Why is private profile the default?


Much like many of us are allergic to peanuts and could actually die from ingesting one, some of us have an adverse reaction to Stylosa. Is there some sort of transcript or alternative resource for those of us unwilling to endure the physical and mental suffering that comes from watching a Stylosa video?


I am very much in favor of the hidden profile… but private by default was a mistake.


Unfortunately it doesn’t.
It explains why private profiles came to be in existence in the first place, but not why they were set as the default option.
And the whole “vote with your choice” idea is kinda dysfunctional given how many people don’t read patch notes and to this day don’t know that private profiles are a thing, or don’t care about the state of their profile and wouldn’t bother to change the setting, whatever it was.


Yeah, no, I’m not clicking that. Stylosa has nothing but a negative impact on the Overwatch community. Hysterical click baits and fake drama is not what we need right now.


Keep at least 5 friend spots open. Friendlist your team. Get access to their profiles if they’re “open to friends”.

Or, you know, use the LFG feature and demand public profile only? Kick anyone who joins but doesn’t have that?


No offense intended; however, it does not take rocket science to discern why they were private by default. They allude to the Mercy being forced to play Mercy example and when Mercy refuses, what happens? Feel free to play the Jeopardy theme while you think about it. Ding ding ding. Toxicity. In other words, based on our context clues, private profiles are default because it mitigates toxicity. Yay, we did it, we solved the mystery!

The real question is why he linked that video to answer a specific question that was not addressed and I understand that is your point. I was just messing around.


private profile literally provides a tactical advantage. Why would you want someone with a public profile on your team??? The enemy knows your strengths and weaknesses, it’s not good to give information for free. You can communicate and work together with your own team for that reason. It’s like most of you have no concept of the art of war.


Isn’t what’s-his-face already on the payroll anyway?


There is if you mute chat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Too bad that’s like 1% of the reason people want profiles public. They just want to use them so they can tell people to switch to their “main” based on how many hours they have on a hero. It’s private by default for a reason.


Just change it yourself. If you want more people to have public profiles, then start by making your own profile public. It’s ironic how most people who ask this question have their own profile set to private.


I believe it’s private by default because of EU laws but I’m gonna have to double check when I get home.


Because the devs wanna point to how huge a success it is when the vast majority of the players don’t care/know it is a thing or how to change it. Then when it’s so commonly used they can claim players love it.
I find it dumb and usually kick someone from lfg for it but it’s in my team’s title.


You misunderstood the OP question.

He wanted to know why you decided to put the private setting as default.
I never wanted to have my profile hidden but I had it for a week and half because I didn’t even know that it was set to private until I checked it myself.


He doesn’t answer the question in that video. We want to know why private profile is the default instead of simply an option.


is there no medium between making all profiles private, and releasing private information about players?


It’s not. GDPR has nothing to do with it.
-Sincerely, a Lawyer-Who-Works-With-GDPR-and-Is-Very-Sick-and-Tired-of-It.


Maybe it’s like that because of the previously mentioned wankers who use it to force people to play specific heroes. Sometimes the explanation is really simple. Opt out is better than opt in in this case.


We appreciate blue replies, but please at least read the post you are replying to. Jeff in no way addresses why it is set to private (friends only) by default.

There was no flash screen, no public announcement everyone saw for people to even know profile visibility changed. To set it to a setting most people don’t want, but NOT TELL ANYONE, and then use the statistics of who has it set to what is grossly deceptive. Put a forced click through screen in the game itself describing the settings, and see how many people suddenly change it to public.


It really shouldn’t be that hard to understand why. By making it hidden by default it eliminates harassment that targets the people that made their profiles hidden manually. Like people would say “what are you hiding?” way more and go on toxic sprees.

As said, if they weren’t hidden most people would probably not even change it. But now when it is hidden by default you don’t really see any directed insults to people that have them hid because the excuse can literally just be “I’m lazy”, and with so many people having them off you give harassers a harder time attacking people.