Why is Ana's rifle being cleansed by opponents?

I’ve been maining Ana for a little while now, and I’ve noticed that a lot of the roster has the capability to cleanse themselves of damage. I get that Ana isn’t supposed to be able to DPS and that’s not her role, but it’s not rewarding. Hitting a Moira with the third shot shouldn’t be cancelled through her movement ability. Same with Reaper, if the shot lands, it should still be perfectly capable of doing damage. Mei is kind of a gray area, I get she’s capable of healing, but she can straight up negate the damage already inflicted.
My counter argument is that while sure her damage should be negated, how come characters like doomfist, who have a damage negation ability, don’t when they’re shot by Ana. I believe Ram is the same way, even if he’s blocking, Ana’s damage will blow right through. So how come we reward shooting basically stationary big targets, but we give get out of jail free cards to those with movement phasing movement abilities?

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Devs are going through a phase of nerfing Ana in all the wrong ways, rather than addressing the core issue of her kit, which is her anti-nade. And this is coming from someone who has Ana as his most played in OW2.

Unfortunately, due to a lot of outcry from the community who failed to counter her, they’re now just nerfing her. Probably to a point of uselessness soon.


The biotic grenade is a bit overpowered imo. She does get that as kind of a self heal, frag, anti heal. However, she’s doesn’t have any movement abilities, so she’s kind of SOL and if you’re getting killed by a biotic grenade, you need to ask yourself what dropped you to 60 HP before you decided to take on grandma.


The simple answer is Ana’s attack and heal it’s technically a DoT.
So, Reaper / Moira fading out works just fine. As it always has.

Or are you saying Ana should have ghost bullets now? But Mei can live because she turn into eh rock?
I mean, it’s not just Ana they are out there walking through. And it’s not a new development.


You’ll find when you look at any of the OW release-era Geoff-y designs, you’ll get more “why?” than you will answers.

Why does Ana hardstun multiple times longer than any other hero in the game? Who thought that’d be a good idea in an action shooter.

Why is nano a thing? For something with zero interactivity and nothing particularly interesting about it, they sure do seem to let it break the game often (launch nano-rein, nanoblade, beyblade, etc)

Why is bionade balanced the way it is?

Why can’t Ana headshot?

Why is her gun a DOT?

They really were just throwing poo at a wall and seeing what stuck back then. They put things in, not because they were sensible or made the game fun, but because the game didn’t currently have those things. Launch Doomfist and Sombra are similarly inexplicably odd designs.


Because it’s always worked this way with DoT effects and cleanses/invuln states?
You want to make it inconsistent just for Ana’s gun to feel even better.

Like imagine how much stronger Ashe becomes if Kiriko is the only answer to Dynamite? Sombra, Reaper, Moira, Mei, and Zarya all do nothing, only Kiriko’s Suzu.

This is a silly request.


Oh, you’re saying that the damage should be instant rather than spread out as damage over time? Or that it’s inconsistent? Basically her damage is DOT and like other forms of DOT, the fade, teleport (?), and bubble (Zarya), cleanse effects removes it.

I think only the case where it continues is with Life Weaver’s Life Grip if it ends early since its not a cleanse or a Zarya bubble I believe.

I thought abilities that block/reduce damage reduced the DOT but idk for certain. I always assumed blocking with Doom or Ramattra on the initial hit or explosion would reduce the remaining DOT damage


Anas normal damage is still DoT. A short one, but its still like any other “over time” effect cleansable by some things. Like others said: this is a none issue and the anti needs a serious nerf to bring her back in line.


What makes it really weird is simply that Ana is the only DoT primary fire in the entire game. Only abilities have DoTs.


Because she’s an old lady who can’t run when you corner her. Just listen for the “Psssssthht” (that’s sleepdart) and walk her down.

Why is the support’s ult 100% dependant on someone else? Good question. It would be better if she could just give it to herslef and be a real problem, right?

Again, she can’t run. She can at least get some way to heal herself when she can manage to live a dive. Or you can ignore her and let her be way more aggro with it. Up to you, technically.

The same reason she can’t nano herself, she’d be even more annoying to deal with. 3 shots on a squish kills it. Imagine with headshots.

Lore. She used to have a Widow gun. Didn’t like killing anymore, modified it. I can tell you more lore (:

Ah, the classic team 4 balance strat

Never address the real issue, but screw with EVERYTHING else in the hopes that it compensates

It’s always been cleansed.

They wanted it to apply it’s damage over a small time frame instead of instantly. Which also one of the reasons why she can’t headshot.

She’s applying a “poison” effect with a dart, not hitting them with a bullet.

It should get cleansed.


I think you’re arguing from a base point of “how would Ana exist if those things were changed from how she is now”, when I’m really asking why they made a hero like that.

So, for instance, if “she can’t run” is the reason why bionade has to be the most powerful (yet easiest to use) offensive ability in the game, why wouldn’t they just make a hero that was able to run?

If she would be overpowered with headshots as she is currently, why didn’t they make a hero that could have headshots in a balanced capacity? As I perceive it, the problem Ana was introduced to “solve” was that of supports having no hitscan and no aim based healers able to function on their own. So it’s really odd that they decided to make her less aim dependent than her alternatives.

