Why do people think tanks are getting buffed? 5v5

Reinhardt, as we saw in the 5v5 blizzard showcase, will have a 1200hp barrier, the same hp, all for two less damaging firestrikes, and some turning on shift.

In what was does any of that sound like a mega buff, especially now that he must put up twice the defensive performance to conpensate for one less tank.

Heck Winston is a carbon copy with a new firing ability (which he needed non this game honestly.
Is that what you call a mega buff?


Seems like you’re more of an AngryTankMain instead of a sad one


Another one is Charge canceling. Wouldn’t be surprised if they also reduce his self-slow while barrier up. Also expanding that CC resistance to cover almost all CC.

Generally, it’s more lethality and better medium term self sustain. But with reduced short term survival in duels.

I.e. Closer to DPS playstyle


They were far from final showings, and that’s quite a large buff for Rein offensively. Two firestrikes can make for nasty damage even if they do less damage per attack.

And Winston getting a ranged attack alone would be quite the buff! One of his weaknesses is a lack if range and another is a lack of burst damage. Now he has both.


Could also be weaker barriers, but with faster regen/cooldowns.

They shouldn’t be buffed anyway


Or they should be buffed, they should fix queue times.

And anybody who has a problem with that, who is so attached to pre-rolequeue balancing or RPG definitions of roles, can quit.

Fixing queue times is not negotiable.


I don’t see how those two are relevant. People don’t avoid tanks because they are weak, they avoid tanks because they are boring. Both mechanically, and as a character. I mean, a dutch slow floating bald man with 2 out of 3 abilities being a shield. Ew


neither should dps but here we are.


Not sure what they will do, we know next to nothing and despite OW 2 being announced what almost 2 years ago very little has come out. Almost makes you think they haven’t even made the game yet…

But the main thing that seems like it might be powerful is the passives both tank and support are supposed to get. It’s also hard to decide between PVP and PVE. Which will carry over and which will not.

Over all though I think 5v5 is going to be a mess unless they rework maps entirely. Most the current maps are too big with too many flanking options for a single tank to provide any kind of protection or cover.


i saw rein with 550 hp wdym

It means he can get into the front quicker, capable of using charge to pin someone, take them away, and have the option to either slam into a wall/toss them over into environmental without committing suicide/or stopping short before earth shattering.

Two charges of fire strikes also means he can constantly poke at ranges, build earth shatter, and finish targets that are just away from his hammer.

The idea isn’t for Rein to hold his shield, they’re making his attack options more better so he can go in and mess the enemy up faster. That’s also not getting into the passive of his that makes him resistant to CC (And stacks with the role passive.), or they’re giving him a new passive.

It’s no mega buff, it’s changing the perception of tanks being meat shield and into fat aggressive DPS which does tanking as a sidejob.

Does it means he’s not a tank? No. Is it absolutely a step away from what the role intended, absolutely. They’re making Rein fun to be aggressive with so more DPS players pick him up to be that silly charging suicidal Rein because we’re severely lacking tanks and DPS players are more likely to pick that instead of Rein being shield man.

That being said, tank players will still be valued as knowing when to shield, be aggressive, and knowing when to charge/ult is going to make tank players feel more impactful.


I figure you can have equal “fun”, or equal “objective capture influence”.

But you can’t have both.

They are getting “reworked”, not “buffed”… Mostly off tanks I guess…

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Why do people think tanks are getting buffed? 5v5

ill answer your question with one of my own:

why does everyone think that what we saw in that 5v5 preview IS what we will have when the game launches over a year later?

the devs have talked MANY times about how many changes heroes go through before they launch…im sure theyre trying out MANY things with tanks in general leading up to this…


Nothing is set in stone tbh. There’s still a long ways to go before the game even has a true live beta. We’ll know more then, and shouldn’t make judgments on drip fed content meant for the content-whiners.

But! Lets stick to what we know for certain: CCs are going to be a lot less problematic. The lack of another tank fundamentally means some tanks will require reworks or buffs to function as stand alones. Whilst you will indeed be solo tanking in the future, you will also be staring down just one other tank as well.

Speculation: Based on their olde experimental that attempted buffing tanks dramatically, to make room for a composition of 1 tank, 3 DPS, and 1 support, we can expect something along those lines to be in the works, much to the dismay of those who often dwell in death match (but lets be honest, they’re playing the wrong game for that mode lol)

Wait, you think Rein having an extra firestrike with a turn-able and cancelable charge is a nerf?

I feel the same way about this whole thing

so what im gonna use fire strike and gonna get slept or flashed and die out of one of them because I have no sigma zarya or dva to cover me


It doesnt change anything, fire strike is asking to get chain stunned and burst