Why do people think tanks are getting buffed? 5v5

Just got back from a movie, was shocked to see this thread having more activity. While you are right that I am apprehensive about this change, I do thank you for taking to time to properly explain the philosophy behind it. :+1:

They’ll be deleting it, lol.

Flexing that OW2 playtester status :rofl: . I’m jealous and sad now…

I’ve always argued its the dps’s job to peel since flanks are needed on the frontline brawl. This will be even more true in 5v5.

so happy we’re hearing things again. and excited for OW2 dva. plz don’t make her unplayable tho, she was unplayable for way too long in OW1 (cause of doubleshield till recently) :frowning:

i’m looking forward to people not doing doubleshield anymore, by law, haha. even tho i can usually beat it, i just hate the comp and what it did to the game for way too long

Caveat: not a designer

I believe this is more in regard to the fact that Doom and Wrecking Ball have both great mobility and strong cc abilities like Knockup and Knockback.

Evaluating Tracer’s mobility is a part of process, but in a different way than the former.


So basically tanks as we know it are done. From what I’m reading you guys don’t really want tanks to mitigate damage as much as they do right now but then really what’s the point? Tanks are just going to become more beefier dps then I mean sure they will still be tanky in some way but seems like this is the transition straight from the horses mouth

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Thanks for sharing, AndyB.

Much appreciated. +1

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Somehow I don’t buy what the Company representative is saying in this thread.

  • Remember a long time ago… in a galaxy far away… When they were balancing the game under the idea that people were going be change heroes whenever was needed?

  • The idea of “one tricks” or of people that want to play their main character most of the time was a shocker to them?

  • When instead of nerfing dive, they released a behemoth to “shake” up the meta?

  • And of course the Good-In-All situations Sigma.

I don’t know if 5v5 is going to be good or bad, what I do know is that most of people don’t want responsibilities. Current tank role (6v6) is a responsibility, a shared responsibility.

Shifting to 5v5 is going to change that, and I don’t know if it’s going to be negative or positive: Solo tanking is going to be rough for the person tanking. I can easily imagine people blaming the tank whenever a fight or match is lost, among other things.

They can repeat all the time they want that Tanks are going to be a “bruiser” (which to me sounds like fat dps) or whatever they want to call it, the reality is that they have condition us to believe that the tanks are the center piece of the team (In this game and others), they defend and make space.

It’s easier to spot when a tank is bad, and that will be more notorious if there is only one. I don’t envy what tank mains are going to be put through. But I can easily see myself muting every communication channel before queuing as tank.

People are going to be mistreated because they choose to play tank in 5v5 whenever something, anything goes wrong. That will have the biggest impact on the player base if you ask me. Why would I want to play tank if people are going to insult me or tell me I’m bad for doing so?


Ow 5 roles:
2 supports
2 thin dps
1 fat dps


Our thick bois became thin bois

I uh… honestly this kinda put words to some of my concern. Especially concidering the damage is going to be potentially irreversible with all the work put into it once its pushed into the game (and knowing how stubborn the devs have been at reverting changes).

I personally kinda wished ow2 could have stayed the game we have now but with new game modes and new heroes but seeing how vocal some folks have been at wanting this change to go through all we can really do is adapt. Though i cant help but wonder how this will affect qpc and open queue.

I still have a hard time seeing tanks like WB or Hog being viable without some sort of change that allows them to block or mitigate incoming damage like shield tanks or Dva with her Defense Matrix.

Yes. One less tank.


puts down bleach bottle a blue post speaking to us directly without hostility or threatening suspension?!



I like this reply as this is something I dearly missed, feedback from the team that shows you guys at least heard us.

This is the thing, I don’t really doubt that the game could be fun with 1 tank. What I doubt is the aftermath when players will have played it. As I said in a reply in this thread, my doubts comes from the fact that, in the past, things have been tweaked by how “fun” they were to play against. This means that if it’s judged not fun to play against a tank that has a lot of utility or has “more freedom to flex between having an offensive impact and being a defensive bulwark for their team” I fear that this will be nerfed and that the tank role will be left in the dust once more. I feel like making sure something is fun to play as is as important if not more in some scenarios.


Apparently forum guy believes he knows more about OW2 than one of the people actually playing OW2.

I understand where your feedback is coming from. It remains to be seen how removing cc and utility from certain Damage heroes will impact the perceived “fun-ness” of those abilities being used by Tanks and Supports in the future. That’s a fair concern and one that we’ll be paying close attention to as we develop OW2.


Are the playtests taking into account new heroes as well? I personally think it would be a bit odd to fully balance the game around the current 32 heroes, only to need to further rebalance once new heroes like Sojourn have been implemented.

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Without going into detail…