Why does Pharah have Ana’s last name?

The lead writer tweeted saying it’s Ana’s last name though!

As in, it’s specifically Ana’s? Do you have a link to that tweet? If so, hit me with it.

When I was born my mom had a different last name than my dad bc when they got married my mom kept her old name since she had other kids w/ a past husband and wanted to keep the same last name as the kids/my half siblings. So when I was born the hospital gave me the last name of my moms ex husband(and her last name) on accident instead of my dads last name lol I’m told it was awkward and funny. But my mom told me that hospitals give newborns the same last name as their mom, which isn’t what i thought before she told me that because it always seems like kids take their dads last name

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This is pretty common. I don’t see how this is surprising now a days but I guess some people may not be exposed to this reality in their community? Some cultures prob still think not taking the father surname is taboo.

Canada is also pretty progressive and Ana is one bad-as Mama so it seems pretty logical.

This was in response to a question asking if Amari was Ana’s name or Pharah’s father’s (Sam’s) surname.


Pharah chose to take her mother’s last name.


I am the first heart like. No one can take this from me.

Why on Earth would she do that? Why’d ya have to make it weird? Lol


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Honor her mother maybe.

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Maybe after Ana’s “death”? IDK

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That was my thoughts. Ana did fake her death for years.

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Yeah it took me a moment because I forgot Ana was dead there for minute. :sweat_smile: And changing your last name in adulthood to a parent’s sounded pretty strange outside of a context like that.


Wait, now I’m confused. Pharah chose to take Ana’s last name? So, she has both of her parents last names and chose to use only Ana’s, or she had another last name and changed it to be only her mother’s?

(or she came out of her mother and said: “Amari is my last name, and I’ll protect the inocent!”)


It’s not a big deal, just uncommon in most parts of the world. I don’t think she has her father’s surname.

Thank you so much for the insight!

did ana and sam get divorced when pharah was still a child/pre-teen and she had to chose between her parents and she chose ana thus pharah choosing her mothers last name?

I’m questioning the fact that the last name was Pharah’s choice, not her parents.

For exemple: In my full name I have both my parents last names, but for my professional name I use only my father’s because my name is already too long as it is.
So, I’m questioning if it’s a similar situation.

Maybe when Pharah was younger she used Sam’s last name, for safety reasons(during the omnic crisis). But after she became an adult, enlisted in the Egyptian army or when Ana “died” she changed it to Amari to honor her lineage. (Because we know that she comes from a lineage of decorated soldiers)

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Lore! It’s better than water!

Don’t tell me to swap off Widow,


I’m honestly just happy to hear any lore at all tbh.

feed us these crumbs oh yes