If lore is the reason why her gun is DOT, why didn’t they make a hero with different lore?

If her being too annoying to deal with is the reason why her ultimate has zero interactivity, yet is frequently game endingly overpowered, why didn’t they make a hero with a different ult?


I agree with you to an extent, but on the flip side, moira can cleanse every six seconds. Reaper can cleanse every 8 seconds. Ana can do DOT for what, 1.5s? So you’re telling me, that it’s completely reasonable that if Moira should be able to shade in, do damage, and shade out, drain heath & regenerate, meanwhile she can heal orb or damage orb every what, 8 seconds? I might even have the cooldowns backwards, but that doesn’t sound like a fair shake. Reaper teles in, gets a shot or two off, and ana responds with a sleep and bio nade, just to get cleansed out because reaper shades? If I hit, that DOT should be there; I’m counting on it. It’s not my fault the reaper failed to assassinate me quickly, and If I have a chance to respond, shouldn’t it be reasonable? As far as her nano, her nano is the only reason she’s probably still picked. She’s effectively dived, she can be assassinated, and she again, has NO maneuverability.

So you can dive her, and force her to use it defensively. The ana being more aggro, is one being ignored in a safe place. Make them feel unsafe, and they will stop being so “helpful”

Or give it to soldier, I guess? Try and tell yourself it’d feel better there. It might for soldiers, but everyone else would find out he’s like a more annoying Tracer, but with less “woosh”

Look to the current state of people crying about snipers. Lots of people hate Kirkio because she only needs 2 shots to kill you (if she does it correctly, because HS buff)
Do you think we’d be in a better spot if she was clickinghead on top of all that? Keep in mind, Ana is already a great pick if you’re against another sniper. So she doesn’t need the help.

When Ana was a released the supports were Lucio, Mercy, Zen, Sym. That was it. And they might have moved Sym out of supp by then, can’t remember.
Who was the ranged healer? Not Mercy, her dash was not near what it is today.

Widow was already around. and 2 other snipers (Ashe wasn’t here yet)

I’d say it’s 100% interactive. If anything, you can’t activate it on yourself. Making it the definition example of a supporting ultimate. Zen’s and Lucios also do nothing to kill either. They are “fine” ults, yeah?

Means it’s a good support ult. You can stack ults in a way that you can’t with other ults.

Near the end of the game? Pay more attention to that Ana. She’s farming ult. But all they need is a Ram these days, no Ana necessary (but probably appreciated)

They did, Sombra came out after Ana. Her ult is very different.

My crux of the argument, if you will, is just that. It’s the DOT being cancelled in the middle of the damage being done. I don’t believe you should be able to cleanse a shot already doing damage, it makes no sense, it’s not rewarding, and it’s effectively a get out of jail free card. If they’re invulnerable, how come they can’t escape during roadhogs hook? Imagine that kind of hate if you hooked a reaper who shade formed out of the middle the pull.

What makes no sense is a dot persisting through something that makes you immune to damage. Should Ashe dynamite also ignore any sort of cleanse?

Because while being hooked you’re stunned… and you can’t activate abilities while you’re stunned. Not more complicated than that.

Because Ashe’s dynamite is an explosive, not a projectile weapon. Ashe also can do 3 body shots or headshot body shot to most squishies. Ana doesn’t do crits, so there’s a bit of a trade off. Again, you’re talking about two different play styles. You’re arguing from the perspective of a DPS. Ana is NOT a DPS, and she’s not supposed to be a frontliner. Sure, I shouldn’t be able to shoot you IN an invulnerable state. That being said, YOU shouldn’t be able to cancel out the shot I ALREADY MADE because of magic. Ashe’s dynamite blowing up and being cleansed, is something you’d EXPECT, but if you’re messing with an ana and aren’t performing, ana shouldn’t be punished for landing a crucial shot. If Ana was playing like a DPS, and she’s already taken seriously, as it sounds, then she should be collapsed on, pretty quick, which, she already kind of is.
As far as your argument, you might need to look up the definition of “invulnerable,” and if an ability “puts you an an invulnerable state,” that should mean it puts you in a state where you DONT take damage. So technically, I could argue yes, ashe’s dyanmite shouldn’t necessarily cleanse in reapers wraith form, but it shouldn’t do damage. However, sure, maybe he should be on fire until he’s cleansed, just doesn’t take damage throughout the wraith form.

Die mad about it I guess… It’s a dot so it’s obviously gonna work like a dot would. It makes perfect sense.

Literally what are you even talking about dude?

Thank you for your well thought out, highly productive, intelligent, brave, and resounding post. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to come on to the blizzard forums, specifically come to my post, read through it in an it’s entirety, compose; in absolute perfection, the most stellar response in all of mankind. Truly an achievement only reserved for those of the most auspicious of blizzard forum posters. I hereby decree that your words be engraved in marble, and strung to the heavens for all the world to see, that even god himself takes a step back, takes in the words of immeasurable wisdom.

I’m talking about Ana, her rifle, and her silly little DOT, that doesn’t really favor anybody. And maybe, just maybe, even if I’m wrong, there could be a spark of inspiration of an idea for a tweak, hero, or maybe, just maybe, in my little brain, I think, I might just be able,
to convince someone that ana shouldn’t do dot.