Why have you not removed the losing SR if you crash?

While I’d normally argue for it letting you return before start, if you start a 2cp map on defense and do this, you probably lost the game for your team.

Solution: remove 2cp.

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What are you even talking about?

How do you lose the game for your team when you’re back before the doors even open?

If you’re gone until the attackers’ doors open on d in 2cp, you won’t make it to the point before it’s capped. 6:30 on point B is a loss 90% of the time.

To stop you crashing out when you are wanting to quit. Bad team comp? Crash out!
Game going poorly? Crash out.

they REALLY don’t want people doing this, and they super don’t want people who are unsure that their nertworking will work joining comp games.

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Because there’s no difference between a game crash and task manager-ing the game.

This rule is in place to prevent “queue dodging” which is an act to avoid the match if you don’t like a certain player, map chosen, or the team composition. Furthermore, penalizing disconnections and crashes help deter players from attempting to play Competitive and instead focus on resolving their technical problem. Once the match cancellation sequence triggers, a 10-second timer is displayed to simply alert remaining players the match will shut down (as a courtesy to them, not for the player who crashed).

Details of these policies can be found here:

If you need help troubleshooting your crash, please review these starting troubleshooting steps or start a new post in the technical discussion forum for further assistance.


But I was back in the game before the doors even opened. Why should I get -50 SR for something that had no affect on the outcome of the game?

This was after the first round, we were standing around waiting in the spawn room for the second round to start and OW crashes on me then started OW again, back in before the doors opened, -50 SR. There’s no reason I should be penalized when the doors aren’t even open yet.

So you just need to pull the plug when ever you don’t like the current map or what your teammates pick?

Do you read posts before you press reply?

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Oh, the 50sr loss for that is bull, don’t get me wrong. Totally you shouldn’t get done in for that.

This would include someone leaving right after the game started. There are 2 options. Option 1 … you were back within 2min in which case you should not have lost SR and the game should have continued. If this is the case, you losing SR was a bug and most likely was a 1 time thing … **** happens. Option 2 … you needed more than 2min to come back in which case the system worked as intended. 2min is a fair time for people to come back and you can’t expect people to wait longer just because it’s in between rounds. Most of the time, especially when you lost the 1st round anyway, some people will instantly leave after 2min.

You get SR lose if you leave and join back in time but it goes from -50 SR lose to -25 SR lose.

Exactly. I’ve had 5 minute power outages, and I came back before round one ended. It should check whether you left perminently, such as if you have a half hour power outage.

Because you left the game before the 2 (or is it 1?) minute mark, which cancels the game automatically.

5 minutes puts your team at a SEVERE disadvantage.


This happened in the waiting period for second round, the game won’t get cancelled if someone leaves at that point. I was back before the doors opened, still get SR penalty.

Sorry, that was worded wrong. I meant this as a for instance, so please don’t take this seriously.

Maybe they should make it two minutes Before the penalty kicks in?

You can’t dodge anything if they DONT CANCEL THE MATCH.

And you were not able to rejoin? Unless the match cancels in the immediate start of the first round, a disconnected player has two minutes to return and not be penalized (and should still be able to return even after two minutes, but will still take the penalty). If so that either means that round ended by the time you logged back in (possible if the conditions of the match were in a way that only one team fight was needed to win.) or there was a bug, which at that point, if you can share a replay code, it would be appreciated.

sr means skill rating

( R )ating