Why do people think apex legends will kill overwatch?


So I’ve been reading a lot about apex legends and I decided to try it out.
I originally thought it would be “the next big game” like overwatch and I would finally find a new game to play, with what people were saying about it and “how it’s different from all other battle royale games”, I also saw Stylosa, (who’s extremely committed to overwatch) suddenly only posting videos about apex.

I downloaded it today, and it is possibly one of the worst games I’ve ever played.
First off, the graphics are complete garbage compared to overwatch, I get it’s free to play, but DANG they’re terrible. Secondly, the game itself is awful, most of the time I either can’t find anyone to kill, or some stacked team comes and kills everyone at the start of the game, what I’m trying to say is that it’s no different from any other BR at all. Thirdly, the legends have barely in thought in them at all, they all have like, 1 ability and an ultimate, whereas overwatch has at least 3 + an ultimate + passives, including heroes secondary fire, primary etc etc.
On top of that, overwatch has 29 heroes, I get apex is a new game, but it has a LOT of work to be better than overwatch. Overwatch also has a ton of maps and comp gamemodes, whereas apex has 1.

Finally, overwatch has much much more fun game modes, overwatch has custom games which are VERY fun, probably the most fun part of overwatch (IMO of course), there’s also arcade, which is OK.

Overall it feels like overwatch is generally a better game and much more thought put into the game itself, apex is EXTREMELY overrated. Overwatch is definitely having problems but it will NOT be overtaken by apex legends IMO, even by design, I think overwatch is just a better game in general.
Overwatch may be having some issues currently, but apex is certainly not going to take over overwatch anytime soon, I think the problem is, so many people have been talking about apex recently, so people think it’s going to kill overwatch, but if you guys actually played the game you’d realize it’s not that fun at all.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Because every online shooter since OW has come out has been said it would “kill OW”


Because it’s a popular game and people will always compare and contrast. It’s a little silly considering they’re not functionally very similar. Let people have fun playing what they want.


What if… people play both.

Dun dun dunnnn


People who say it will kill overwatch are mouth breather sheep mob-mentality zombies who see the newest release AAA game and go

“hurr durr game x will kill game y this is news please praise my intelligence, I referenced something popular atm 5head”

Seriously guys they’re not even the same genre of game. it’s like saying Tropico 6 or the next Sims expansions gonna kill OW


Its more like this style of graphics is not interesting to you. They are not “bad” you just dont like them.

F2p games can have better graphics than overwatch too :stuck_out_tongue:

Welp, many people like br games, incuding overwatch players. And thye see it differend because of abilities they can use there? Im not sure.

legends have at least 2 abilites and ult from what i see base on this video

Because overwatch is longer there, question is is apex able to survive 3 years tho.

Fun is subjective

And i myself dont like apex game style.


Because they forgot that Apex is owned by EA and they’re going to microcharge that game and make it pay to win lmao


Never saw a BR pay to win, well i dunno if skins makes you improve at the game. Seems legit.


It’s EA. They’ll find a way. :joy:


Well OW is part of Activision.

  1. The pinging system could be a nice feature to have in Overwatch.
  2. It is a BR game, the hype will die in 2 weeks or so. If it does not, the game will live.
  3. F2P always bring more people than a P2P game. Cause it saves players money.

He also posted on his Twitter a screenshot of an Overwatch ad, on a League of Legends popup.
I have no idea why Riot did that.


Im tired of this “Its EA so game gona be pay to win!”

Game so far show nothing like that, and there is chance that EA around all bad what heppend in indrustry will allow some of devs they hold to make good game, just to make better reputation for themself in this year.

Bethesda had it downfall lately iwth fallout 76 and all stuff around it being one big cash grab for them
Activision also dont show anything good latey
Mayby EA see it as a good moment to not be the worse one there ever was?


As someone who generally didnt play BR games because of the waiting - I havent played overwatch for the past 3 days. Apex Legends is giving me the same feeling that overwatch did when I started playing it. I can feel myself improving at Apex. Its fun knowing im improving every day. Maybe its a culmination of how I felt that I had “finished” my improvement in OW when I reached masters and Apex being free. Who knows.


Sorry, history says otherwise.

EA is notorious for microcharging the hell out of their games, and they are the ones behind the notorious lootbox charge that started the entire controversy behind microcharges.

If you think EA is going to suddenly change after all these years…I dunno what to tell you. Realistically, they are a very greedy company, and those tend not to learn from their mistakes.



If good company can turn into greedy one, i belive in them being able to turn from greedy to less greedy, especialy if they gona get cash anyway from only cosmetic intems.
Look at fortnite.
Its not hard to do, and people pay for those stuff a lot.


I have no clue other than it’s new and it’s something new to do?

I admit… I like the concept of it… <3 Gibraltar because it’s cool to see a polynesian… Like actual, sounding polynesian in a game. I want the game to be successful and go to a competitive scene because I would thoroughly enjoy watching those.

However… I don’t like BR games. It’s a BR game with heroes. I’ve never felt more confused starting a game to an actual embarrassing degree. Pretty sure my name said “Rank 1” and my first game was a dude chewing me out because I was still having to figure out how to recharge my shield, and I was afraid if I pressed 4 at all then I would have healed instead, nor did I remember how to toggle my mic to express that and was too much of a panic to figure out if enter would allow me to type or not to say, “Dude, first game. Chill.” Edit: This experience actually outranks the embarrassment of me realizing Zenyatta’s orbs didn’t heal allies when I first played.

Either way… My experience with this was horrible, and this was a BR game, with many of the BR aspects I just don’t care for at all (though admittedly more simplistic). I’m going to try it more, but I’m not getting the same feeling at all. It’s occupying, “Well… It’s something new to do.”


You can believe in what you want. EA has historically been money-hungry and microcharged for almost everything in their games. I’m going off of history, and I believe they’re going to microcharge in that game lol.

If you don’t believe that, that’s great…but I’m not going to suddenly change my mind and be optimistic about something that they’ve been scolded on so many times in the past and have never changed. :man_shrugging:


Welp, i think EA actualy start copy ideas how to make cash from other games tho.

Im not into apex, but so far what i hear about anthem is realy positive in terms of payment from players once they buy game. There they state that only cosmetic items gona be sold out with cash, with not adding any dlc to the game in future.


For the same reason they think any other new game will kill it.

Then they find out there’s not a lot they’re getting out of those games that even compare to Overwatch.

But Overwatch is its own mess.


It won’t it’s battle royale. They are different games. I am not even sure why people are comparing them. It’s the same as comparing OW and Fortnite. “Oh it has OW components in heroes!” … so does WoW, no one is comparing those now do they?

I for example, hate battle royale so I’ll continue to play OW.
I am sure I am not the only one. And let’s not forget with how oversaturated the market is with all those battle royales now. Soon enough people will get tired, if they aren’t already.