Why don't they try max 2 healer max 2 tank role?

Instead of doing this dumb 1-3-2 comp, why not just make max 2 healers and max 2 tank comp?

This allows:
and of course

And before you start jumping up and down remember these are options no one says you have to play all 6 dps, you could still play 2-2-2 all you want.

Role Que would END, simply select the heros at the screen and you can switch at any time in the game assuming at no time you had more than 2 healers and more than 2 tanks.



Lol where is the option to limit dps too?


I think this defeats the reason why 2 2 2 was introduced in first place. It was to stop cheese comps.


by this trend and player count and how it works with player’s psychology, even if you limit max 4 dps player, it still wont work lol. the problem’s within a large crowd of players, not the game itself

Limit DPS is the problem with role que, you just basically said where will the misery be with this setup.

Exactly gone.

Well the problem with the game wasn’t the tanks or healers, it was the dps. Where have you been? Its ALWAYS been about the dps.

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Only reason role que exists is to stop goats comp. ONLY REASON


Then make lfg good.

Give us a few templates we can save, and a button to queue us for a game using that template.

No captains, no placing what is obviously just a bunch of ransoms vs a six stack, no time between team creation and game just a good working lfg.

Then YOU can 3-5/x/x your heart out if you can find supports and tanks who want to do the same.

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Or 1,1,1. One min on every class but no limit on its max.

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As long as they fix lfg to be good, fine.

Right now, the damage is focused on doing one job and only one job. Support and Tank roles have far more perks and similar outputs to the Damage role such that, having more than 2 tends to unbalance the game, hence the dominant popularity of the GOATS meta.

If you’re in a 6v6 game where everyone is playing damage, it’s not really any different from Unreal or Quake or other traditional FPSes.

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I understand all that but you are forgetting that the majority of players dont want more than 2 dps per game. We take away a tank or a healer spot for a dps, and that’s totally not worth it.

That’s like trading half of your food for more guns when the first 2 guns did the job before perfectly fine.

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So like… Almost exactly what we had before

Honestly, if they’re gonna shake up role queue they may as well remove it.

I feel like tank players will absolutely hate whatever meta arrives because there’s gonna be that one best, two workable tanks and the rest go to trash.

And with that, there’ll probably be a burst pocket and dps pocket. I can already see it, lucio and Ana, or lucio zen. Something that can survive against getting ganged up on by a bunch of dps while limited focus on heals. Brig would be absolutely miserable to play, mercy could probably stay alive but get raged at while dps are dying to the insane burst damage in the game left over from the balance changes to deal with goats… just

With a combo that specific it’s going to alienate a lot of the very limited support/tank roster just to make dps players feel more included.

Favoring dps in comps is just ehhh… I’d say keep the individual role sr but remove the role lock.

Role que wasnt just to kill GOATS (or even primarily to kill goats) it was to avoid lopsided games for players.
I dont wanna be the tank on a 1-3-2 team going against the 2-2-2.

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Were that the case, they themselves would pick up a Support or Tank hero and play with the intent of being a teamplayer, but in most cases, that’s not happening often. And it’s clear even now, the queues are heavily skewed towards a singular role.

Part of this may be due to the lack of tutorials and in-game information instructing players on what tanks and supports are supposed to do, or it could be a case of popularity and choice.

Another possibility would be to split the damage role back into “offense” and “defense” roles and see which ones players are picking more and figure out why.

As it is, Overwatch was not originally designed with the intention of 3 tank/3 support compositions and having this composition being tournament viable with little to no counterplay. It was intended that heroes from Offense and Defense roles would effectively play against each other and being advantageous against one another in each of their effective roles. Blizzard merged the roles, either because of the playerbase’s own confusion by what “defense” meant or because players weren’t so concerned about the names of the roles.

None of the above is meant to favor the idea of the topic creator, but argue possibilities. As it stands right now, Overwatch is going to remain on the decline until its sequel, the current queue can stand up against these criticisms and insights, but by the time Overwatch 2 rolls in, Blizzard needs to have made sure that whatever issues are present with the role queue are adequately dealt with.

