Why are we buffing bastion?

Bastion isn’t unskillee though. You can counter him pretty easily in his turret form. Good bastions have to know how to position, when to move themselves, when they need to plop down, and whether they are in a good spot to ult (due to being vulnerable while transforming).

He’s also garbage right now. He’s just bad and really easy to beat, which leaves me confused on the reasoning here.

Also, blizz needs to aim to make every hero viable. Bastion has one map with one gimick comp he can do this on, and it can be countered by a good tracer, Mei, etc.

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I got you covered!

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I fixed the post so most of you will know what I mean when I say “Nerf”

Hate to be picky, but could you please link the second one? It’s titled “Bastion isn’t forgotten, he’s just ignored”

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One hanzo and he is dead. No matter where he sits.

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Not a problem at all. I was just thinking that myself as well :yum:

Here you are my good man


Ha, that’s kinda funny…It’s actually literally the exact opposite… Well, almost, he’s second to Tracer (if you don’t include shotguns, which aren’t rapid fire).

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I wish people who make these threads would include what they’re talking about.

What buffs are you referring to? The general hitscan falloff buff, or is there some Bastion-specific buff that was posted somewhere and it’s up to us to go dig up info about? Like geeez. None of us have crystal balls

Do you even recon Bastion, bro???

And this was when i stopped taking this too seriously… -.-

Bastion’s Skill ceiling, And Damage (Through higher skill) Should indeed be increased.

The easiest and smallest “Rework” that i have always been pushing for is:

  • Headshots.
  • Lowered/Tightened Spread.

This would both raise the skill ceiling, And Damage/Danger of a disregarded or otherwise Non-Focused Bastion.

This “Argument” Is what i absolutely HATE About Non-Bastion players, And the like.

Recon can barely 1v1 a Soldier 76, And not even one with good aim.
(And Recon vs Tracer is Laughable, Since… She’s still a Tank shredder)

It’s “Ok” At the moment, but… Just “Using Recon More” Is no kind of answer to Sentry and Tank being suicide buttons.

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You mean fat soldier mode? Sure, the max spread is pretty low, but soldier can maintain perfect accuracy with good fire control. Bastion can’t do that. His recon weapon is objectively inferior to soldier’s weapon, and because of that the only reason to play Bastion is for Sentry mode.

So we should be comparing the viability of Sentry mode to other heroes, not recon mode. Recon is just a utility mode used to reposition or finish weak targets that want to run away. Using it for anything else is a mis-use of the hero select screen.

I would love to see you rank up with Bastion once it goes live, then. Let’s see how high you climb.

Yes, I was alluding to the fact that Mercy is the easiest character in the game.

Wait, Bastion did get buffed?

Halt! no longer pulls him when he’s in sentry form, and of course the fall-off buff to the hitscan heroes.

Oh that one.
I thought there is a new buff.

All the bads shudder when Blizzard even hints at Bastion, or Mei getting buffs.

  1. You missed the context.
  2. I have 37 hours on Bastion, him being my 4th most played hero.

As a bastion main it really sounds like TC doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He doesn’t mow down entire teams, and it really sounds like he doesn’t know how to counter him when facing one. He has among the most counters in the game. He is not almost unstoppable. And if there is ded weight on yer team yer not gonna have a chance. It really takes a team working in harmony to get anywhere near how TC is describing it. And if they are working that well then hero pick probably didn’t matter to begin with.

The one issue people can have with Bastion, are the barriers in front of him, which is actually the tanks’ fault.