Why do I keep hearing "overwatch 2 beta at blizzcon"

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But personally i dont expect a full release at blizzcon. A beta would make a lot of sense though because they will probably want to make sure the engine changes and all are going smoothly on as many machines as possible (And possibly balance-test the 5+ launch heroes).

If there is indeed a beta in Feb, i think a full release at anniversary could make a lot of sense, as it would nicely celebrate OW’s release and allow newly arriving player from getting all past event skins around the release window.

i mean yes its speculation…but its based on some logic…it would not be out of left field for a beta to be released…especially if you thought game was going to release this year

but yes…it is just speculation

I don’t expect Overwatch to be fully playable at BlizzCon either. I am however hoping that full details about what the game will have including all-new heroes, all-new maps, any other new modes or features (we already know about PVE Story, PVE Hero Missions, and PVP Push), and details on a closed/open beta cycle if any, will be revealed at BlizzConLINE


I’m pretty sure the “leak” is that OWL’s next season is getting pushed back to April instead of I believe February. That lead to people believing that it meant they pushed back OWL to make it coincide with the release of OW2 (for obvious reasons) making it like Blizzcon/February beta release and an actual release in April.

I think the Beta thing is talked about since I believe someone said they wanted to do a Beta so if they’d release it in April they’d need a beta before.

careful…people around here still think you work for them and will take that as gospel that that is what we’re getting

i can see it now…


Heh… I haven’t had an incident since the Role Queue Beta Season fiasco… I should be good with implying my hopes.

I’m surprised they didn’t release OW2 already because Blizzard could have capitalised on the world being in lockdowns from the virus. Gaming has been booming since many are locked in their homes.

As someone who played the demo at BlizzCon 2019, I firmly believe it is safe to say that the game back then was no where near completion, only about 8 heroes had new skins, the UI felt a little bit in development (though I love the sexy new look of the UI), and many of the current features we see in Overwatch today was still intact (such as the Medal scoreboard system for gameplay, which is possibly changing with OW2). Remember it took a year and half from when Overwatch was announced before it was launched.

I don’t think it would go for a full release because of OWL. Especially since they are usually behind in patches and with all of the new heroes and such, they’d probably want to give players time to get used to them… Though, on the other hand… didnt overwatch get some sort of pro scene of sort during its beta? They might do pre-release exhibition matches or something but nothing serious if anything.

This, so much this. I often have to bring it up when people apparently expect a release in less than a year. And the big difference is that back then we had NOTHING to play with. While the wait for ow2 might feel like a drag we atleast have ow1 in the meantime, which is still updated and we still get events.

(Though they said they already have the next lunar new year ready, i worry about how things will go afterwards cause of covid)

Metro basically the top OW leaker who in the past has been very right and is credible said OW2 would be coming out this year but since blizzcon was moved the Feb he has speculated a beta or the full game to come out at Blizzconline. OWL has been leaked to have a delay until April which people have speculated the reason is OW2. The Devs also stated Echo is the last hero to come out this year which also provides speculation that OW2 beta or the game will come out in 2021. Although, we were also promised at least 1 new map before OW2 so that is still questionable as to why we haven’t gotten one if OW2 is coming soon.

Well, if Jeff wills it, I hereby dedicate myself to insta-locking each of the new heroes each match, rotating through them alphabetically.

I just hope we get atleast 6 new heroes at launch, because any less than that will make it a rush to not be the one stuck on a older hero :grimacing:

(I also hope they are smart enough to put no limit for an extended period of time around launch)

My guess is that OWL gets access to OW2 PVP before anybody else.

And watching OWL games gives OW2 PVP beta test access keys as drops.

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you only need 4, there could be 0 new dps heroes and it’d still be the longest queue

Oh right… i forgot role queue… sorry i play exclusively arcade and quick play classic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But in those its gonna be hell.

I mean I get what you’re saying and how it makes sense, but idk it seems like no one can keep a secret anymore, and this requires a level of professionalism, secrecy and management I just haven’t seen from the OWL. Blizzard had a tournament that literally got DC/ed over 3 times for the same two players, they have leaks for a lot of things, I just don’t really see entire teams of players not letting slip stuff if they really were playing it.

Especially since we haven’t seen much coordination from them in the past, just because LoL has the foresight and ability to pull it off doesn’t mean Blizzard does. I guess I’m just pretty nonplussed with their general organization and how they’ve been managing everything, it seems… Perpetually discombobulated to me.

Like it’d be smart, don’t get me wrong, buuuut I’m also not gonna expect it to shake out that way. I think they’re much more likely to shrug their shoulders and tell the pro teams to just deal with it, it’s the easiest thing for them to do - and Blizzard is doing nothing but the easy thing these days.

True but I believe OWL actually was leaked 2-2-2 Role Queue months before it actually was revealed to us and had been scrimming on it for a while, I could be wrong though.

That being said I think a pro did leak it about a week before the Dev Update came out

But idk, I def see where it could go very wrong

There are hundreds of people right now with exclusive information on OW2, I don’t see the addition of the OWL players to this pool posing too much of a threat

I’d be surprised by it, personally. I think at best they might get something like… An advance 2 week window, and that’s my most generous estimation. I really doubt that Blizzard has the capability to distribute their game and not have a ton of stuff leak, they’re just not going to want to risk it. I mean think about the number of individuals that have to not want to be the FIRST to post something, or sell screenshots or video recording on the sly to what they think is a third party so they won’t get in trouble ~ that’s how that stuff always seems to go down. It’s incredibly difficult to distribute a secret game and have people actually keep it a secret, and Blizzard can’t even keep the internet stable in an IRL convention tournament; I’m not going to expect them to be able to pull out Sombra level technical wizardry and be able to distribute OW2 early to pro teams risk-free on their part.

And they’ve shown many times that they’ll let the OWL teams sink or swim on their own; I think they’re not going to be too motivated to throw them any sort of lifeline, because if any of them go under Blizz expects there are more willing to take their place.

I dunno, I get why they should give the teams advance ability to play the game, I just doubt their actual prowess ~ the type of organization and secrecy required is verrrrry high, when it’s much easier, simpler, and, well, guaranteed, if you simply… Don’t.

That just proves my point; Blizzard can’t keep anything under wraps, so if they give out the game early they’re going to be blowing their biggest load through some mediocre streamers and not actually generating the buzz in the big way they’re wanting to with this big release.

Basically ~ The OW2 launch is a balloon, and giving out the game early to pro teams is like throwing a bunch of darts at the balloon. Sure, it may not deflate it, but there’s a chance it could blow. Are you really going to risk the biggest launch that your company and game are kinda riding on just so some pro’s can wet their feet and get used to the new characters for their tournament? That’s a big risk…

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