Why aren't we experimenting with 2-3-2?

While I know that it would require a lot of retooling, I can’t help but shake the idea that the real fix for DPS que times (and ultimately player retention) is to up team rosters to 7. Make 2-3-2 the norm. Satisfies players wants to play DPS, addresses long que times, doesn’t kill off tank, and shakes up the game.


Well supposedly, it’s already been explained that having more than 12 players in a single match basically breaks the engine, and it’s impossible at this point to change it.


Because we’re in the court of the Crimson King.


It would hurt performance (both graphically and calculations), you would need to buff every support and tank to deal with the increased damage output (already an issue in 132), reduces individual impact, and the maps aren’t designed for it.

Yes, I get that it would require a massive overhaul to get a stable 14 player match (no one thinks it could be done now). But I feel like the DEV teams should be focusing on that aspect as opposed to what seems like a 1-3-2 half measure. Hoping this is at least the thought for OW2.


From what I’ve heard, the multiplayer of OW2 is still the same engine just with some graphical and QoL upgrades. OW2 focus is on the PvE modes, which I’ve been told is totally different.

We need to go 5v5 if they change the player count.

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Confusion will be your epitaph.

7 players would make the game go B’Boom. Changing that would be a massive investment

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Good to know others listen to that band.


I can see how it could hurt performance, especially on console. Definitely tries to expand the game beyond original design parameters. Just saying though, 2-3-2 sounds like a lot more fun then trying to turn every tank into your Reinhardt. Also, seems like they’re already experimenting with buffing tanks/support in 1-3-2 anyway. While maps may not be originally designed for it the results could be interesting.

I don’t think it’s as simple as a performance issue. More like data structures and the like would have to be massively redone, the UI would need a major overhaul, etc. it isn’t that it is impossible it’s that the cost in terms of manpower would be very large. The systems can’t scale to accommodate the 7th character as is (my assumption based on what Jeff Kaplan said)

So I’m reading in some other threads that there have been glitched custom game lobbies that accidentally supported teams of 7. So even on current servers with no optimization or design changes, the game can try to handle it. Anyone have any info on how those glitched lobbies performed?

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Here is the exact quote:

In short, the idea of 2-3-2 is interesting, but we would do best not to stress over it.


Maybe sell us that option(or anything else, for that matter) instead of putting the game on sale for $5 to promote smurfing?

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We need 1-2-2 if the idea is to increase the tank to dps ratio - it also is a much better comp to balance than 1-3-2. That’s the comp they should experiment with next. Unless of course they are dead set on 1-3-2 (which I think they are).

What makes you think that? When Jeff wrote about their internal testing of 1-3-2 he said there were many concerns and that they didn’t think it was a good thing for the game. And from what Jeff said in the recent video the main reason they’ve put it in the experimental card is because loads of people on the forums, reddit, etc. said it would be cool to try, so they actually gave the people what they wanted and are allowing us to try it for ourselves.

However even if it got mostly positive feedback from the player base (which it hasn’t, feedback seems very split) I’m sure they wouldn’t rush right in and implement it.

To me it very much feels like the devs are pretty sceptical about it and are actually a long way off “dead set on it”.

All these recommendations but the majority doesn’t want the Tank and supports to have the performance values necessary to fulfill the minimum requirements.