Why I Dislike the entire Symmetra Rework already

The bolded part should not be bound to a character buff or nerf. If I want to play the weakest character in the game, and my rank reflect my skill on that hero (ie, my winrate with that hero is ~50% or above it), I should not be flamed at character select screen because of that.

Also, I honestly don’t care if the hero I play is at top or bottom tier in competitive scene. All I care is if I have fun playing them, and if I’m good enough playing them that I know I’m not being a burden to my team. If that means I have to work double for half the results, so be it.


You’re totally entitled to your opinion. I can’t really engage in serious conversation with anyone that calls Symmetra “Sanjay”. Good luck in your future endeavors. :joy:

It’s a nice nickname, that reflects my stance on the rework swapping Symmetra to a whole new hero, and its much easier to type than “Sym 3.0” on mobile. But anyone with their own priorities, I guess.


Both of which will not be possible after the rework. Which justifies the move to defense. Thanks for agreeing.

It’s all subject to change wait till it’s on PTR to decide if you hate it or not

Not a good idea, for a bunch of reasons.

tl;dr: Once it hits PTR, you can bet the devs will not rein in the rework anymore.


I too hate the rework idea. I fear that Symmetra will become a must-pick. Her infinite wall ultimate sounds stupidly OP too.

People argued with Mercy’s rework that it was fine because her core abilities and kit were arguably the same. This is not the case for Symmetra.

Every single ability she has is being changed. Every single one. This is, by far, the worst idea Blizzard have had. I am not exaggerating when I say this should be a new hero. This new sym is nothing like the one we know.

Also, Blizz still seem to think its a wonderful idea to put an ultimate on CD.

Newsflash: last time that happened, it needed 8 consecutive nerfs. Well done, Blizzard. So smart.


But my disdain is at the very core of everything we’ve been given and the fact that this rework would have made a badass NEW hero for this game instead they decide to all out change the old hero.

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How could it possibly be OP, it sounds like a great way to engage into fights and also some pre-fight damage with the “static barrier” I assume means once you make contact with it, it shocks you like Winston’s primary except with less damage

The goal of the reworks for Torb and Sym is too make sure EVERY hero can be viable for both sides of the battle(attacking and defending)

The only problem is that she was never a support. She had no buffs to give her team, ie speed boost, damage amp, healing, armor.
The closet thing she had was shield gen but that was an ultimate that was easily shutdown.

To make her a support it would require.
1 - Her secondary fire generated an aura that granted 75 shield to all allies in range until it was destroyed or the cool-down reset- 20 seconds.

2- turrets changed to shield wells that either provide a personal Winston barrier with 200 hp or provided 25 shield withing a 4m range non stack able.

  1. her throw able shield changed to stationary with the same ammount of health and a longer cool-down.

Then she would have been a decent support.

that’s a very stupid reason to change a hero into a new hero.
Even disregarding the fact that this scews around with the whole “we value our heroes identities” this is a blatant slap in the face to everyone who learned Sym in her other incarnations, even her damn beams are being changed. an entirely new skillset will be needed.

all of this
I for one actually tried presenting the idea that we give Sym a new gun mode (switched to with the gun swap button) where her offence is what we have now and her defence is a pocket shield gen that caps at 150 or something and then vanishes when she takes the beam off.
this combined with other buffs the devs are making for slower death ball style builds and Sym could easily become an A or B tier staple of the Death Ball strat

  1. The only people who have a problem with this can’t aim lol.
  2. How about you try it before you complain?
  3. It makes perfect sense. Roles should do what they say they do.
  4. You live in fear of past mistakes? What a horrible way to live.

I’m thinking maybe they’re moving sym to defense because they’re gonna make another hero that focuses on shields the same way Brigitte does armor. Notice how they eliminated the ability to give shields to people on the proposed new symmetra.

Maybe a couple of heroes from now we’ll get a support hero who’s kit revolves around shields

Proper buffs was the answer to her problems not an overhaul rework that essentially deletes Symmetra from the game.

Maybe her rework should’ve just gave her some utility that allows her to do her job as a melee hero, like an escape ability.

It takes her 33 seconds to get and place her 6 turrets that winston can delete in 1 sec. maybe buffing her turrets or giving her something that does the same job with more consistency.

Her teleporte/shield gen is almost impossible to keep up, maybe fix that by giving sym more viable way to protect them or make them harder to destroy.

moving ults into cd and changing primary fire into something else isn’t an innovative way of fixing a hero, it just says “we don’t know what to do with that hero and we’re just trying some random stuff and hoping for the best” That’s literally the vibes i got from the devs when they started talking about sym rework.

nvm the mega threads giving out tons of ideas on how to make sym better without changing her core design, nah, that’s just broken stuff. let’s just delete her and create a mini zarya in her place.

You have to ask yourself though: is it worth keeping part of her identity even though it was hated by SO many people, and also held sym back as a viable character? Lore wise her lock on beam isn’t emphasized as important (I don’t even think she uses it in the comic).

And let’s be honest, her move to defense was just a formality. No one would ever switch out a healer for sym before this change.

That relies on two assumptions:

1 - People will stop hating her with this rework. That is not guaranteed. Eg, People still hates Junkrat and Hanzo after their respective reworks/buffs.

2 - That Symmetra is not currently viable. I 100% agree she is not viable in OWL, but thinking she is not viable in ladder is basically ignoring all data we have from her. Her winrate is consistent through all tiers (and since game launch, she have top win rate from all heroes in all ranks), we have plenty of GM and a few Top 500 players that main her (thus, providing proof that she is viable at the top tier), and her numbers are not extremely out of average in bronze (unlike, eg, Junkrat pre-buff).


I mean you’re right, people will always complain. But at least they can’t call you no skill. And there’s no denying just how situational a pick she was.

As for her pick rate on the ladder you’re also correct that she’s not as bad as owl makes her seem. But her rework could make her MORE viable. I’d like to see that.

We haven’t even tried her out yet. We don’t know what’s going to make it through and what won’t, as well as what will and won’t be changed afterwards.

And you base this on… what? Is it merely your opinion?
The recognizable trait about every single character has always been (and will always be) the shape of the character model. It’s why Moira runs the way she does (they all move differently and sound different when moving), and why all skins for one character will have a similar-ish shape to them, so the enemy team can easily recognize the hero. It has nothing to do with primary fire, and we can learn to easily recognize new types of fire.

The description of the teleporter sounds like it will give Sym’s team more mobility than they’ve ever had. Finally, Ana will be able to get into sniping nests, turrets will have the best placements, you’ll be able to get people from one place to another without them having to die first. It’s way more versatile than what teleporter has always been in the past… a delayed resurrect. I never much liked the old teleporter because teleports would often be wasted by people taking the quick way back when there was no immediate need.

I really don’t mind this change. The biggest point of a defense hero is the ability to lock down areas of passage, and Sym has always been great at that. Her turrets are designed for that.

Goodness no. The last thing we want is for an ability that changes cooldown time for another hero, because the only thing it would ever be used for is to reduce resurrect CD time. Also, Lucio originally has an ult that slowed everyone down except him, and they found that the ability wasn’t fun for all players involved. Also, Sym’s turrets do have a ‘slow’ effect to them when grouped.

We’ve already done part of this for Symmetra. Instead of granting shields individualy, the way she used to, we gave her a shield generator, and the new ability of projectile barrier. Granted, this is the one change I don’t feel too happy about, just one massive shield as an ult. But I’d still want to see it in battle before judging it.

I think you’re setting too much in store by the idea that this is going to be terrible, when it could turn out that you’ll love the new Sym. Just relax and give it some time, buddy.