Why do so many players want mmr reset?

Because some people still think ‘ELO hell’ is the reason they can’t climb.

For many games it is.
So, all the games where someone on my team is being a Mei Troll and throwing up ice walls in front of Ultimates is my fault?
That wonderfully toxic player who happened to get into my game and ruined several plays because they stopped trying is my fault?
That nice person who just left in the middle of the match is my fault also?
Going up against a 6 stack of Top 500 players playing in less than their rank, stomping the snot out of us is my fault? (an we got them 4 games in a row)
That Widowmaker who is learning how to play Widow, in competitive because they can’t practice properly in Quick Play, is also my fault? (got her 3 games in a row, an a Hanzo on the 3rd game that showed her how bad she was an won us the match)
The 2 people throwing the match because they want to De-Rank so that they have an easier time winning later is my fault?
The 1 person throwing because he wants to play Hanzo (replace with any other DPS) an goes Soldier 76 an doesn’t kill anyone, or Spawn Sits moving just enough so the game doesn’t kick him immediately, is my fault?

This happens all the time, in every ranking. But it is always my (or other player’s) fault because we are just bad? So yeah, not always.

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I don’t think that they want a full SR reset but something that’ll pull the playerbase towards 2500SR. In lower tiers it shouldn’t really effect you at all but the higher you go the more this would effect you. The biggest reason why high tier players prefer SR resets is because while talented players can climb up again those who have mostly gotten lucky or played heroes who carried them there by being overpowered in some way (for example Mercy 2.0, near release Brig, first iteration of storm arrow/lung Hanzo) will mostly be set back into a more accurate SR. Same goes for alt accounts and so on.

So they don’t want a reset but something that’ll force the player to be consistently talented to stay in higher tier gameplay.

They think they are stuck in their ranks solely because of the old numbers

To massively over simplify players lets view them under three categories.

Ability to Aim:

Ability to Coordinate:

Ability to Think:

You can out think the other teams players without any help from your team.

You can out aim the other teams players without any help from your team.

You can’t out coordinate the other team without any help from your team.

Thus, some players that rely on coordination can potentially get stuck at a lower rank than what they might be able to hold. (With that said, one might question if someone really deserves a rank if they can’t climb to it)

Additionally, some players might not want to put in the effort to climb.

Some players might also feel that other players at the rank don’t merit the rank anymore.

Well it’s mostly tank and support mains as they can be difficult to have massive impact in a match with.

However, what I see in lower ranks:
Off tanks/main healers don’t ult at optimal times. What they don’t understand: by not ulting they’re not gaining anything other than giving enemy support ult charges.

Tanks and supports tend to have higher winrates than DPS.

Unless someone is totally the wrong rank or has great aim and can’t think they’d be better climbing on a tank/support than a DPS.

Tbh sr reset will be more fair and will encourage playing ranked more.
Right now everyone just does placements at the end of the season to avoid decay and they just continue from where they have left it off the last season. Meanwhile using smurf accounts.


I believe we need a hard reset, but we all know that’s not going to happen.

So if we know that’s not going to happen what is a suggestion for fair sr lose/gain.

I have been in games were we rolled and only gained 18 sr, in games I have lost that were very close and lost 23 sr, this occurs over and over again with a lot of people, the lose sr is more then a win sr, so people tend to not care due to this factor.

I recorded my sr win/lose 2 seasons ago, while I won more games then loses, I also had less sr gain, which I cant figure out…

The sr difference between wining and losing is unbalanced, if they used a set sr regardless of win/lose then this would change peoples attitudes, losing more sr then gaining is not a good look. I can see why people don’t bother, they just play automated.

As people say, if you are good enough you will climb, if this is the case, why are people so scared of a mmr hard reset. People don’t know want to lose that top spot and have to try and get there again, not knowing if they will. Get good people always say, your the only factor stopping you for lvl sr, team based game, don’t get that reasoning.

Winrates doesn’t translate to SR gain tho. Good dps will get 200 SR more on average if they want to get out of the rank.

Resets won’t matter while the system is garbage.
It will just impact other random people.

Due to the half-done and outdated MMR system + report system, these two are abusable. The other thing what makes it worse is that with every change in ranked system there had to be a new MMR reset. With more and more flaws, alt accounts, derankers and smurfs, the ranks merged into a giant blob and lost their meaning completely.

If we must continue to not have resets, then stop making us do placements, as they don’t matter.

That being said, if they continue with the idea of role-queue, and each role has their own SR/MMR, they’ll have to do a hard reset. Even GMs say they play certain roles at gold/plat/diamond, and don’t deserve GM in those roles.

Having 3 to 5 placements per role would be nice. This is how I’d do it:

Only require one set of placements for the first two seasons. Each subsequent season after the second, you’d take the average ending SR from the previous two seasons, and that will be your starting SR for the next season.

Good? Something that could make it better?

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Oh, and get rid of PBSR for the lower ranks. Win/loss should be the only deciding factor in how much SR you win or lose, since this is a game where you rely on your teammates to do well, too.


MMR resets need to happen frequently or we will be placed in with the same crowds that do NOTHING. Sometimes as players we would LIKE a fresh start and NOT by having to spend money on a NEW account, just to try to get a new rating.

I tried improving my play and worked for it. But the people around me chose NOT to. Thats the bttom line. This is a “TEAM game”. not an “I” game. SO until they fix it. This game is “Grid locked”. They aren’t interested in their community anymore. SO essentially it will go away quite quickly. There are far FEWER league players than there are us. So it’s only a matter of time…

Because they think it’ll put them in a different tier. Most likely, it’d shake up the game and make for some miserable games.

It’s 100% this

Some people believe that if they’ve played every season they should’ve climbed a lot more as they’re more experienced or whatever, but that’s leaving so many variables out.

at this point they’ve probably fallen a rank bracket or two and feel that a reset will reflect their “true skill” when in all likelihood it could knock them further down.

think of season 2 - 3 where they squashed the gold +plat bell curve and people were so mad they were put in bronze and silver over plat

Fir[sic] example, a 1700 vs a 2000 player:

There is no difference, because it is literally the same player after they’ve been on a lucky/unlucky streak.

Personally I swing about a 700SR range, through three different tiers. Same player, same skills. I have good days and bad days, of course, dependent on my mood, my teammates, and how much coffee I’ve been drinking, but I guarantee you my gameplay isn’t determined by the symbol under my portrait.

Make placement matches real placement matches, give us gard reset, so everyone will be happy - the people who do believe in elo-hell and the people who do not believe it.

If you cant climb because of bad teammates. Then there is same probability you fall because of bad teammates in higher Rank too.

I think FFA rank from some past event shown where my skill level stands pretty well. Actually I was placed little higher than I deserved.