Why does Mercy have help voice lines and Zenyatta doesn't?

Zenny is a strong, independent robot with balls of steel.


The only reason Mercy has the help lines is because she generally has the staff equiped. Her only damage is the dinky little pea shooter that she has to switch to. I think Zen help lines would be good to though because of his lack of mobility. Honestly I think Ana needs it more, even with sleep, if an enemy dives you its hard to stay alive.


I mean, there is a delay, and it can matter, especially if you have to switch back to heal someone who is low.


“Yo? Where is everyone? Getting shot at here!”


Zen doesn’t need “help”, do not humiliate him plz.


People tend to ignore those voicelines anyway. Mercys calling for help many times when flanked and people just going they merry way shooting to first red thing in sight.


Because Zenyatta is the One Who Knocks.


Speaking of which? What WOULD be his help lines?

“The enemy is focusing their malice on me.”
“Friends, help me to overcome this hardship.”
“Pain is challenging me. I will endure.”


“Getting kinda hot in here, guys.”
“Yo, you guys still with me?”
“Playing now: Not-feeling-so-good inc.”

“Critics everywhere…”
“If you want to stay healthy you should see to keeping me healthy as well.”
“Ignorance is getting into the way of my work yet again…”

“Help requested.”
“Cover me!”
“I am under attack!”

Like this, perhaps?


I could imagine Zenyatta saying “I require your attention!” in his monotone voice, or Ana saying “Assistance needed soldier!”


I’m worried about automatic voice lines. I play both Mercy and other characters so I can understand issues from both sides. From Mercy’s point of view, the voice lines seem to sometimes trigger at a stray bullet coming from Reaper on the other side of the room, and sometimes they don’t seem to happen at all despite me being shot right in the face. From other heroes’ point of view the callout is often lost in the sounds of battle (the range seems pretty small? Maybe I’m just filtering it out nowadays?) and hearing it doesn’t always mean Mercy is in actual danger because of the stray bullet problem I mentioned above.

Personally, I think, a better option would be to replace I need healing command of healers with Help me command that the players trigger manually through the use of menu or hotkey. It would mean that the Group up healer specific command that occurs when looking at a teammate would no longer be available but hey, maybe we could use the actual Group up command if we need it.

A Help me command would probably require maximum range, what good is to hear it when you’re on the other side of the map? Some people might be concerned about its misuse, but personally I think it has same amount of abuse potential as the I need healing command.

What sense does it make for healers to say they need healing when they’re the only ones who can hear it anyway? They don’t need heals, they need help!


“Don’t, Look, Don’t look, I leaked some Oil”
“The Iris is Fading, I need Assistance”
“I am about to be one with the Iris”
“So this is what pain feels like”


I have balls of steel…Balls of steel… balls… balls… balls

Also, it’d be nice to get an overhead icon to more easily locate the healer, like you do with the other commands.


They would be as useful as help call of Mercy I suppose. Still, can’t say no to more flavor from coming out from heroes!

Nice! That would be great.

It would be nice if “I need healing” would be replaced with “I need help” that the whole team can hear, instead of having automatic help lines.

I play a lot of Mercy, I hear her “Help me” voice line so often that I completely tune it out. Most of the time, the help me voice line gets used when I take some trash damage that will go away in one second. Now every time I play a different hero and have a Mercy on my team, I still tune out her "Help me"s completely, because I’m so used to it.

It will get even worse for more aggressive supports like Moira or Lucio, who take damage all the time.

And sometimes you need help before you take damage.


Pretty much. I don’t think the voice lines really help out Mercy at all. They aren’t exactly obvious if you aren’t listening out for them.

What really needs to be done instead is a help me ping. Would be a lot easier if everyone had a help me button. Rather than random voice lines that don’t even indicate direction.


Someone call a doctor

it’s to notify the person she’s attached to that she’s taking damage
because mercy is always within a certain range of the person getting healed it’s convenient
your zen healing you could be miles away

it’s all about knowing where your healer is and for mercy she’s the only one within a certain range to the single target she’s healing

if that makes any sense?

mercy is the only Pure Healer in the supp squad so her kit is naturally very different

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can be abused/spammable

i need healing barely even holds out in comp,