Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


But her pick rates are fine, right? :woman_facepalming:


So… What about the whole “Beam juggle” etc? And… Why should Mercy have a Zen or Lucio level defensive ult? Ana and Moira have less “clutch” sort of ults.

Imo, Valk duration should be reduced, and power should be increased. Make it an 8s-10s ult. Jack up the power.



Or #bigmainlittlechain


With 50 hps, Mercy is off-healer. And offhealers need strong defensive ult.


Mercy is and always has been a main healer


I’m not really interested in going over the whole 10 hps diff and main or off and all that stuff.

Brig is an “off healer” in a sense and doesn’t have a strong defensive clutch ult. Mercy is only, statistically, outhealed by Moira. Mercy’s kit is very strong.

There’s no point in focusing on the 10 hps difference. Granted, I’d be all for seeing how she does with 60 hps in the current meta.


There is a point. Mercy contributes primarily in healing, Brigitte contributes by being a fighter and source of CC.

Ana easily outheals Mercy too.


Mercy can rez, Mercy can damage boost, Mercy is incredibly mobile, she can provide clutch spot heals in ways many others can’t, she suits certain maps and certain comps.

Mercy isn’t some broken helpless doll of a hero. The extremity so common in this conversation is not conducive to progressing the discussion.


There is no clutch heals with such slow healing.


Agree to disagree. I can argue otherwise but I see no reason to.


Valkyrie serves to bring her healing back to level, where it was supposed to be.


I’m not saying Valk is some like amazing great ult. I’m all for changing it.

Got no time for dealing with ppl trying to undersell it as useless though.


It is useless. And healers, that are picked mainly for their utility, are offhealers.


Agree to disagree.


Bring arguments. So far, Mercy doesn’t have enough healing to be main healer, but she doesn’t have defensive ult either, to qualify as offhealer.


Tbh, like… Sympathize with your position… I see no reason to bring arguments though. You and I would have to talk about a lot of different things in order to really understand each other. Who knows how we’d feel at the end of that.

It’d be a cool journey, but it’s work…

Mercy imo is still a strong af hero. You feel differently. No reason to dive into that. Both agree she needs adjustment. I think adjusting Valk is the most reasonable approach, shortening duration and redistributing power.

Try to shoehorn a mechanic like Mass Rez back into the game is just foolish imo.

And there is the reality that nothing will truly be equivalent to Mass Rez. It was completely unique. So gotta accept that. The feel is gone.


Ana and Moira already have strong clutch potential in their base healing. Mercy never did.

She was just a main healer, with very limited mid-fight potential that relied on Mass Rez.

The only reason they fail to do so on DPS is that damage is so high that a lot of things are near instant deaths now.

My confidence in play for myself, I believe everything that I have managed to clutch with Mass Rez, I have clutched with Moira.

However, I wouldn’t be against them having saving ults at the cost of their burst in favour of consistency because my optimal rebalance of the game loses instant kill combos and stupidly high burst damage in favour of consistency, which means lower burst healing with more consistency is the better route.

We all find the game frustrating now, many of us loved the game more when consistency was more common than burst.

No character has enough health except tanks to deal with the burst.

You need to look at the way MOBA’s balance high burst damage and burst heals, they have characters with larger health pools across the board. A burst shouldn’t obliterate 90% of your health and have that happen so regularly.

This is why GOATS exist. Only tanks can survive that kind of damage. Especially when you factor in crit damage, etc.

Everything in this game is broken. Not just Mercy and supports.


When support’s strongest ability is their pistol, is it even support anymore?
It’s like leaving Zenyatta with his orbs of destruction being strongest part of his kit, instead of his ult. He won’t be support anymore, he would be DPS with discord.


What I’d find useless on any team I am on is a mercy player who refuses to use her full kit


GOATs is a meta. It doesn’t impact the vast majority of people playing this game. GOATs wasn’t the answer to burst damage. We’re all not fighting aimbot Widows. You dive those burst sources, it’s done. No one in plat is playing GOATs because Widow/Hanzo/McCree/Ashe/Whatever burst is so strong you have no choice but to run it.

Moira, Ana, and Mercy, are not meta GOATs. It’s Brig/Lucio/Zen. At meta level, that healing isn’t as important as people aren’t feeding.

Mercy needs help imo, but she’s not in a terrible spot. She enables burst type metas. It’s not the statistical number of damage boosted. It’s if that added however much damage made a wound into a kill.