Why do I keep hearing "overwatch 2 beta at blizzcon"

This rumor seems to be absolutely everywhere by now, especially on the Overwatch youtube clickbait circle. Is there any credibility to it, or is it just pure wishful thinking?


I think some leaker who has a history of getting things right hinted at it. I don’t remember the source though, sorry.


Wishful thinking. As far as I know, the leaks only said there will be more info about the game at Blizzcon. The youtubers are basing their guesses on the beta of OW1 coming out shortly after Blizzcon 2015 if I remember correctly.


Figures, really getting tired of how often these bozos spread wild rumors

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Leaked by a guy who guessed ashes kit and cenimatic. And revealed ow2 would be announced last bliss con . I dont often belive any leak but with that kinda track record bro must have jeffs number .


At Blizzconline, they’re going to show some footage of the closed beta that’ll be coming out for Blizzcon 2021. Blizzcon 2021 will have information on the release date of the open beta and Blizzcon 2022 will give us a 2023 release date.

I have my sources.


I mean it makes logical sense. The Tracer comic is building towards Blizzcon and then Blizzcon drops huge news (likely a beta) so that it can release in May.


what leads you to believe that the comic is anything special?

some streamer theorized it because they changed OWL scheduling a bit, and his logic was that they pushed the OWL’s start date back so that it could be in league with OW2’s launch or something like that. There was some other leak somewhere but it seemed pretty trite to me, just like, someone being like “Well, of COURSE they’ll have a beta by Blizzcon!” so I’m not sure how serious to take it.

Considering the amount of firings and strikes and leavers Blizzard itself is having, I’ll be surprised to see when and in what kind of state OW2 launches in.


Is there a known start date for OWL yet or is this just more speculation?

The OWL date thing was on a Bellular video I watched today so I’m pretty sure it’s like a confirmed date - My counter theory is that they could easily have moved the date due to, y’know, the global pandemic slowing things down or making certain dates/times/availabilities different and all.

So who knows really.

edit: Frankly I don’t understand why people are so jazzed about a game that was announced… how long ago? It’s got to be well over a year now by this point right? And it won’t be coming out this year, or likely even next year - if anything you could pray for Christmas next year. That seems… unimpressive to me.

I don’t understand why people don’t see OW2 for the glittery distraction ball that it is.

Just a leaker thats usually extremely accurate when it comes to leaking blizzcon related stuff

The fact that it is a monthly 5-issue comic clearly building towards Paris with the last volume set to be released before Blizzcon… ya that is not a coincidence that is a hype generator.


And that OWL was delayed to start in April 2021 instead of a few months earlier, implying they want to start the new season of OWL after OW2 has launched since it’s bringing 5+ new heroes and multiple changes to the fundamentals of the competitive side of the game.

And the fact that Metro leaked this and he has leaked the last 2 Blizzcon’s exactly correct, and he had previously said OW2 would launch in 2020 but then Covid hit and pushed back Blizzcon to Feb.


Seems a bit weird that they’d want/expect the game that just launched with 5 new heroes to be what the competitive teams who’ve been preparing for this to play to me, like…

“Hey guys, here’s a bunch of new stuff to learn, get out there and WIN!”

Not the best tactic IMO…

I have a very strong feeling that Pro Players (once the new rosters are finalized) will be getting to playtest the new heroes and systems, under a strict NDA of course.

I believe other Esports like LoL does this with hero reworks and new champions, letting pros test it way before it hits live. They usually post the pro’s reactions and opinions on Youtube after the Hero has launched.

But Jeff DID say he wants launch to be chaos and make the meta extremely confusing and unknown.


Keep in mind OWL teams are 100% in Blizzard’s ecosystem with skin in the game so to speak as far as how well OWL and OW2 does. I would fully expect teams with tens of millions of dollars invested into the system to get early release testing sort of access to anything coming out. No one will talk about it, just like how no one talked about 222 or any other changes and heroes in the past.

and IMO OW2 must launch before OWL Season 4 or it’s a catastrophic level of failure given how many 100s of millions of dollars is in play. Even if that means you release what you have and back fill the rest with content updates a few months later.
I see no way OWL S4 starts unless it’s on a OW2 release.
It’s just too much money at risk.


They’re making an educated guess. It’s complete clickbait until the devs confirm otherwise.

Last blizzcon they said “we’ll likely see more OW2 next blizzcon” and just based on what they had to show and how long its been in development, it seemed reasonabe to conclude the release would come sometime in 2021, which leaves late 2020 or early 2021 for a beta.


The rumour is that OWL will be delayed to start in April because they will release beta of OW2 at Blizzcon then release the full game the next month. This will let Blizz make big changes without having to change OWL then when April and OWL starts they can be on the updated OW2


Disclaimer: What I am about to say is public knowledge, and will be sourced appropriately.

Here are recent references to leaks and information about Overwatch 2.

The Overwatch League is sharing details with team owners about how they want to operate the 2021 season. While the planned season structure has very little to do with Overwatch 2 development, one key note is the fact that the season is expected to start much later than usual possibly starting in April 2021 (past three years started in January or February), which suggest the game may be updated to Overwatch 2 before the season begins, however this is just a public speculation and nothing confirmed. (Source) This was further emphasized by a notorious Twitter account that goes by the name of @metro_ow who has been known to acquire and leak information about upcoming content for Overwatch. (Source).

We do know that BlizzConLINE (the all-virtual Blizzard event) will be taking place on February 19th-20th. This suggests that between that event and the start of the Overwatch League season, Overwatch 2 may in fact be released. I am not finding concrete details if there is going to be any specific beta program for the game however.

So really, just a lot of hype going around, and nothing to stick in the glue. Again this is everything that I have seen publicly about Overwatch 2 as of late. All other information is now several months old which you can find here: