Why do healers suck so bad?

we have a lucio/ana we lose first round…I personally didn’t get 1 heal…except from lucio’s residual healing…ana had no aim and no game sense.

2nd round I asked one of the healers to switch to dps and I heal…within half the round I got gold healing which was only 3500…by the time the game ended I finished with around 9k heals in one round…we lost anyway.

my point is how hard is it to do your job? I don’t understand it. Heals wasn’t the only issue there were many to start with…wrong comp, no communication, spread out, trickling…but healing definitely felt like the biggest problem…I am so tired of being the “nice guy” the “flex” player and ruining MY fun and gameplay experience by switching every single time. Not even exaggerating.

how does one even have fun in this game with this level of incompetence


So basically it was a healer’s worst nightmare?


I mean, that was just one game. Unless you are going to claim it happens every game, then I’d like you to think about why are you in the same rank with these players.

I get it, some matches can be super tilting. But if you’re truly never enjoying your gametime I’d suggest playing something else. A lot players play while being constantly angry and fuming and that is not good for your mental health.


well I proved you can heal with a bad comp after getting gold in less than half a round

Agreed this game can be bad for your mental health…and this isn’t an isolated incident. I’m not flaming on the forums after one round losing cuz of bad heals. This is an on-going issues where healers just don’t heal

and this is what pisses me off…lost a game with 2 healers…next game I solo heal and we win…wtf is happening, why is healing (or lack thereof) so prevalent.

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support is currently a massively elo-inflated role, just hope that next meta will be something like Ana Lucio aka heroes that people enjoy playing.

I’ve asked people to swap Brig before only to see them dash 1v6 into a Rein Zarya Mei Phara and die pre-fight.

Most support players 1 trick some hero to masters/GM and when that hero becomes unviable they typically are unable to play anything else and drop as low as Diamond due to how much climbing on support depends on counterpicking.

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Your Ana was prob a DPS Ana? That’s what some main DPS do when they “can’t” play dps

You said it yourself. Trickling, bad composition, no communication, no game sense all around. Ana has no shot at healing you all.

Complaining about healing is like complaining about your own aim when you lose. It’s an easy, ready made excuse you can make so you don’t have to place the blame squarely where it belongs, yourself and lack of gamesense and positioning.
Thanks for the rant. Keep blaming others for your mistakes, and continue to wonder why you can’t climb.



Always the healers are to blame. In EVERY SINGLE match. It’s really not fun to play sometimes. Even if i have 20k healing ppl are gonna say “no heal”, “healers sucked”. LOL


Ok, so you got a bad hand of healers in 1 game. This happens on literally every role, the amount of times I’ve had gold damage on bap is more than I can count, but that doesn’t mean all dps are bad, it means I got bad dps that one game


this isn’t an isolated incident
I’m not ranting because of 1 bad game…everyone has a few bad games yes…but then there’s bad and then there’s complete incompetence, and it happens way too much. So much so it makes me wonder why people even play a role that they clearly can’t play or won’t take the time to learn. It’s completely frustrating when I want to improve and try my hardest to be the best at what ever role I’m playing but then there’s people who seemingly just don’t care.

That’s no excuse even if it’s a DPS player in disguise unless played correctly there is no reason for that Ana to have the same rank.

Unpopular opinion but the support rating is boosted af. Simply existing and doing your job at the end of a fight is often enough to win. It’s sad really when I think whats expected of DPS.

Dps have to 1v6 flank when their tanks claim no space, they have to 1v"1" without heals often even unfavorable fights like a pocketed Ashe that’s sitting behind Sigma shield (not really 1v1 anymore).
Be aware of flankers and counter them and instantly kill anything that’s not behind a shield.

But when I expect Supports to heal me mid fight its toxic or react instantly and not 5 sec later when I’m already dead, stay alive when they have a better abilities to do so, counter pick too like its their job to go Brig if they keep getting farmed by a Tracer (I can help with Cree but I’m not babysitting or hunting her across the map), position themselves so they have constant impact so I don’t have to run to them as if they were a healtpack and so on…
Simply put do their job and support the team. I see many dps just feeding on their own that’s not the point every role has those players. But what I consistently see is Support players getting carried despite very little apm while their teammates have a stressful game and somehow carry it.


Looks like you don’t have mercy on your groups very often, cause a group with a mercy should always have heals for the DPS unless the main healer sucks and mercy has to heal the tanks more than she’s suppose to.
Now about support climbing easier, I think it depends. Moira can climb very easy, now mercy? Not really unless she is good at aim and battle mercy.


I’m a tank player and I also think support has it easy. I got 2800 within 10 games of beginning support just by healing. diamond was not nearly as hard as tank either. But carrying weaker teams feels harder with ana because you’re so busy just trying to heal. But when your teams are better…lol

you can just afk half the match or eat pizza and one hand and you still win. I mean if the dps shoot better than the other dps then they usually only need heals after dueling. now if the enemy team ran dive tanks then yeah, you probably have a real game. but if they are running rein zarya…yeah you can afk that if their dps are worse. same for double shield. The hard part with support is carrying when your dps are worse.

With tank on the other hand it’s harder to carry with bad main support ,more than any other weak link. But I think tank has it pretty easy too.

But all the roles are capable of carrying. dps definitely have some of the worst games though. I would rather have a game on tank with 100 healing received per 10min than run dps and have tanks that sit at choke. But if you get past low ranks that doesn’t really happen much


If you have a problem with healers, then do it youself and stop complaining. EZ. That’s probobly where half the games support mains come from.

Also, stop trying to be a ‘nice guy’. Not only because it’s an oxymoron, but because being a flex player is pointless. Get good at something and just do that.


you obviously didn’t read my post…
I in-fact main healed for quite a few seasons, now I’m main tanking

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A lot of healers probably play because they think easy. Just focus heal 1 person, can’t seem to deal with a team.

Everyone is important, even DPS, even the other healer. That is usually the difference, speed to react to damage. Most can’t react fast enough.

It’s interesting to hear that perspective. I’m a flex player and I have the opposite experience as far as role difficulty levels go. I felt like dps was very easy when I first bothered to pick it up and honestly still feel like it’s pretty straight forward. With almost no time on tank, I ranked about 500 SR higher than my other roles when role queue was released. I’ve finally gotten my support SR to the same level as my tank on both accounts… but I’ve also played 10x more support games so that my tank doesn’t outpace my support again.

100% agree that it’s hardest to recover from bad teammates as a dps. I have all the options in the world to counter the enemy and deal damage… but none of my cooldowns help my team that much. Only so much I can do as Main-tank Mei or Support Sombra.

I wish we would have a Mercy she is very straight forward and hard to play bad especially in lower elos where you can rez in the enemy team and get away.
But for some reason my supports prefer staying on Ana missing every sleep and get farmed.


At least they wanted to play support which it doesn’t happen most of the time

It is very easy to play mercy bad at all ranks, it’s just that everyone plays bad at lower ranks so they can get away with it.