Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


Should we conveniently forget, that burst meta didn’t impact vast majority of people either?


People run GOATS down in gold. With Moira. With Ana.
This is to deal with avoiding damage, particularly from sources like the previous Doomfist and Hog.

Because a tank can take it and a DPS cannot.


Heh… It kind of does. Like… People eat damage at lower tiers. That’s why big significance on healing numbers, and also just outright reckless damage.

At meta levels, the intake of damage and the output of damage is all very regulated, ya know? So it’s different.

Damage boost is no joke. Kill thresholds. That applies to all tiers.


Or simply switch to tanks, so it’s not instant death from heroes like Doomfist, without any “meta”.


Really? You solo Q into games where no one is going to insist on playing DPS? In Gold?

… I should be playing more…


I really should.
It’s a good laugh for my friends in discord watching my pain and being really confused with me though.


Meta I ran into included 2 snipers, 2 tanks like Hammond and D.va, and 2 healers. Players refuse to come to objective as any hero, that gets insta-killed.


Yes, I have had games in gold and tbh there were silvers in the game too running GOATS.

And it worked.

Especially with Moira, simply because you take even more damage at lower levels because of even small mistakes, which means more healing is need and because damage is so high, GOATS is the best way to survive and actually get to heal things.

This is why I am confident of my opinion that damage has gotten too high, which means healing has gotten too high and this is where we are now.

The worst burst you had in the beginning of the game were snipers and they weren’t that overbearing back then, even with the glitches, etc. And it felt okay because it felt skillful and shield weren’t falling in seconds.

Burst like Helix Rockets felt balanced. Soldier felt balanced.
That is optimal balance between consistency and burst.

Snipers are exclusion because they are designed to be that bit slower for that greater reward.


Amazing. Like honestly.

Usually my experience in gold it’s 2-2-2 enforced, and you’re lucky if only 2 people on your team lock and refuse to switch from dps heroes. 3 supports is just so rare. I was instalocking one tricking Brig through gold and plat and I had like 5 times we actually ran 3 support.


You can easily run into multiple tanks with one support, as players start to switch to tanks, if they keep getting killed.


This is exactly it.

People don’t want to die all the time.
Tanks is the obvious way to not die and supports is the next best thing once you have tanks.
Tanks deal enough damage that DPS have no place anymore.


Well yeah but it’s usually just everyone goes DPS cuz it’s a kill or be killed situation.

I don’t buy this whole “we’re running GOATs in gold because burst damage is so high!” mentality. Why wouldn’t you be the ones delivering the burst damage then?


You know, because other team just happened to have better aim. If you can’t beat someone in firefight, you have to outlive them.


I’m doubting people are swapping to GOATs after the first team fight cuz they established the enemy team was better at delivering burst damage in gold…

That’s a tough sell…


It happens gradually, and it’s a bit like chain reaction: one player switches to tank, team no longer deals enough damage, so they die more often, causing more switches. Or it’s tanks like Hammond, that don’t shield teammates, making someone pick Reinhardt.


Shouldn’t we be switching in this game anyways? How’s this a bad thing?


If the enemy team is hitting better, why keep trying to out do them when they are better at being the first on the burst.

Why not just become a tank and not die as much, especially once you get supports?
You don’t die as much, you get healed, you do enough damage, you have some burst potential, your supports can also damage.

Unless DPS can take more damage than they can now deal all too easy, then Tanks and Supports will be the best option.

Even when Ana became so dominant the first time, people still preferred the concept of dying less and getting more healing and getting to just fight around constantly.


Switching is good, but we don’t want to constantly promote tanks and support comps so frequently over comps that involve DPS.
That’s why the balance in the game feels so wacky, DPS are strong damage wise, but weak health wise.
You can’t heal the dead.

If supports had time to heal the DPS, it wouldn’t be as bad.


It’s a smart decision. I just don’t think you’re having that level of decision made regularly in gold solo Q. People don’t communicate like that there.

Mercy never did well in tank metas. She shouldn’t do well in tank metas compared to other heroes. She enables the metas that dismantle the tank metas.

No reason to try and work her into being the choice for a tank meta.

And if we’re talking gold, or plat, or somewhere meta doesn’t apply, then none of this is even relevant.


It’s independent decisions of multiple players to pick tanks to live longer. Communication not required.