Why don't they try max 2 healer max 2 tank role?

I feel you. Plus all the toxicity from your own team: “HEAL???MOREQUESTIONMARKS” or “You only did xk / x% healing? You so bad LMAO”.

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You basically want to go back pre role queue with extra limits for Tank and Support but not for DPS? LOL :face_vomiting:

Besides the clear bad part of your idea, you forget about the separated SR’s that are really good for the game IMO. Being able to be assessed better in one role instead of being assessed with all the roles included is what makes it easier to climb and to get better at one role. I hope Blizzard will never listen to ideas like that.


Nah the problem with role que simply comes from bad balance and lack of tank options. 2 things that can easily be improved.

The misery came from multi dps comps ruining a team oriented game imo


You are a funny person.

That is a funny way of writing tilt and report you for switching off support.

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I don’t want to end up as a sole healer and trying to keep 5 DPSes alive again.

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I think Max 3 DPS, Max 2 tank, and Max 3 support would be better. At the very least a 3-2-2 Max amount

Really loving that 3rd one
Also these were the most popular pre role queue comps

So you’ve literally never been in a game where someone goes “Oh man we need a Mei, I’m not good at Mei.” and then you, the healer, go “Oh I can play Mei,” and they say “Great, swap when you die and I’ll go heals.” -? Because I can think of several games where some iteration of that has happened. Is it super common? No, especially not anymore, but I could say for sure it has happened way more than once.

It’s amazing how fun the game can be when you don’t show up assuming that just because you play tank or healer you’re the freakin’ Pope or something by contrast to those disgusting DPS players. You’re all players. You’re all playing the same game. Stop acting like playing one character or another character or one role over another role somehow makes you saintly, you’re just looking foolish.

Except if this was true, then most games before role wouldn’t have been play with 1 tank or fewer.

This is just going back to people stubbornly picking what they want regardless and acting like they arn’t a significant part of why role queue is now a thing.

You not being willing to take responsibility for your share in the need for role queue (because they wouln’t have added it if it wasn’t needed, just like the possible change to 1-3-2 wouldn’t be looked at if it wasn’t) doesn’t mean you arn’t partially responsible.

You just want whats best for you, again.

This looks like a big brain move, but i think we should limit the DPS to 3.
So you are guaranteed to get either 2 tanks or 2 healers for sustain.

Dont like the idea of ending role Q tho…
I like being a bronze DPS and climbing the other roles

Not often, I’ve had a few games where I’ve switched from support because we needed a particular hero, and got reported for it, since I was the only support.

The rosy picture people paint of pre roleQ days never match up to my own experiences.

Mostly it was playing chicken in the spawn room to see if we were going out without any tanks or supports.

Because that was the threat.

I’d 100% be behind a LFG rebuilt to make it good though. Then sure, you can remove roleQ.

A better solution would be to allow 3 DPS players max. And you can mix and match supports and tanks any way.
That keeps players from jumping to DPS the first team fight lost and leaving the team with no header or tanks.
The issue begins again when people insta lock this 3dps slots.
Could be fixed with a DPS role q wait to fill in those 3 slots. And the tanks and supports won’t have to Q up in that wait.
This is coming from a dps main.