Why do so many players want mmr reset?

Wondering since when i get through ranks (not consistent) by 200-300 SR, it’s little bit different.
Fir example, a 1700 vs a 2000 player:
2000 rated player might hit few more shots/use cd effectively. However, both player don’t use strafing/movement abilities effectively.
Not sure how reseting mmr/SR would change such things.

I think it’s one of three reasons

  • they want their SR to reflect a higher sr that they achieved on an alternate account
  • they think the quality of games will improve or be more competitive at a higher rank.
  • they believe they are of a higher caliber then their current rank but do not want to put the effort in to earn that spot.

Thanks to the “Soft Reset” of ranked, an getting thrown into a lower SR pool where people don’t play as well, many would like Ranked to be “Hard Reset” every season so that they don’t have such a hard (near impossible) time rising in ranked. 2 Christmases ago I bought a 2nd account, then proceeded to go through the required QP an stuff to play Ranked. Guess what, I scored over 1000 SR higher playing the same way with the same Heroes an went up almost 2 Rank Levels. Lots of things have happened since Game Launch, many bad changes to SR things.

Remember Winning and Losing Streaks?
Losing streaks happened at least 7 times more often than winning streaks and you lost tons more SR when that happened.

The flatting of the Curve where people below 2500 SR got an automatic SR drop of 1000 SR or more, while people above got an automatic SR boost, in Season 3 to 5?
Personally dropped 1000 SR and know of people who dropped 1,500+ SR during each of those seasons.
Yet New players (not Smurf Accounts), who have hardly played the game at all, can get ranked Gold, Plat, or higher right out of the gate. It’s more than a bit annoying for people who have played since day 1 who know the game very well to be outranked by a new player who only just finished Placements due to not having a “Hard Reset” of their SR.


Because people think that their “bad teammates” are the reason they can’t climb. They’ve convinced themselves, often erroneously, that they deserve to be a higher rank than they currently are. They make an alt account and get placed higher, touting that as evidence that their main account is placed wrong without failing to realize that if they had as many games played on their alt as their main, there’s a high chance they’d actually fall back down to the rank they belong simply because the game doesn’t have solid enough data for the newer account to adjust the rating properly. Or they’re not good enough to hard carry their games and so the climb is too slow for them as they’ve convinced their placements+10 games should be enough to advance to the next rank, regardless of the fact that it takes nearly 50 games even with a 70% winrate to do so.

Plenty of reasons, but not a single one of them would be solved by an MMR reset.


Well when they add separate MMRs for each role, I imagine they would have to have some kind of reset.

Eh, you were describing me but my main climbed back to where I thought I was after being hardstuck… so? Guess I was right?

Oh, and I did climb with placements back when they mattered.

Those were you two counterclaims against a reset which I was for because I was convinced I was in the wrong place and I was. Now I want back. I enjoyed the easier games, rofl.

You still can? I mean, I placed 100 SR higher this season than I ended last season. Yeah, it’s not super easy to do but it’s not impossible.

Congrats. No sarcasm, really. Sometimes you CAN break the mold and climb when something like that happens. But, sadly, you are an exception. Many people would end up falling closer to their main if they played enough games. I was the same way. I had myself I was convinced I was a gold player when I was still low silver and I couldn’t climb because of bad teammates. When I made my first alt account (I have one for each role), I placed higher and thought the same thing… until I started dropping like a rock. Then I noticed that the people I was losing to were actually better than I was.

The truth of the matter is, while the current SR system isn’t perfect, and there will always be exceptions and outliers to any scenario, as it stands right now the SR is pretty close to being accurate. Climbing just takes so bloody long with a 51-55% win rate that most people just don’t think they’re even climbing in the first place.



This is heavily accurate, early players that were stuck are pretty much stuck forever in the current system, because of what the system was updated to, competitive keeps track of what was your first season and where you placed alongside your qp mmr.

Also this one thing called performance-based sr which is completely busted because you’re telling players to play in a specific way to clutch statistic that are either average or above the said tier to climb. So for instance if you wanna climb on Junkrat, you would have to pretty much only spam to match the same or better statistic of a tier, while winning. This would result in better SR gains due to performance, despite playing something objectively wrong at the core the more you do climb, and would result in lesser SR loss because you’d perform better than most while losing.

