Why have you stopped playing Overwatch?

If you have quit or have temporarily left Overwatch, why did you?

Here’s my reason. Well it’s several reasons.

The most obvious reason I stopped playing was because I started watching Naruto, and I am now addicted.

The main driving force keeping me from going back to the game right now is because of the way Mercy is being treated. Knowing Blizzard they’re gonna do what to Mercy what hey did to Ana. Will be irrelevant for a year and a half.

A secondary reason is just how stressful the game has been since I’ve been hovering in High Plat and Low Diamond. Damn I mean these games just suck the life force out of me.

And in Quick Play and Mystery Heroes I get paired with Silvers and Gold who don’t know how to counter Bastion and Torb.

It might be some time before i return to this game.


Destiny. I just started up a hunter in that game, which I will carry over into Destiny 2. So much fun! :smile:

I have not quit, but I have been playing significantly less and getting much more frustrated than I ever have before. I still want to like the game.

For me the rise of CC and the increased popularity of CC heavy characters is just making the game unbearable to play. I’m a tank main and understand that it is better if I’m the one hit by the CC as I am most likely to survive, but at a certain point, I just want to play the game too.


I only play a couple of games a month because I am a completely average player that constantly gets matched against Master+ players.

It’s insanely discouraging to me that the game consistently matches me, an average player that only plays very rarely, with highly skilled people that have played the game every day since it came out.

It’s not just every once in a blue moon, it’s every single time I attempt to play the game.

I have no motivation to continue playing a game where my opponents outskill me so much I have only a tiny sliver of hope of winning each match.

Part of my feels like if I just keep playing and losing, the matchmaker will eventually see it’s putting me in unfair matches and lower its expectations, but that just doesn’t sound like a fun or useful use of my time.

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Day by daylight
Life is strange
Saints row IV re-elected
having no fun with Brigitte around
My ps4 controller is kinda broke for L2

i am at work and i think work would not be real happy with me playing

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I still play a lot. I just have been playing less recently because my little brothers have moved on to fortnite and I like hanging out with them online.

Still playing like… 1-2 level ups a day… would prolly be more if the game balance wasn’t as much of a mess as it is right now. If at least the default way of playing was “taking the game seriously and trying to win” I might have found myself still enjoying it as much.


I just move to something else when nothing interesting is happening (even though I still post on the forums regardless)

We are not supposed to play Overwatch forever even if you are a fan! There are loads of new games coming out now and tbh overwatch is 2 years old and it makes sense that many players will be bored and look for something else.

Better question: Why are you skulking around boards for a game you’ve quit? (not aimed at anyone in specific)

I haven’t quit, but I have considered it. I haven’t been playing Competitive as much though. That is due to teams constantly throwing or playing like it is QuickPlay & repeated toxicity.

I do have fun still in Arcade modes, like Low Gravity, Total Mayhem, Capture the Flag and Unlimited Heroes. I like QuickPlay to get more familiar with characters.

Last time I played Overwatch was first day of summer games. Then I just stopped.

I don’t know why,people like brig or DK were never a problem to me and I hardly see ran into any toxic players.

I guess it’s just the lack of content. I got bored. I want something more fresh…

Oh and the devs. Don’t even get me started on the devs.

I’m still posting on Fourms and following Overwatch related things but my love for the game was disappeared. I wish the best for any players still playing.

(Spider-Man look good though no lie)


I guess I am just working on some other projects right now and don’t have much time to game. But I don’t bother to make much time to play it lately, because there hasn’t been enough new stuff. The new map that dropped will probably bring me back in for a few hours this week - but I hope Halloween isn’t as disappointing as Summer Games was - after SG my interest in this game began to plummet a bit -_- (it’s still my favorite game)

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A Junkrat bug that still hasn’t been fixed that punishes my high risk/high reward playstyle and makes him worse for the most skilled players.

Eh nothing really exciting has come out recently.

Might pick up again for Halloween cause I’m a [Blizz won’t let me do the old meme] for PVE events.

But things have just gotten stale and a bit boring.

Having fun goofing with playing other games and trying to get into Conan Exiles with my OW group of friends.

Slow balance patches. And when they finally do patch something, its usually more or less extremely disappointing.

Not only that but they dont know whether to balance the game for only the pros (nerfing the everloving s*it out of Mercy), or catering to the casual playerbase (Brigitte, Hanzo)

OWL has sucked the resorces from this game blatantly. The fanboys/girls are quick to defend it like a mob mentality, and it gets old quick.

The past event was the most disappointing thing ever. If the Halloween event is anything like Summer Games with microtransaction only skins taking up the event screen for a week, I’m done with this game.


Come on, the game isn’t that bad. You should come back and give it another cha…

Nevermind. We didn’t want your kind here anyway.

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I haven’t quit. I’m playing more than ever.

Have you gotten Forsaken? It is so sweet. Ace of Spades rocks in the Crucible.

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