Why are OW2 viewing numbers the same as OW so soon?

I look at Youtube and Twitch… the numbers are bad this soon after launch.

What happened exactly? There’s no hype around the game still.

Well, the viewership will spike when the new season hits. There really isn’t anything left to play for right now except for the diehards.

But also, it’s the same game.

Blizz would LIKE you to imagine that OW2 should have the hype and success of an initial release… but they invested addon levels of resources and made several unpopular changes.

This is about right for a big patch or DLC pack… which OW2 was. Big hype spike on release week… and then back to normal.


I mean… the game’s got similar viewership to LoL, CS:GO, Minecraft, Fortnite and other pretty popular titles at primetime.

No it isn’t they are doing 2x are more.

Why would I care about this

Because OW2 isn’t that different from OW. Wait until PvE maybe the viewership will increase.

Current viewership:

OW2 - 40k
Warhammer 40K - 20k
Minecraft - 13k
Pokemon - 40k
WoW - 49k
Valorant - 79k
Apex - 22k
LoL - 55k
CS:GO - 15k

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Ya that’s low, esp once you go for weekly watch hours, it’s nowhere near those titles except apex.

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Also why does lol always have the most watched hours, how do people watch a top down slow game for hours.

Going by weekly watch hours, Overwatch 2 is sandwiched right alongside Apex, Fortnite, CoD MWII, and CS:GO. The only FPS notably higher than those I mentioned is Valorant.

Only apex others are doing way better

They went out of their way to tick off the players that loved the game for what it was at every turn at a time where legitimate competitors came in to scoop them up. Not to mention blizzards reputation speaks for itself these days.


I’m looking at average viewership right now, OW2 numbers are very similar to all of the above games for both average viewership and watch hours. This comes at the end of the season with no content.

There is a WoW expansion at its peak right now so Blizzard does not mind if it is losing viewers to other Blizzard games. It probably does not even mind losing them to CoD as again its another game from the same company.

Total watch time for last week

Cod warzone -15 mil
Lol-13.5 mil
Val- 11.5 mil
Cs-9 mil
Ow2 -6 mil

Only apex is 6 mil along with ow.

Similar viewership to games that have been out for much longer

It’s nowhere similar it way behind those games are in top 10.

Didn’t WoW come out with brand new stuff? Idk anything about that scene

I was looking at the game, not Warzone. Is this the new battle royale, where all the Fortnite viewers went? JFC

How people watch and play this I do not know

Did they have a major or something? Average viewership is always lower than OW every time I check.

Which is where the game should be, right alongside another class based shooter.

Apex is a declining game think ow1 end cycle.

Wow did get a expansion recently so it’s boosted, but others are all having a normal time, i checked across year.

Overwatch is declining fast at this rate it will go below top 20 like it did with ow1.

I also don’t know why lol has so much viewers.

The funny thing is lol only has same amount of stream time as ow2 but so much watch hours.