Why do Nano'ed Genjis think they are so good?


I’ve seen so many Genji players who get POTG by receiving nano from Ana and taking credit all for themselves.

It’s sickening to see the obvious ignorance that it should be weird not to carry the game with a boosted dragonblade and it’s funny how someone can be so proud becuz of it.

I don’t mean this to all Genji mains, just the ones who tend to pat themselves on the back more often than they really should.


To be fair, they have the blade of the Dragon God.


I should try his blade to get a closer shave.


Just had a genji yesterday which complained that I tried to use 1 nano on our rein to keep him alive but failed because Rein thouggt it was smart to firestrike with 50 hp left.

I gave this Genji 4 nano blades after that just to take over Anubis B but we didn’t make it. Genji then kept complaining about healers and Tanks.

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I’m sorry but if I get one huge nano dragonblade (4k-6k), even if I get nano’d, but that 1 nanoblade also brings a huge impact (like winning the game), I deserve that pat on my back.

There’s a difference between nano-ing a capable and an uncapable player, you know. You don’t get nano and get value without doing anything.

Sure, I’d of course credit the Ana (and I usually do, I’d thank them) after making a play, but in the end, I do deserve that pat on my back.


It’s just when a Genji not only demands all nanos but demands an Ana to supply them.

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does nano make the decisions of who to attack?

does it do the blade for you?

no? its just a damage boost?

alright then.

seriously 3rd grade level thinking here. they are still the one who performed the blade. they are still the one who got the kills.

get over yourself.

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Worse. I had a genji who legit use a sitting emote outside the spawn on lijang because I nanoed our tank instead of his blade. When will certain gengu mains realise that if they want monopoly on Nanos use, they can play Ana themselves, otherwise it’s our choice.

Btw I pushed him off the ledge while he was using the sit emote and then reported him for gameplay sabotage.


Maybe but without the boost, they would never be able to do any of that.
Nano damage boost and damage resistance makes it easy mode for Genji.
Do it without the crutch and I’ll be impressed


dont delete the “theres a reason genjis are always screaming for nano” show your true inflammitory nature.

we get it. you dont like genji at all.

it doesnt become easier to track targets. it doesnt become easier to hit the 180s required to do the slash dash slash combo.

it doesnt become mechanically easier to dodge the stuns and sleep darts or to position yourself.

all it is is a damage boost and resistance.

it makes nothing about actually performing the blade easier.


Awwww come on? Not every genji player is what you describe.

Let’s not spew hate and animosity. There’s crappy people in every main.


what about a nano would make this easier.


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Yeah I know, that’s why I said this:

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Sorry, I get you.

Just venting. I understand.

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At this point, who cares about POTGs anymore.


My only issue with nanoing genjis is when they think the Nano makes them invincible, get two picks, get super cocky, then dash behind a wall to kill more enemies and then die when they aren’t healed and sarcastically spam “thanks” over and over. Like, bro, I need to see you to heal you… If you died around 3 corners, yeah, that’s on you, not me.


If someone nanos me and I die, my reaction is to just say “sorry” and I don’t get why some people forget that they didn’t just waste their own ult.

So most Genji mains.

It helps lighten those worries with the spike in damage that lets you kill things much faster.
Damage resisting also help you live through things you normally wouldn’t. You can get stunned but you’re much less vulnerable.
Blades natural 5 meter range isn’t anything I’m impressed with either.
Nano makes everything more forgiving.
Like I said, I’m more impressed with a Genji that does it without nano.
That gets my pat on the back

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I agree, not every Genji but there is a recurring trend which is why people always talk about them.

Why don’t you hear this stuff about Winston or soldier mains? Because they don’t really act up.