?!?!? Why do people complain that Blizz doesn’t listen ?!?!?

Lots of people spamming complaints that people are having open discussion in said threads.


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This surprises me too. It is pretty rare that a company actually writes response to the community on the forums and yet Blizzard is doing it rather regularly and its almost always directly answering the OP.

I didn’t say DOES what the community asks, I said LISTENS to the community. I think people are confusing the two. Just because the answer may be “No” doesn’t mean they didn’t listen to the complaint

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Wtf are you talking About of the last 10 devs “answers” 9th July - 7th august

2 We’re from Bill warnacke, adressing the broken servers which Twitter already did and ignoring the demands to get sr back because it was not people’s fault and an claiming to be watching the finales.

4 From Jeff kaplan talking About the progress in toxicity which is great! BUT not answring simple and important related questions like automátic reports and smurfs which are pretty often

1 thread from Geoff talkign about support changes , not answering questions.
Also … It’s Geoff , if someone dosnt Care About feedback in Blizzard he is the guy because of reasons previously said

3 From Micheal chu creating/explaining lore via
Q&A as usuall . Ignoring the only important question About lore ¿What happend to it?

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To be fair. Look at the forums.

Other than technical support there is literally almost zero posts at all from devs.

It never used to be like this.

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Ah yes let’s keep pretending the forum was not up in arms about Sombra as well.

Let’s also keep pretending like some of those reworks weren’t caused by forum whining as opposed to balance concerns ala Hanzo and Mercy.

The devs have done some stupid things, but pretending they don’t listen when in fact the worst problems in the game came exactly from listening to these stupid forums in the first place is just f*cked.

The problem is not that they don’t listen. The problem is that they do listen and are extremely stubborn at the same time. Do you know what that causes? It causes them to listen to whiney “Not fun” idiots and then when that inevitably is a bad change, they don’t revert it because they are stubborn.

That’s what happened to Mercy, Hog and Hanzo. None of those we reworked for balance reasons. They were reworked for whining reasons and stay in their states because of stubbornness

Agree so much , this was the downfall of sombra…
Which proves my point.

‘‘Blizzard dosnt listen’’
Without counting all the examples i said and just focusing on reworks.


If blizzard heard the whining from the pros and nerfed sombra - they did not listen to the counter arguments that people made in these forums, GOOD, WELL WRITTEN feedback like people like xaron or somvra make often in this forums.

Being aware of feedback and actually analise it are 2 diferent things.
just look at our man geoff

Someone could see that interview and said ``wait a minute , they do listen to feedback’’ but if you would take the time to read it you would realize its a charade.
The interview goes give or take im right and they are wrong because they dont know how to play her.


Im not as informed as with sombra. But after making a rework who the vast majority claimed it would bring problems and having a megatrhead with almost unanimously agreeing the problem was making her ult an E abilitie they continue to nerf her ( 10+ nerfs and counting) without accepting failure.
again, hearding complains but not listening…

[Edited] I forgot the most insulting case of neglect


How long did the sym rework take and even then she isn’t any better they didn’t fix her issues that everyone wanted fixed they weren’t listening to the megathread for over a year

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What I remember is all the mercy mains saying she will be trash tier ect ect. Wasn’t until about april that she became an OP monster again (even though nothing was changed)

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The vast majority of people on these forums were against Sombra and were also complaining. That’s the problem. Blizzard did listen. They listened to the vast majority.

If you mean listening to very specific feedback then there is seldom anything to listen to barring situations in which their stubbornness takes over ala Mercy. There is very very very little good feedback on these forums because these forums are feels over reals. Blizzard does not listen to the good feedback because it is drowned out by noise. There is very little good objective analysis and in their eyes, it is not worth the effort to filter for those with good responses when they can just appease the loud ones who seem like the majority.

I am not defending this. I am not defending their actions. What I am trying to make clear is that Blizzard has listened to the forums and that’s the root of many of the game’s problems. Threads like these are completely disingenuous because they try and paint the forums as always having good feedback and ignore the fact that alot of the problems of the game came from the trash feedback here.

Stubbornness as I said but

That is not true. At the time the vast majority thought it would kill mercy. They were either sad because they liked her or happy because they hated Mass Res. What you say me true now but the people who foresaw these problems were absolutely the minority

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Yeah to be honest im kind of in the dark about what was the public opinion on mercy while she was being reworked
but 10+ nerfs and counting without accepting failure about an uncesseful rework is a fact.

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Yes and that’s what I said. Stubborn. That’s their second problem. They listen to trash suggestions from the forum, most of them are trash, and they are stubborn. It’s a horrible combination

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Yeah I don’t think it was successful at all. I just find it funny that she was trash tier then god tier with 0 changes.

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If you mean post rework, she was never trash tier. Ever. People thought she was finally not OP with the nerf but then realised she still was. Expect a similar thing tomorrow and over the next month

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Because they aren’t getting the answers they want. So because they aren’t being pandered to, they feel they aren’t being listened to either.

They have suggestions and ideas but a big part of growing up in the real world is realizing not everything you say and think is a golden nugget of wisdom. Not to mention, you can see feedback and not apply it to whatever it is you’re doing.

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It’s also cos they do get the answers the want, and then they don’t wanna admit they were complaining about nothing and their complaints being answered made the game worse

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Completly agree specially with noise from stupid and useless threads that could be placed in another forum or on reddit. Specially LGBT threads that get 2K comments from every single person with an opinion that are noise.
Or ‘‘fun’’ but pointless threads like give road a speedo…

That is not true, Its been pretty much confirmed by channels in contact with blizzard and owl players/streamers like danteh that sombra was nerfed because of pros who complained via their private discord with blizzard .
YES they were anti ‘‘2week’’ sombra threads but they were not the determinant factor.

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All that’s been confirmed is that pros complained AS WELL. If pros complaining was the determinant factor then Widow, and Tracer would have been nerfed long ago. Especially Tracer. It’s been held that she has been OP for the longest time. There have been so many changes that were catered to this forum that ignoring the fact that the forum was, extremely predictably as in lots of people called that it would happen, complaining about Sombra makes no sense. All it does is further this BS around the forums that the forum had nothing to do with the bad changes that have happened in this game

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Ah, at least someone remembers us. :3

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Because the most urgent problems in this game are not being resolved, and not fast enough.

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Dude , its Fked up the neglect of bastion, not even symettra, torbjorn or even sombra were this ignored. good luck with that.

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