profiles. People harassed others too much for having 600 hours with Moira or even a Symmetra for example.



This is too good …


Now please help Mercy mains by ordering a rework please. :frowning:


I laugh too hard when I saw the post and had to post this gif for it.


Pffft, I’m not giving Stylosa more views. I detest the guy… Rag Tagg is the only Overwatch streamer I feel is worth watching…


That video doesn’t really answer OP’s question tho. Jeff just says why they added private profiles but not why it’s friends only by default.

I think they should be public by default because public profiles do have their benefits, Jeff even acknowledges it. Those who want it to be private can always change it.
Also please bring back that hover thing that shows you someone’s most played heroes when you hover over their name. It makes no sense to remove it when someone’s profile is public.


Please don’t call Unit Lost one of our “fellows”…that’s a bit insulting.


Also, make quick pop ups for most played heroes come back…there’s no reason to get rid of it and make it more difficult to play the game.