Why does Pharah have Ana’s last name?

Wait, now I’m confused. Pharah chose to take Ana’s last name? So, she has both of her parents last names and chose to use only Ana’s, or she had another last name and changed it to be only her mother’s?

(or she came out of her mother and said: “Amari is my last name, and I’ll protect the inocent!”)


It’s not a big deal, just uncommon in most parts of the world. I don’t think she has her father’s surname.

Thank you so much for the insight!

did ana and sam get divorced when pharah was still a child/pre-teen and she had to chose between her parents and she chose ana thus pharah choosing her mothers last name?

I’m questioning the fact that the last name was Pharah’s choice, not her parents.

For exemple: In my full name I have both my parents last names, but for my professional name I use only my father’s because my name is already too long as it is.
So, I’m questioning if it’s a similar situation.

Maybe when Pharah was younger she used Sam’s last name, for safety reasons(during the omnic crisis). But after she became an adult, enlisted in the Egyptian army or when Ana “died” she changed it to Amari to honor her lineage. (Because we know that she comes from a lineage of decorated soldiers)

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Lore! It’s better than water!

Don’t tell me to swap off Widow,


I’m honestly just happy to hear any lore at all tbh.

feed us these crumbs oh yes


Pharah most likely took her mothers last name a looong time ago most likely as a child Then again we don’t know when she split from Sam. Ana seemed to have been a single mother for a while so i am guessing not too long after Pharah was born Sam left and then she took her mothers last name. Maybe this was done by Ana?

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Hmm but he said that Pharah chose it, not Ana. That kinda sounds like she did it when she was a bit older not just a kid

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Oh true fam. Guess it shows she still loves her mom then despite all that happened.

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When my cousin was younger, she had her father’s last name. When she got older, she had it changed to her mother’s. I guess that’s what happened. I’m sure it’s nothing against her father, but if I was the child of a legendary Overwatch hero, I’d probably want their last name too.

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Is something wrong in the family?

Just that is a bit unusual but then Pharah also calls her Dad his real name as well instead of just Dad

Pharah calls her dad Sam and dad. If something bad happend in Amari family, that only happend by Ana or/and Sam. Pharah behave to her dad and mom equally.

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Were they ever even married?

“Relationships don’t work out so well for us, do they?” Ana said, unconsciously running her thumb over where her wedding ring used to be.

This line from Bastet shows that Ana and Sam were married before, but we don’t know if she stopped wearing it because she divorced him or because the world thought she was dead.

Ya, but that’s Bastet. A story that only has some serious issues with canon. TBH I keep expecting Blizz to over right it at some point.

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Idk, it could just be that she didn’t grow up as close to him? I call my dad by his first name when not referring to him to strangers (cos that would be confusing for them), but I pretty much only saw him on weekends after the first half of my childhood. I don’t hate him or anything, it’s just… kind of become the norm? My brothers do the same. I’m not sure what really prompted the change but there you have it.

Regarding the whole surname thing, the only reason Pharah choosing her mother’s last name is questionable would be because of the age involved.

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Such as? Regardless of your opinion, it still counts as canon.


Last name can be entirely up to what the Mother decides.

Maybe she did it cuz Ana’s last name sounded better than Sam’s. Which is usually the reason. Maybe her parnets though “Amari goes better with Fareeha than, I dunno, Pinkerton”, or whatever Sam’s last name is.

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