Why is Blizzard silent on Brigette

People cry a lot omg. Can’t have one week of a new hero and she is nerfed. I will start crying about Trace’s nerf then as I am a Tracer main, hope they change that after flooding the forums.


While you’re at it, could you add an indicator to Brigitte’s Rally so that she knows how many allies are in its radius when it’s active (like Lucio since it’s an ally-only aura)?

It’s because sometimes it’s difficult to know how many allies are in it when you’re not looking at them, whereas someone like Zen gets a 3rd person view during Transcendence so he can see allies to his sides and a bit of his back.


She’s really strong on some maps and terrible on others, we have to find out. Every single character that comes out causes this reaction.

You need to reduce her shield HP

That’s as important as reducing the max armor

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I find that quote ironic considering Brigitte kit shuts down multiple heroes on purpose. Natural = Sit down and take it you giant gorilla.

How about the cooldown on shield bash jeff? Or at least the inability to stun Rein through his shield? This is entirely silly experience atm.

Don’t know what you are meaning to be honest

Is there any chance of a megathread being made for Brigitte, pretty please? The forums are literally Brigitte this and that every 2-4 threads at the moment. I keep using the mute option regularly now.

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is that not for the arc of the shield bash?

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I mean you are a wise man using brigitte for sr gain while she is op nice.

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I really like Brigitte playing her is fund and satisfying, don’t know why so many complayin. I never had any issues so far against her, not with a Tank, not with a DD, not at all.
I hope Blizzard don’t listen to much to all this whiners. I would also get really angry if it turns out, most of them are main Genjis+Tracers, where Bridget is designed to counter them. If everyone who was annoyed by these DDs would cry for a nerf, I’m sure they would not even be in the game anymore.

Compared to Genji, Tracer, Widow, Sombra to some degree, Brigitte is harmless, at least when you play support or even Tank if you are follow some basic rules.

So please don’t kill Brigitte before she is even out of the diapers.


Thank you.
A start to something new.
More nerfs on the way I hope.
I want to have fun playing Overwatch, not my life miserable playing.

Did they say that, well ok, guess we are still going full crusader up in this mug.

Indeed, it’s too early to say one way or the other if she’s completely broken. As it is right now, I don’t feel that she’s in a position that you automatically lose if the enemy team has a Brigitte.

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i lost actually more sr playing her than not

yeah that’s why you have 4 hours of brigitte in almost 2 days of comp because you lose more with her sure.


More spam Jeff pleeeeeeeease, it’s making this game so cool and fun since season 5-6 more SPAMMMMMM PLEASE!

i am multiple seasons t500 and gm i can live without brigitte while you?

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Top 500 Season 6 and gm the others.

Can’t wait for the creatively bankrupt Youtube channels to regurgitate this post as ‘news’ while swiping up a quick buck from it.
Ever consider making a blog? No snide comment here, legitimately some type of platform that people who don’t check the forums to see your updates?