Why do people think apex legends will kill overwatch?


OW is definitely the better game but at the end of the day, all that matters is which one is more fun to play now.

However, I thing the ppl will burn out on Apex pretty quick and the fact that EA is publishing it, will make the things even worse.


I’ve played Apex a bit. I suppose I can understand the hype if you’re into that kind of game. I found Fortnite better. It annoys me to depend so much on my team not only to play well, but to play at all. I’ll admit I’m pretty well trash when playing Apex, but that’s the thing: I die quickly, and then sit around for two minutes doing nothing while my team decides whether or not they can/want to revive me. So I spend a large chunk of my game time sitting around.
I know Overwatch is a different type of game, but at least I don’t suffer from any great amount of downtime while I’m learning to play. If me or my team suck we STILL get to play the whole match, and are active during it.
Even in Fortnite, by and large I can be active. If I die, I die. No waiting around for a possible rez. I load up a new game and keep playing, learning as I go. With Apex, I don’t even get time to learn effectively.
I play these games for the fun of it. I don’t care about winning or losing. XP and lootboxes are gravy that I can take or leave. I play for the sheer interactive joy of the game. So, sitting there waiting to be revived only to see my squad leaving me behind does not equal enjoyment.
Oh… and I hate running around for ages trying to find a gun and having no luck. At least in Fortnite the guns seemed far more widely available.


Cant kill something that is already dead .-.


And activision is charging for a red dot on the screen… EA may have scummy practice, but you can’t even begin to pretend that activision isn’t taking notes. Activision even holds a patent for a system that puts you with players that have spent money on micro transactions in efforts to encourage/shame you into buying.


Not taking away from either of the games, but it sounds like you’re just straight up terrible at Apex. The game is fun. Real fun.

It wont kill Overwatch by any means, but it sure as heck will mean I will play it a lot less since Apex is out.


Because everyone is tired of beeing ignored by the devs

As soon as a new ow-like game coomes out i think everyone is moving ships


Looool ow having the better graphic x) dude you are eighter a employe of some sort or a massive, maaaassive fanboy on a level of those people who still think wow is doing alright.


its EA they’re gonna mess up eventually


I mean, sure. I never said Activision are saints. I actually am of the notion that they are greedy, like EA, and anything they touch starts to rot until they’re forced to separate to save themselves.

But I don’t agree with the people putting Apex Legends on a pedestal. EA is more greedy, has a history of greed and microcharging for everything in their game, and sparked a massive controversy due to their greed.

They are both guilty. And I find a problem in putting one on a pedestal and condemning the other for doing identical things lol


But Apex hasn’t done any of the typical EA garbage. Actually most people are calling it’s micro transaction system “done well.” That is why people are talking well about it along with the smooth fps style game play.


I do not know what you are talking about. The graphics look fine.

Just because you are bad at the game does not mean the game is bad. Find some friends to play with if this is an issue.

Just because one game has more abilities does not mean the game is better. Both games are different, with one being more closed arena objective based while the other is more open arena based. Overwatch relies 200% on abilities compared to Apex, which is a good/bad thing depending on the game.

Again, more does not mean better. Overwatch has its fair share of trash heroes that broke the game, with some needing rebalancing that will never come.

You literally said that you understand the game is new, yet you’re bashing it has no other game modes. When Overwatch first game out, it barely had anything as well.

Overwatch has barely any custom modes. They really should give the community tools to make our own community custom modes like Team Fortress 2 to give Overwatch more life. I would be down to play OW again if this happens. However, Blizzard will never do this.

I think this is the most biased post I’ve seen. If anything, Overwatch is killing itself with lack of community input, communication, and actual good updates to balance the heroes. With the Blizzard laying off 800 employee scandal further destroying this franchise. I know EA is bad, but Activision/Blizzard is basically just as bad.


Because they’re sucking up the hype… like they always do every time something new comes out.

It’s new… yes.

It’s popular right now… yes.

But will it actually last the next 3 months? Who’s to say.