Why Does Brigitte Have An Unnatural Waist?

It’s unrealistically skinny and it grosses me out.


Because this game has a cartoony art style, so artists can take their liberties on anatomy to create fun character designs.

That’s why Reinhardt is way taller than most men and Roadhog looks like he needs his own gravitational pull.

Besides, why do you care about anatomy in a game where the laws of physics are more of a suggestion then anything else?


Why does a hamster control a robotic ball? It really grosses me out!


People come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t thin shame.


Give it time, that will get nerfed too and look more natural.


Is this person trying to oppress thin people? Some have metabolic conditions that prevent them from gaining weight and lead to chronic problems. It’s not their fault!

How dare you attack the thin when they don’t have a choice. It’s easy to gain weight on if you don’t have a condition and harder to stay thin, so check your privilege!


Because she isn’t real.


Who cares my girl is THICC🙌


How else can he pull you in like a fish from 20m out?

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She’s a gymrat and has a really strong back and lats which is accentuated by her really bulky upper torso/shoulder armor

This game also stylizes silhouettes. Look at Pharah’s inner elbow or Hanzo’s ankles. They are inhumanly small


No one needs to say anything now that you’ve said this. Spot on.

Honestly my guilty pleasure is crapping on stupid female anatomy and my god do some of the women’s legs in this game scare me… However it’s not that big of a deal in a game like Overwatch since you’re not really too focused on such a minor thing while playing.

However that waist is weird, but what’s weirder is widowmaker in general.


It’s more the game model gives her an unnaturally thin waist compared to that of her CGI model.

That said, the art style DOES exaggerate some things, like Reinhardt & Roadhog arms going down to his knees, making them very close to being knuckle draggers.

Why is rein 9 feet tall?

Why does junkrat walk so normally with a barely attached peg leg strapped to him with nothing but hopes and dreams like Ork tanks and spaceships?

Why does hanzo fire literal dragons from a bow?

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bruh she’s literally wearing a corset r u for real

are you aware of how corsets work i mean

the skin is just warped at the waist, idk why but they also screwed up lucio’s eyebrows so I’m not really surprised. Mei’s back is broken too.


is this some form of “WhErE aRe HeR oRgAnS??!?!?” post?

If Brig is wearing a corset then I feel bad for her.

Corsets are waist trainers that basically act like a LAP band (it makes you feel full from eating less than if you didn’t wear it) and gives you an instant hourglass shape. Also, dedicated “waist trainers” can obtain semi-permanent results over time by moving the floating ribs, and your organs temporarily shifting while wearing the corset. It is hardly “realistic” in the context you are insisting.

Sincerely doubt Brig could swing a mace and carry a shield while being restricted like this. It really makes me think you’ve never worn a corset before? Is that right?


pretty sure widow and mei have really bent spine, skinny waist is more realistic than that

It’s almost like half of you are in denial, even with the picture.

Can’t be real! gets shown picture
Can’t be real! gets shown other picture
Can’t be realistic!

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It is only achievable because of the waist trainer-- that is hardly “realistic” in the context they were stating.

It is almost like you didn’t read what I said. It is a semi-permanent way to transform your body. This is like claiming getting plastic surgery is “realistic” when it isn’t.

Sounds like you, also, have not worn corsets before
¯ \ _ (ツ)_ / ¯

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