Overwatch Blizzard/Developer Post Directory - Last Updated: 9/12/2019

Hello everyone, all posts and released content from the last few day are caught up! Thanks everyone for your patience.

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Hello, im indian. Im not native speaker. Sorry for that. I dont live here for a long time yet.

Symmetra. I play her 2000 hours from 7 otp accounts. From 2500 to 3500.


  1. Lowest pickrate on overbuff.
  2. 200 hp vs 250 hp that have all melee dps.
  3. Window between tp increase 7.5x from 2 sec to 15. But she cant be taxi cauze 5 meters buff can save only 5 sec for those who run from base. And main reason, thats all “taxi” tp need to be broken, cauze sym in high elo must use tp for herself to stay alive.
  4. Nerf slower effects x3.

You just want sym to have 0% pickrate in diamond-grandmaster vs 0.7% now?
Please listen voices from 4000 sr+ sym otp players! On twitch: just_stevooo (stevooo), slytradesman(Big_Succ), abandoned_tv, fenner, raihanow (thotist). We believe in our Blizzard. Im your fan till 2001. I live with your games.

Sigma’s bare feet are to draw on the old media trope about people in insane asylums.

go Myst go!! :tada::tada::tada:

btw, couldn’t find the last heard news on the “3rd social feature”


afaik this was the last heard news 10 months ago

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Michael Chu left the smallest of lore bits in the Story Discussion forum yesterday about Pharah:

I also got the upfront developer video update that specifically talks about Sigma up in the directory as well.


Sigma isn’t mentally ill.

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With 2-2-2 live why are t they trying to extinguish some of the fires? The forums are blazing.

Define “fires”.

Most of the technical issues had occurred earlier today have already been resolved.

The usual forum bickering.

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So many screaming 2-2-2 will kill the game and equal number of people saying it’s the best thing since Diablo immortal. It’s a very toxic mess.

Reminds me what happened about 3 years ago.

That being said everyone has the right to express their opinion. Of course if you see anything that breaks the forum code of conduct, please flag those posts.


The usual routine then. Carry on Ladies and Gents.

All of my Highlight save was erased. I had them yesterday and now i dont have none. I save them because they were good memory pls help me to get back my save highlights

Whenever a patch updates any highlights that haven’t been exported, are permanently lost.

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Can you guys make Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch competitive permanent? Because we are sick of losing because someone in the team dont do the job. At least when we play tdm there will be 4 people so its easy to control. And in deathmatch if you fail thats it you are the one at fault so no regrets. Please guys make Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch Competitive permanent.

please nerf bastion and torbiorn they are just to over powerd

Today’s posts about Role Queue from Scott Mercer have been updated into the directory. Furthermore, I have decided to split up the matchmaking and Role Queue discussion posts from the Competitive and Skill Rating Discussion posts and put them in their own section.

On a side note, to anyone seeing this post, I humbly request your feedback if you have found this Dev Post Directory useful as of late. While I do find every effort to maintain this directory important for my own purposes (as I try to cite most of my responses where appropriate), there may be a chance this project may have to come to an end. If you guys find this topic useful and wish for me to maintain it, please let me know.


Sorry, I don’t fully understand the Dev Post Directory. Not trying to be cheeky, I see a list of posts, but, directory of posts? Must be missing something.

I categorized and list developer responses based on subjects of discussion (Competitive, hero balance, game features, etc.) for easy searching when needing to cite a developer response into your own discussions.