Dude, people are egotistical self serving people, especially young people. They literally can’t help it.

The issue with tanks is simple. There is no swag playing tank. They don’t look good at all, not a single sexy tank that’s not fat 99% of the time like dva. People are so desperate for cuteness they latch on to dva and just wont let go no matter how crap she or, or how disrespectful it must seem picking dva in high elo matches. People give up the giving sides of themselves to serve themselves.

What blizzard has to do is make SHIELD tanks self serving than they are now
How? Make they look coolers, kids really really really care how cool they look. They will play trash just to feel cool while playing trash, just look at the dva mains.

They should make tanks more MOBILE and take mobility away from dps. Kids like going really really fast while they play. Either outside or in game, kids feel the endorphin hits when they move fast. And if they get a kill because they can move fast but their opponent can’t, they wont we it as an unfair match up, only “skill”.

They should play up the vanity and ego of shield tanks, giving them special awards for playing shield tanks, special borders or skins, more potg going to tank plays I stead of random dps stuff.
Blizzard could pay popular streamers to softly manipulate people into thinking tanking is soooooo fun and only “the most skilled” can handle holding a shield straight.

Or we can wait for the people to grow up and play the game as a team, learning to play that shield tank, and having clear rewards for queuing as a tank

I think this would be a better quick term solution than restricting roles - the more I think about it, the more I realize that my frustration in the game currently is often that I am trapped in a role when swapping would truly benefit the team or lend us more chance to win. Especially since I have been in MANY games where we swap roles, say someone realizes that Mei is a necessary tool because they have hammond, so you have your healer that plays mei a lot swap and a dps goes to healer on the next death or swap opportunity. Being trapped in the role that I signed up for for the duration of the match is somehow WAY more psychologically bothersome to me than I expected it to be, and I’ll be the first to admit that I was advocating a 222 role lock front and center.

But seeing the dev team work so hard to get 321 in PTR and TRYING to solve this, I dunno, I feel a bit like my pessimism in the past MIGHT need to fade off a bit. I do genuinely want Overwatch to succeed as a game, and they are clearly at this point in time trying to figure out a real solution. I don’t know what it is, but ~ something’s gotta give. We need to find a good way to experience the game again, either through additional social features (I need SO many more avoid slots just so I can avoid the trolls) or putting a cap on quantity- heck I’d love to give hero bans a try and let each team vote on like one hero to ban for their enemy team or something like that and just see what that’s like.

I’m glad that they are at least still trying things. I hope that they’re able to find a solution, because I really miss playing the game =/

I mean if we arent doing 222 then we might as well go back to what we were before. You can pray to the gods you get a healer, and laugh in excitement when you get so.e playing Rein or Orisa. That’s how it used to be, me healing a bunch of dps that do NOT care about the tank or the healer on their team, only getting kills or trying to flank.

Is that what people really want?

I don’t think we have to ‘go back to what we had before’, just because 222 role lock wasn’t the perfect solution doesn’t mean we should stop trying to solve the problem altogether.

Largely the problem in games are balance oriented because when you stack too many tanks or too many healers together they become too powerful. By having a limit of how many of these types of characters you CAN potentially have, it frees up the overall balance of the game in a huge way without restricting players to one role for an entire game, thus giving you the chance to actually win matches more often.

I cant tell you how many times I have played a game lately as a healer or dps and known that if I could just swap to one or the other at any given time we could win - but because I’m trapped there, we end up not doing nearly as well. I think the freedom to swap in Overwatch is meant to be a huge part of the game, too.

Overall, I think the additional social features Blizzard should be developing - a guild system ! - would solve the ‘well no one wants to play tank and my game is mostly dps’ problem, because if we were actually encouraged rather than punished as players to play with people we know, we could police each other; no one would want to keep a selfish or jerky guildmate, they’d find themselves ostracized and only ever able to solo q. It would solve a lot of problems, but require more infrastructure on Blizzard’s end, so it wouldn’t be a fast fix by any means like just putting a cap on how many tanks or healers you can have in a match.