Why does "requiring aim" justify Widow being OP?

Her requiring “aim” in an ability-based game should not justify her being OP and receiving nothing but slap on the wrist nerfs that get reverted a few months later. A game should not be decided on who has the better Widowmaker that can sit perched up across the map and freely one-shot someone and grapple away to her team the second shes contested by someone that isn’t another Widowmaker.

This is Overwatch not Call of Duty there’s no reason why Widowmaker needs to make that much of an impact in matches considering she’s viable 99% of the time no matter what meta.




They dont balance game only for balance reasons, there is also image part in it.

Symmetra is no one, you can rework her. Widow, Tracer and Genji are poster heroes, must be careful


I mean, she isn’t OP so the question is moot.


you have got to be kidding me. one shot on a primary every 0.8 seconds from long long range with a scope and free escape tool every 12 seconds , she’s getting her kills handed to her where as other heroes actually have to yknow do the same thing she does but moreso


Any time that someone says something like this I immediately stop taking them seriously.


Honestly, I find it hard to define what she does as aim. It’s flick shotting, which is a different skillset. Not a worse one, but a different one. Tracking in my mind take more “aim”.

Like a movie sniper. Aim usually is following a target’s mov3ement carefully and taking a shot. Flicking is a very different thing.
For clarification, Heroes with harder to hit projectiles take more “aim”, but nobody seems to argue in their favor. Like Mei right click. That takes way more aim, but doesn’t instakill most people.


their point was correct and factual you’re just closed minded , and can’t be bothered to see that widow is an abhorrent issue and this game IS IN FACT not a traditional FPS but a MOBA

if it wasn’t the comparison you woulda found something else


ashe and widows needs less hp or less ammo or longer reload times.


Don’t bother, they’re ignoring this post remember? Or will they continue being a keyboard warrior?

Big paragraph incoming?


they could never swallow their pride and walk away. their coming back


Another argument that is founded upon a total lack of understanding of what a shooter is and the numerous different versions of this that have been tried over decades of game design.

Ever hear of Tribes? Team fortress? Day of Defeat?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

Having heroes/classes with abilities does not make a game NOT a shooter.

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ah yes , insults and pettiness. I’ve played shooters since I was born. overwatch is completely unique from almost any other game out there. they have room to make choices for the health of this game and stray off the beaten path of traditional shooters. which this game was never intended to be


Being a posterchild isn’t the protection you might think it is.

Mercy is literally the game’s posterchild for the support category, but that didn’t stop the devs from reworking her back in 2017.

It was so poorly recieved (especially among Mercy players) there was a mass exodus of players quitting the game.

The ‘support main’ population at the time freaking cratered because of how unpopular the new Mercy rework was, which had a disasterous a domino effect of burnout on many of the players that stayed. Especially on tank mains. The “Support Main Exodus” after Mercy’s rework made the later “Tank Main Exodus” a lot worse.

The game’s player numbers never really recovered from that.

Tracer, Widow and Genji trancend mere “poster child” status - They’ve basically been cast as the “main characters” of the Overwatch League.

To the OWL flunkies, everyone else is a “side character” at best. At worst, everyone else is a glorified gadget/weapon mod for the “main characters” to use.


Couldnt have wrote it better myself. People need to understand that Overwatch is a game that HAS FPS ASPECTS! It however is MORE about ABILITY USAGE.

The DPS role should be a mix of abilities and aim combined with positioning. It would be unfair to only require aim out of the DPS players.

  • Master Soldier main. Who btw has never played an fps before this game. Overwatch is special lets keep it that way.

I completely agree personally but unfortunately the dev team for Overwatch seems to have the opposite opinion as of late, which might explain a lot of the more recent balance changes and lack there of on certain hero’s. This was from the last AMA just a few months back when asked about the Power Creep discussion. The last part in particular strikes a chord with this conversation though:

Courtesy of Wyoming for putting together a thread with all the devs answers together.

Take from it what you will. Less Moba doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of Moba elements all together. But more FPS is definitely concerning in respect to a hero like Widow who’s character design thrives in an FPS setting, but can be oppressive to the Moba aspects and hero’s of the game.


I agree with this but I don’t think barriers are the solution either. I think we can find a way to make: Brig, doom, winston, rein, genji and all other none typical fps chars viable without having a barrier meta.

We had dive and rein zarya meta without hitscan dominating the whole field. It was a place where everyone just kinda did their own thing (before brig was added).

I think we can find this direction again if we just nerf ashe and widow a bit more. Their chars are very clearly not something that should have such high impact in damage just due to aim.

Season 4, yeah. I remember it well. Post Ana 100% heal boost nade nerf, but then they completely crippled triple tank after they nerfed her damage which sent us into nothing but dive. I still say that’s the most balanced the game ever was for the few weeks it lasted.

I started season 6 so im not really sure what it was like. But i do know people told me thats why brig got released in the first place.

I think the game is in a decent place right now, but widow and ashe nerfs pls. its not a new issue either. Its just become more apparent as double shield and goats is gone.

Because its gone widow and ashe with the buffs (no her two nerfs isnt enough) become broken…

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Widow might be OP, however I do think something requiring aim is what what makes it balanced; what gives it inconsistency that lowers the value.

For example, McCree would be broken if he landed every shot for 140 damage. But because he has to aim for headshots, it lowers the value way more from its inconsistency, making it balanced.

Aim is a skill and I acknowledge that, but Widow gets way too much value even for how inconsistent she may be