Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


Nah I remember akira predicting that the devs would make Valkyrie superficially strong (not legit strong).


It is the only thing they can do, it like throwing a bone and hoping we will take the bait and feel satisfy.

Some people will praise it but over time we will still like notice the issue…


“How to make bad ultimate look good? Nerf it, then revert nerf.”


That’s why I’m proposing to upset the balance with regards to the way Mercy is used in professional tournaments and align it with the more defensive way she’s used in lower tiers.

My original proposal of giving up damage boost is a big deal, because damage boost is the difference between kill shots vs. chip damage (it changes “damage breakpoints”, the number of shots/the amount of splash damage it takes to kill an enemy). It might pave the way for more defensive abilities like overheal, cleanse, pacify, insta-rez, etc.

Lol, true. The implication in my post is that the changes in the PTR are balance changes, it’s meant to maintain the potency of OWL season 1 Mercy/Zen team compositions/gameplay in professional OW competition, and to see if the buffs to the other supports would elevate Ana/Lucio/Moira team comps from Contenders to OWL.

But you’re right, and the corollary to your post is that we want Blizzard to balance professional play around low-tier play, because the other way around isn’t working for Blizzard so far where the Mercy community is concerned.


If they can’t balance game for both, they should consider dividing Overwatch into two different games.


I’m surprise they did an immediate revert… So if we do a straight uninterrupted healing… It would result in Valkyrie being ready in 37 seconds

With 50hps her rate of ult gain is 44 seconds and with 60hps her rate of gain at the fastest possible speed is 32 seconds to gain Valkyrie…


Actually it is

  • 60 hps, 1950 ult charge
    :arrow_right: 40.625s of uninterrupted healing to charge Valkyrie.
  • 50 hps, 1950 ult charge
    :arrow_right: 48.75s of uninterrupted healing to charge Valkyrie.
  • 50 hps, 1657.5 ult charge (after 15% reduction)
    :arrow_right: 41.4375s of uninterrupted healing to charge Valkyrie.

And this is why this change is hardly a buff.
Getting Valkyrie from healing is still longer than it was before the 50hps nerf.

What if I steal an apple, eat half this apple, and then give it back to the person I stole it and say “Isn’t it
A W E S O M E to have your apple back ?”

Because that’s what Jeff just said.



Nothing turned and you didnt give any arguments why Titanium is wrong.

How did the buff change that argument?


Because the devs agree with me and changed mercy exactly the way I wanted her to be changed. Mercy’s healing was changed to 60hps when she had mass rez, had no other way to heal teammates, and had to wait for her ultimate to charge to use rez. All these “nerfs” to Mercy aren’t actually nerfs. Mercy got the most buffs ever given to any hero with her initial rework. All the changes were necessary to balance Mercy with Valkyrie and rez on cooldown. If we compare old Mercy to ptr Mercy, rez on cooldown is a buff as good Mercy players usually used tempo rez anyway. Being almost unkillable in the air for 15 seconds, with double beam and GA range, multi-target beams, uninterruptible regen, and infinite ammo is a huge buff and a much better ultimate than mass rez ever was. Mercy almost has two ultimates now. The only thing you could say is bad about new mercy compared to old is that you found old Mercy more fun. The unfun argument is completely invalid. What about all the Mercy players that never played Mercy 1.0 or Mercy players that like Mercy the way she is now? Do you expect them to be ok with another rework or a revert? If you do, that is double standards. PTR Mercy benefits the entire Overwatch community, a revert to mass rez or another rework would only benefit people who want it. Some Mercy players have stopped playing the game because one hero was changed, while many more still play and enjoy her. Why should blizzard change the game for a minority or for people that don’t even play the game anymore?


Just like it was a double standard to rework her in the first place.

Alright this is pointless may others argue with you if they have fun doing so but I am out. Have a nice day and goodbye.


The rework was needed to make her a better hero for everyone, Blizzard just made the mistake of making her OP. Now they have balanced her.

I guess there was nothing you could say that could prove me wrong.


No its just pointless arguing with someone unable to grasp that 12 nerfs are actually indeed nerfs and nothing else.


“Overall, even tho we’ve had some of these heroes in the game since day one, we feel like it’s our responsibility to always look after both the players of these heroes and the people who are on the other side, which is our playerbase in its entirety, and make sure that everybody’s playing out as fun as possible.


You didn’t understand what I said before. Compared to Mercy 1.0, PTR Mercy is much better.


Many people who still play Mercy like her the way she is.


Oh yes I see and do understand your point of view I just happen to entirely disagree with that.


And many people liked her the way she was before this so called “extremely successful rework”.


That’s not my or Blizzard’s problem.


The rework benefits the majority of the community, including Mercy players like me.


Yours? Well of course not! Blizzard on the other hand… I mean it can lead to bad PR and less players overall in the end. Which would mean less people watching OWL and not spending money on the game anymore. So yes it could lead to a problem for them.