Why (I think) Role-Lock won't work without Role-Queue

Ok ,So recently there have been quite a huge number of news about “Leaked” ROLE-LOCK or the so-called 2-2-2.

But have any of you thought about it ? Like , would it actually work?

As much as I’d like to see it in-game I honestly believe the feature won’t work unless it comes with Role-Queue.

To start with, Imagine this scenario:
Game starts , someone already picked 2 DPS , That means 2 Support and 2 Tank slots are open. Everyone is picking the hero from the role that’s currently lacking heroes. But LOOK. There’s one player who still hasn’t picked. Why? Maybe because he’s a DPS player who can’t play Tanks or Supports. (Same thing can be said for Support/Tank player) The two players who picked DPS refuse to switch because they are either:
A) Can’t play the roles as well
B)Want to play DPS only

Anyway, the player who hasn’t still picked chooses a hero to fill in the missing spot eventually and does horribly even if he tries his best. You lose the game and the player feels bad about it.

In conclusion , you might end up in a scenarios where one of the players will be forced to play a role he can’t play and lose the game.


If Role-Queue comes around with the Role-Lock then everything is gonna be fine. DPS players playing DPS. Support playing Supports. Tanks playing Tanks. Not a chance of someone playing a role they cant play or feel like not playing and the chances of losing will be much lower. Everything is gonna be GREAT.

That’s just my thoughts on it. Even if it looks like it’s gonna be awesome , There might be more problems with it than you might expect to see. Still , it’s not confirmed by Blizzard about how it will function and if it’s an actual feature so nothing can be 100% sure.

Jeff said it would have to come with separate SR per role. You queue into a game as a role.


Yes , but so far nothing has been said in the so called leaks about the Role-Queue.
Just that Role-lock is coming - Which still isn’t 100% confirmed.

It would most definitely come with Role Queue my friend.




I hope so.

But let’s wait for it to be 100% confirmed that’s coming cuz all the Youtubers are going nuts over things that are “leaked”.

I mean Overwatch 2 was “leaked” but how many of us believe it’s an actual thing. I don’t. I believe it’s just a DLC or some sort of a Big Update for the game. Not a brand new one.

The YouTubers in-question have nothing to talk about, so they have to come up with something. Seriously, no hero hint, no roadmap, no discussion of plans for the developers. I now start to realize how desperate these YouTubers are for a new spark of subject.



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Role lock without role queue is already possible. If they wanted to do it it would already be in the game. The thing they’re working on is role queue.

  • Role Lock without role queue would only force people flex other roles.
  • Role Lock with role queue would force people to play only one role (the one that they wanna play).
  • Role queue without role lock would be just a “preference role queue”.

I think role queue is implicit, really can’t work full 2-2-2 lock without it.

If you think players are toxic now, wait until someone has to wait 45 minutes to get into a game with your paste eating asses.

Role lock is already an option in custom modes. It’s been in the game for over a year. Role queue specifically is what they’re working on now.

I think its extremely likely.


IDC what they do in comp, how would this affect quickplay (where SR doesn’t exist)?

I kinda like my QP unlocked, and I hope it stays that way.

I think it would be best for all modes or else balance would be messed up. The game would either need separate balance for role lock or all main modes need role lock

If it has to be all or nothing, than I’m firmly against. I don’t care what the pros are, they do not outweigh the cons for me.

As long as you’re expecting me to constrain myself to a role before knowing what map we’re playing on, and what my teammates are likely to play, then I refuse to gamble with support vs tank queue and hope for the best. If you’re a dps main then you’ve got 15 freakin choices, so you can pick whatever the damn hell you want to fit the map and synergize with your teammates. But I only have half as many options, and am completely at the mercy of what the rest of my team picks.

I need the ability to choose my role after seeing my team and the map, or I need literally twice as many tanks and supports before we even consider implementing a locked-222 role-queue, which in the game’s current state would absolutely destroy my flex playstyle and make the game experience utterly miserable for me and many like-minded players.

It sounds like you are saying that if you queue in as tank or support for 222, there is a chance that based on what the team picks, there could be an instance where no tank works for you? And you’d be locked into tank?

Basically yeah. I’m not good with every tank, and even the tanks I am good with don’t work on every map. Generally speaking, I hate tanking (or at least main-tanking) on control maps, and will almost always prefer to go support.

I may think I want to Rein, and then queue up and find myself on Nepal (where Rein tends to be frustrating for me). The only tank I can really play mildly well with on Nepal is Roadhog.


  1. I don’t want to play Roadhog (for whatever reason)
  2. We already have a Roadhog who refuses to switch
  3. For whatever reason (likely team comp synergy), Roadhog would be an impractical choice for me…

then I am absolutely screwed for the next 2-3 rounds depending on how long the match lasts.

Support would be mildly better, (partially because I’m more fluent in the support category, but also) since supports don’t depend on pairing with each other quite as heavily as the traditional Rein/Zarya, Orisa/Hog, Winston/Dva pairings, but even so there’s only so much I can do to adapt if something isn’t working.

And in either case, 1 character will already be taken, leaving me with only 5-6 characters to choose from for the duration of the match.

Meanwhile, if I were a dps, 1 character would be chosen and I still have 14 hugely varied and much more independently-viable characters to choose from. Regardless of what map we get, and what my role partner (and the rest of my team) pick, I am sure to be able to find some character I can perform well with.

Supports and especially tanks do not share that same flexibility, and people who dabble in both roles rather than mastering one will suffer even more from a role queue.

That’s really good feedback about the topic and I wonder if there would be any plausible way for the game to show you what mode you will have to play next game as you queue in to pick a class or something…

If that were possible I might be willing to consider it, but I don’t really see any way to make that work.

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