Why is Moira suddenly a Hot Button Issue on the forums?


Got it, misread the tone of your message then. Thought you were trying to make an argument that Moira also needs to take more “skill” in the FPS sense as well, and just couldn’t understand.


I feel like Overwatch might be a victim of it’s own success. Not that that isn’t Blizzard’s fault. They have such a big market because they specifically went after all kinds of people, including hardcore FPS fans and the console crowd.

But it was kind of a problem that they took in people from the call of duty audience, the CS GO audience and similarly minded crowds. These people came in with this “boom headshot” culture and this weird obsession came with them that the damage dealing classes should be the lords of the realm. Paladins doesn’t have to deal with that stigma against healers and tanks. And I think it’s a better game for it.


Probably because she has lock-on, can heal herself and damage her enemies quite effectively. God forbid a support being able to defend herself.
I get Brigitte, because in most 1v1’s, Briggite had the highest chance of winning in most situations.

Moira? She’s annoying, but not an unstoppable force like Brig feels sometimes(but that’s how I personally feel).

Really? Ana? The one’s that been asked to get buffs for the longest and ignored by most people because Mercy was the most used healer before and now that Ana has the light shine on her since people now see her potential…she’s a problem now?

Jeez…she wasn’t a problem when Mercy was top healer and most Tracers and Genji wiped the floor with her since she has the speed of…well… a somewhat healthy older sniper woman.

I’ve played this game for like almost 2 years(from May 2017)…like…she hasn’t gotten significant buffs really during that time, so why…sorry, sorry…I’m using actual logic here.
Being a healer that can do more outside their role and well I might add(not too well)…is a crime apparently.


Totally agree because when playing that though you need to play a specific role. It doesn’t matter what champion you pick. All depends on your performance and build. If you want two supports then one will stick to healing while the other goes dps, but still have some potential healing. Overall in Paladins you have a bit of more freedom than forced and be ridiculed when playing Overwatch.


God I saw so many comments about her being OP, because Kephrii didn’t heal at all and solely DPSed… he had to add a comment saying he didn’t mean it seriously. He doesn’t understand the Pro-cult crowd will follow any order


Called it.


I’ve seen people say she needs nerfs to her nade. I swear every time a support reaches the spotlight, people pick up torches and want to obliterate them.


If I remember correctly, and someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but before I started played, which was around the first Uprising event…they nerfed nade already.

From that point on…she’s been mostly the same with only small adjustments like a bigger clip and being able to shot through fully healed allies. Nothing really major.

The only words I heard from people were “buff Ana” because she wasn’t doing as well as other healers apparently due to her…being slow and not having many defensive or evasive options.
So it’s news to me now all of a sudden it’s “AnA iS a BiG ProBlEm! PleAsE NeRf!”
Give me a break…next thing we see “nerf Zen’s damage because he does too much”…even though that’s all he has defensively because he cannot defend himself for crap sometimes(Poor Zen), but NOPE…Too capable. Nerf it.
Speaking of Zen, if anything, Ana and Zen are more likely to bite it faster than any other healer because their mobility isn’t very great. Kinda Mercy too, but if Teammates are around she zip to them, so she’s got a bit better survivability than those two.

It’s Just…just…sigh…it’s really dumb honestly. After ALLLLLLLL this time…now we look at Ana for Nerfs? Oh brother… :roll_eyes:


Just seems like some people on this forum crying over ‘muh skill’ can’t handle getting beat by a hero who the community classifies as ‘easy’.


Those complaints have been around since Moira came out, and every time they’re brought up they’re shut down by the 99% of the community who have functioning brains. If the blame is gonna be shifted anywhere, it’s going to Tracer since her hard counter got nerfed.


Basically there are a ton of people on the forums that want people to play support for them as they cough DPS cough but they don’t want the supports to actually, you know, ENJOY the game. The fact that Moira can do chip damage on the whole team with one attack and steal their precious gold elims is just too much for their fragile egos to handle.


Moira is useful as both a healer and a DPS. The forums probably hate the DPS part.


Because the DPS mains have already gutted Mercy and Brigitte. So their next target is Moira because she “requires no aim” and can “1v1 flankers”




if you have been aroudn forums for a while you will know they target supports for nerfs when one does “too good” (read this as okay) w/o the skill req of heroes liek genji, tracer, or the like.

Even ana will eventually get “nerf now” again in future.

supports are reallly disliked by many in community :confused:


She’s not a hot button issue.

Take off the tiara and step away from the keyboard now.


You fail to see that half of the people on these forums are support mains, like me. The forums don’t want healers to be worthless boring pieces of crap, they want them to not be oppressive. Moira isn’t oppressive, it is sorta annoying to watch her PotG’s but there is no real threat of there being a major uprising against moira.


Now that They’ve picked the meat off of brigs bones, they need another sacrifice to sustain their hunger…


Moira is hovering around a 1% pickrate in GM.

Moira does not need a nerf. She’s not that hard to counter.

Would like to see her orb changed though. Ex., the Moira player can press the interact key to stop the orb in place until it dissipates.


Half these forums wont be happy until the game is a colorful COD clone.


Which is ironic considering that the supports are in a very mediocre place right now. Only Lucio and Zen are balanced ATM.

But if the devs keep listening to the loud minority, the supports will get worse, not better.