Why do people think tanks are getting buffed? 5v5

Since Role queue will already be 1-2-2, I presume this statement applies to all non-role queue game modes (e.g. arcade/QPC/etc) – Can you confirm that all modes would have this restriction (aside from special cases such as maybe no limits/mystery heroes)?

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Doom mains rise up


Doom mains arent gonna rise up when there hero is getting reworked :joy: :joy:

I think their point is that the power shift in tank abilities mean the team isn’t as reliant on them for survival, so there isn’t a need for them to keep the whole team alive. They’re doing their own thing to help the team, not keeping the entire team afloat.


The issue is more of a split up party allowing every flanker to unleash ragnarok on supports, including the newly buffed tanks with CC reduction and more damage.


Doom should probably get his RP rework into something less stun, also parkour can die with it lmao.

but…that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to defending oneself from a flanker targeting you…

I’m not sure you understood what I was talking about. I’m talking about the widening gap between hypermobility/flankers vs peeling/things to deal with them. and notably, what supports have to deal with a hypermobile threat given all the factors I noted in my previous reply.

because right now from the looks of it, supports are going to be real easy food in OW2 and hypermobility is going unchecked.


Yes but a single flanker is not particularly deadly if you are a good support in good position (I see no reason in OW2 for a Support to be alone ever). The ability to dive with 3 has been drastically cut down which means that your ability to take get blown up via dive has been drastically cut down.

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and they say…

Rising Uppercut!


I hope that supports will be moved a bit closer to dps along with tanks, to make pulling out the blaster more worthwhile. Always a good feeling when you put the nasty little flanker down yourself.

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likewise, but part of the point I’m making is that it shouldn’t just be “increase damage and off you go” because if “just aim better 4head” were reasonable enough of a solution to deal with hypermobility we wouldn’t have needed brig as a whole, and people (even in OWL) wouldn’t need to pick mccree for the flash bang (aoe stun i.e. lenient aiming ability that directly counters hypermobility) to deal with hypermobile heroes like ball, df, tracer, etc.


so the answer is “Tanks will be dogsh*t, tissuepaper, bullet magnet, respawn simulators”… and “Genji and tracer will run rampant with absolutely nothing to contest them”… wow… what a fun game… NOT!


I assume they get resistance to CC and knockback as well.

I don’t suppose you can tell us what’s going to happen with Open Queue? Is it going to be removed for OW2 or are Tanks going to be so strong that they’ll replace DPS, essentially ruining the mode?


You can take away the one shot, stun, CC, and damage, but you’re not getting rid of parkor :rage:

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Here are two antagonistic functions.

While “push-leading protection” is easier for the general playerbase to visualize and follow up, cause it seems basic as a strategy to just follow around your tank that offers protection, tanks that play more into the “disruptive line breakers” side (such as Wrecking Ball) are harder for the playerbase to follow up on what they propose to do, specially Ball that offers 0 protection for the team.
I wonder and wish all tanks could be at least hybrids on these subroles.

Tanks being garbage in OW2 is one thing but buffing movement speed on DPS, especially hypermobile dps is the most baffling change for me. Instead of nerfing hypermobility which has done the most damage to this game we’re adding more of it. Genius!


To answer the title direction, a lot of people just take things at their word. Blizzard says they’re “buffing” tanks, then of course it must be true!

There’s no complex answer needed here. They just heard the press release, didn’t look at any of the details, didn’t listen to any of the feedback, didn’t think critically about how it would actually play out. Just, didn’t think. Just, “Okay, Blizz says they’re being buffed.”

It’s worth noting that they initially said they were going to go with an 800 HP barrier. Yes, the demonstration had more HP, but that’s pretty much exactly what a lot of us critics have been saying all along - Blizz did not think those changes through and a lot of the changes they announce simply will not work at all, or work anywhere near what they expect them to.

For the changes they announced they wanted to do, it at least makes sense. They want tanks to focus less on team defense and more on having their own agency to fight and get kills just like DPS players do.

And let me be very clear about this - that is a very, very, very good thing. It’s the correct direction to take the game, the correct way to attract and retain players to the tank role (even if only periodically), and is probably one of the more solid business decisions Blizzard ever made in regards to this game.

The problem is that just like most other things Blizz does, even if it was a good idea, they’re implementing it either completely wrong or without laying the groundwork to make the idea viable. For a 1-tank team to be viable, ALL damage sources (and damage boosts) have to be nerfed pretty severely. Healing too. Most burst damage has to be minimalized via slower firing rate, less accuracy, less range, less bullets per reload, less health for the characters with any one-shot abilities, etc. That’s the only way to get this game to function decently.

But not only will they not do that, they showcased that they’re trying to increase damage and range. Meaning everything is going to devolve into a fragfest because everyone is dying in two-hits from everything from Ashe to Ana. Ana in the livestream did 110 damage per hit.

Getting all roles more directly involved with damage dealing, and hence having more fun actually participating in the fight, is the right call. Turning everybody and literally their grandmother, I still can’t believe they even considered that - someone on the team has outright lost their mind, into a quick-killer is the wrong way to do it.

Remember that S76 just got mega-powercrept because Blizz expects his sustain damage to compete with the assorted sources of reliable burst and alpha damage. They’ve lost the plot.


In the beta rein did 100 damage per swing and ana did 110 damage per shot from what I remember.

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I feel like there’s a fine line for me personally between how much offensive utility they should have, and how much more damage(pure skill based dueling, like you said). With 5v5 and a more open play style, I don’t think the argument that supports ‘should’ be prey for the dps if they stand and fight holds water anymore, so maybe some kind of utility would be reasonable to fight back.

The balance for them will be really interesting. How much more advantage in dueling does a dps have when your main peel is now gone?

I swear, give me Mercy with that Ana levels of peel, and I might actually play 5v5. Maybe a bit more move tech. Most fun character in the game at that point.