A team-game with performance rating is like playing COD basically to climb in the lowest tiers, and it hurts the whole point of grouping up, a hard reset could potentially fix a few problems, not entirely, not permanently, but temporarily so that a possible portion of the population gets placed at the proper places that based by the renewed system instead of the old one.

Honestly, I was just insulted that I was diamond, dropped to nearly gold, got placed in diamond on multiple accounts and “reset” modes such as capture the flag and elimination… even Lucio Ball (lul). Realistically, mid plat on average is not THAT far from low diamond (where I believed I belonged). I feel I was just obsessing over the little symbol FAR too much.

Umm, close. The “Soft Reset” only takes into account the previous season’s SR. It doesn’t go all the way back to day 1 of play. So if you end a Season close to the bottom of a Ranked Pool, Gold for instance, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will either drop 100 or more SR for 3 or more lost Placements (more like 200 to 300 putting you in Silver) or only gain less than 100 SR if you happen to win 9 to all 10 of your Placement Matches. This keeps you at the bottom of the SR Pool, to the top of the lower SR Pool, even if during the previous season you got within 100 SR of Platinum (been there, done that). Your ending SR is all they base what you can do with winning/losing Placement matches in the current Season.

That could very well be true as well. A lot of people bounce between 200-300 ± in both directions and call the SR system crap and volatile and yadda yadda where in reality there’s is virtually 0 difference between skill in a given 600 SR range. Even between ranks themselves you’ll never see major glaring skill differences. It’s hard to spot what separates a mid gold from a low plat. Or a mid plat from a low diamond. Or even a mid Master to GM. As cliche as it sounds, only when you know what to look for does the differences between the ranks begin to stand out and the answer is almost never “better aim” like a lot of people seem to think. It’s far more subtle, but more important, than that.

It’s not how much shots you hit or how many kills. Most often than not in my elo I get Moira mains who’d try to kill two 200 hp targets while main tank (rein) would have <100 hp. If he got healed at such scenarios, it’d be easy win. But no.

In higher ranks, people maybe hit 10-15% more shots. But those are impactful rather than doing 100 damage here and there. Same goes for healing. That’s one of the reasons a dps can do 15k damage but have no impact while a widow can do 8k damage but can stop every push. That’s one of the reasons gold medals mean nothing. Btw, love when your average Moira/Dva mains complain why they’ve got gold elms.

Nailed it. Unfortunately, most people don’t bother to look at the why of the actions of a higher tiered player. They only look at the how. And convince themselves that they’re just as good (or sometimes better) than the higher tier player because their raw stats are better.

They think it’ll boost them into Plat

Hell, it might

I agree, back when I first started OW I got placed 2200 in season seven, and that’s right when I hit lvl 25.
I did NOT Deserve to be anywhere near gold and fell realy hard to bronze/silver.

I eventually climbed out and now have peaked at 2900 but now I actually feel I’ve earned it

Because most people don’t understand how the mmr and sr system work and/or are too stubborn to accept they are in the rank they belong.

Because they think with a fresh MMR, they will magically get put into the rank they want and stay. In reality though it’ll just put them right back where they actually belong before it got reset. You might be higher at first but eventually you will get put back where you were if the game see’s you’re just playing the same way as before.

If you don’t improve you won’t climb. A MMR reset won’t change that fact.

because you have platinum borders that are convinced that it is the matchmaker keeping them in gold/plat and not the fact that they are actually bad at the game despite so many hours put into it.

I have several accounts. My main account is the same rank as the alt accounts that I play on (excluding some weird accounts). It has nothing to do with your account being stuck. I’ve never seen a player base this intent on having their hands held in a competitive game. They simply do not want to put in the effort to learn how to play the game properly. Simply learning how to ult or how to position can get you from plat to diamond

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Which to our dedicated players that were lower tiers back then and still are, continue to be stuck in a messed loop when for instance bronze/silver/gold is not the same b/s/g as it is today, but system wise they won’t jump further until they start popping off on something to climb.

Hence the paragraphs around that one.

SR and MMR doesn’t always match. You can see every bad and very good players in the same elo. The issue is, the current system isn’t climbable. You can easily get stuck in one place by getting matched with too easy and too hard opponents cuz the MMR doesn’t match with the SR of those players so the game will just push you back and forth trying to keep a 50% winrate. But since the MMR is all over the place in that same elo you just steamroll or get steamrolled.