Why I Dislike the entire Symmetra Rework already

I have a few reasons for not liking it both from a standpoint of the precident and the fact that it just seems uninspired.

  1. A hero’s primary fire should not, I repeat SHOULD NOT ever be altered to an extreme, I don’t care what you think about this auto aim, a hero’s primary fire is the sacred ground that should always be recognizeable
  2. The description of new Teleporoter means that the reticle for placing the exit will function the same as Shadowstep, I would not wish such a buggy and inconsistent function on any other hero,
  3. Moving Sym to defence instead of keeping her as a support sets a precident that tells us that we won’t be seeing any non healing supports, somethign I feel is very limitting in the long run, I for one would love to see the time alterer who’s built on supporting the team by slowing enemies or speeding up cooldowns, or some other ability just something in the support category that is pure utility, and moving Sym to defence sets the precident that that is not what a support is.
  4. Last time we change an ability to an ult and an ult into an ability we got six monthes of the most frustrating meta in the games history that left the hero in question an unfun mess. I don’t wish that same fate upon symmetra.

She always was defence, I get the feeling they just put her in the support bracket to fill out the numbers.


She was always meant to be utility

SHe has teleporter
Her turrets primary function is slowing enemies
Her original build also featured the ability to grant shields to allies.


I feel that Doomfist would be the exception.


No, I’d never outright "change’ is fire,

Screw with the numbers all you want but Doomfist will always have a barrellling fist that propels him foward.


Oh is it on PTR now?

No I’m just responding to the details we were given

I’m talking about his gun hand.

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but we get a huge wall to defend against ults

I don’t think there’s any reason to change that either

Mei would like to have a word.
Also cool mechanic, why not save it for a new hero? Like say a second utility support?


Everything by design.

Yo thanks!
Well it’s not that buggy when I’m teleporting out of trouble after Wraith Forming in.

I think the community has Reaper’s engagement tools mixed up. Or I just play different 'cause I’m a lefty.

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mei is like my part-time mein…

it’s so satisfying defending my team from road hooks and ults :blush:

A huge wall that extends across the map… so the enemy can just spam the wall from a safe area and make short work of it before pushing the point. Or, you know, walk through it.

Besides, her photon barrier was just as good for ult denial. And it is much more readily available.




eVrEry ThInG bY dESiGn


Bring it. I’ve faced worse as Symmetra. She’s OP if you can think and play her like an Off-tank and like a wasp that infests the hive of another wasp and then sets up turrets and stuff.


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Her turrets are area denial, her teleporter helped players travel from their spawn which was only really viable for defense (and occasional sneaky offense attack), and in her original iteration at launch she manually provided allies with shields. even now she has a defensive shield and a shield generator as an alternate ult. She ironically was probably the most fitting of the defense category.


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