Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


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I do not find the terminology to be misleading, but instead clear and unambiguous


Not every single post calls for the return of Mass Rez.

However, there are a multitude of posts where people describe very similar reasons as to why they don’t think the current Mercy is the right Mercy.

There is room for negotiation, people were negotiating the moment she was first changed. People didn’t like her when she was OP and easy. People don’t like her now when she is sort of balanced but feels garbage when using certain things just feel like lots of the changed aspects of her kit takes skill away.

We like her being mechanically easy, as in we like the simplicity of many of her skills but we don’t like the usage being made more mindless and easy than it was previous.

Like how her base beams are easy to use, but not necessarily easy to master and maximise efficiency for gameplay wise.

Asking for changes to a character you love to improve maximum skill floor is not against Mercy. It is so she can be seen as more skillful in everything she does whilst still being entry level enough.


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True…but I should add that factually, I never made such a claim.

I said that there are many posts calling for the one or the other. These two fragments of the anti mercy faction are in mutually exclusive positions. I don’t see a compromise between these two, and these are hardly the only two positions held within the heavily fragmented anti mercy faction, where the only thing agreed on universally is that she must be changed


The only things I find unclear in this discussion at the moment is what the relevance of biscuits is to this discussion


I advocate for what Mass Rez provided to Mercy and explain why I feel Mass Rez was healthier, but ask for something that can provide the equivalent experience that I feel provides balance to Mercy. While I would accept Mass Rez, I would accept anything else that can make Mercy feel more skillful and more impactful again.

Eg. Ultimate that has an AOE Burst and that can independently rely on her thought processes for success. Because I feel the actual concept of that aspect provides balance to her single target and rather low healing nature compared to her other main support counter parts.

It is vague, it is open.
I’d take mass rez in a heart beat, but I can also accept something else.
I choose to follow this post, because it has many Mercy people here who also understand her problems, who have their own ideas and we can discuss and bounce ideas around.

It is because of this post I have had such varying discussions of value that have shaped my arguments to become more and more vague about solutions but focus more on the many problems this Mercy creates.

Does this make me Anti-Mercy?
I’d dare say not. It makes me want a fun and balanced hero out of one whose aesthetic and precious iterations were one that were dear to my heart.

There are many of us who see her problems, there are just too many differency concepts for solutions and each time people often spend time over estimating the problems because we don’t want Mercy to be OP again.

Many Mercy’s reference mass rez Mercy because they can see it aspects of where it was better and succeeded. That does not make it faultless.

We need to cover the problems of both and the successes of both. It just so happens that many people feel Valk+E Rez has more problems than it has had successes.


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To all the people blaming the lack of changes on people being “emotional” and “attacking the devs”, I have to ask, what “attacks”? Is it “attack” to point out how the devs literary have ignored thousands of constructive feedback comments for over a year then pretended that they didn’t exist; that hey never kept their promised of making Mercy “engaging and impactful”? I find it extremely hilarious how Kaplan himself call the forums “emotional” as a way of dismissing criticism, then see that same rhetoric being used to shut down criticism in this very thread.

And yes, there is a stance we can all agree on: that Blizzard should rework Mercy. It’s right there in the hashtag: #ReworkMercy. And “”“compromise”"" can only happen if both sides are willing. So until I see any indication that Blizzard is willing to do that, “”“compromise”"" is the least of our worries.


And what if the reality is that you will never have an equivalent experience? What is Mass Rez was, in this game environment, so unique, that nothing else will ever come close to that particular feeling you got?

Ngl, Mass Rez experience is like an addiction to some. That feel.

What if we can’t replicate that outside of the Mass Rez mechanic?


It’s like someone just going:
“No U”


No. We do not all agree on that. Otherwise, this forum would be super different. Our disagreement is the problem.


It seems you’re only wasting time arguing with this person. Healthier to just drop it, IMO


It is the saving factor.
It is the fact that it was a power moment that came from thought and gave her access to what she didn’t have:

AoE and Burst.

It gave it to her all at once in just one quick moment.

Surely such vague expectations can be easily fulfilled.


Do you get the same feeling when you hit Q as Zen as you did when you hit Q as Mercy?


Lol, pretty much.

20 characters.


Good. Then agree to disagree. I myself depise this iteration of Mercy and think it’s game-design dead end. They cannot nerf or buff her without making her hilariously OP or underpowered and still boring as hell.


Yes, but I play Zen for a different reason than I do Mercy.

I play Zen to spend more time doing damage and being a back up and a true last resort for my team.

I play Mercy to actually want to reliably main support and be there for my team.

They ask two different playstyles of me. One is more caring and passive, the other is more distant but aggressive.

I also have a stronger affinity towards Mercy’s aesthetic design and personality.


Fair. Good talk. Cheers :slight_smile:


I do not agree that we all agree on a rework

I personally do not want one, and know of many others who feel the same